Smiling at the camera in the second world you can taste countless delicacies at will no need to go out no need to go out

Chapter 1 The students returned to China to start their own business Year, Month, Day Over the vast Pacific Ocean, a Boeing flying from Boston to Qianwan City, China, is cruising above the clouds in the first-class cabin. Jiang Yuan finally stopped typing on the keyboard and stretched his fingers comfortably. This application The code of the conversion tool is so much. After seven days, he finally finished copying it. The more he copied, the more he confirmed that with the application of the conversion tool software, the tasks released by the system will definitely be able to complete his own life. Finally, he has a guarantee.
Suddenly his eyes lit up.
Two rows behind him, a flight attendant with a slender waist was spreading a blanket for a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes. The squatting service well highlighted the flight attendant’s slender figure, and her two slender legs were wrapped in shredded meat. Against the backdrop, the slightly chubby middle-aged man is whispering something to the flight attendant, pretending to casually glance down at the flight attendant, but smiling as if he didn’t notice anything, and carefully smoothing out every wrinkle on the blanket. The corner of Yuan’s mouth slightly bent, calmly took out a luxurious watch from his bag, put it on, and then raised his hand and asked the flight attendant politely, can I have a glass of water? The stewardess in the blanket was very upset when she heard the words, but the strict professional training made her control her expression.
She turned her head and smiled and said, “Okay, please wait a moment, sir.” It looks like Patek Philippe, so young, wearing this kind of watch, the rich second-generation stewardess quickly stood up, with a sweet voice, I’ll get it to you right away, seeing the stewardess leaving the fat middle-aged man, he was upset and frowning, looking over here Jiang Yuan saw the sight of the middle-aged man, raised his finger and nodded to express his apology.
The middle-aged man’s face turned red immediately.
Patek Philippe wears hundreds of thousands of watches at such a young age.
He murmured in a low voice, the damned rich second generation Jiang Yuan put down his arms with a bad smile, satisfied, tsk tsk, the high imitation watch bought for hundreds of dollars on a certain treasure is easy to use, the stewardess went back to the work room, repainted the lipstick in front of the mirror, and adjusted it carefully Checking the position of the silk scarf, there was a faint gap between the collar.
She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction. Although the rich second generation is not as good as the rich first generation, the stewardess hid the note she had prepared in her finger.
Then came out with a glass of pure water, sir, hello, your pure water, the stewardess squatted down beside Jiang Yuan with a charming smile. Jiang Yuan reached out to catch the water cup, but the stewardess did not let go. Jiang Yuan reacted in a daze.
With a slight smile, he looked at the other party unscrupulously. On the other party’s badge was Zhang Yun. Zhang Yun’s makeup was exquisite. A silk scarf was tied around his neck like a swan. The slender thighs arouse the masculine desire to conquer, Jiang Yuan said frankly on his face, Miss Zhang, your silk scarf is very beautiful, Zhang Yun then let go of the water glass, bent her eyes and smiled, thank you Jiang Yuan felt her palm being scratched, a note quietly Appear in There was a phone number on it in my hand, and when I looked up, the stewardess had already left step by step.
At this time, a blond western beauty just came out of the bathroom and glanced at the stewardess with a sneer. Against the background of the dress, the protruding legs are even more prominent, the legs are fit and slender, and the feet are stepped on a pair of centimeter red high-heeled shoes. The aura is extremely strong.
The male passengers on both sides couldn’t help sneaking a glance at the blonde beauty, who sat down next to Jiang Yuan with a fragrant breeze.
Jiang Yuan’s wrist watch sneered at Arthur, it’s not that you can’t afford it, why do you have to wear a fake one? Jiang Yuan raised the imitation watch on his wrist and shrugged.
They covered their red lips in surprise and wept.
They just said that in front of me. You are too heartless.
Jiang Yuan helplessly covered his forehead. Helen, stop acting. We did spend some wonderful nights together, but they were just ordinary friends.
Stop messing around and talk about business, Helen just curled her lips to suppress the unhappiness in her heart, and the foundation closed its position with a net profit of 300 million U.S.
dollars. The profit rate is as high as the chairman is very satisfied with your work. Fund Huaguo branch transfers money to you. The ten thousand dollars is the start-up capital for Jiang Yuan’s business.
He finally got it.
He nodded first, and then showed disdain on his face.
It’s not enough. According to my calculations, it should be more than that. Either you are too greedy or you are. The trader is too stupid.
Helen is a little embarrassed. The authentic foundation is indeed a bit greedy. You know that not everyone can keep calm when they see a net profit of 300 million US dollars.
Asked with admiration on his face, he could easily predict the trend of a stock with only a few numbers, Arthur, how did you do it? The detailed analysis report took me three weeks to complete the calculation, which is not easy at all.
He said nonsense, but secretly thought in his heart, should I tell you that the report is actually made up? I just got a one-time future from the Secondary System.
An indifferent electronic voice immediately sounded in Jiang Yuan’s mind, warning the host again that all inappropriate words and deeds of the host will be recorded. Points will be deducted if the points are not enough.
When the random limbs are short by centimeters, Jiang Yuan was warned again.
Jiang Yuan was stunned and quickly realized that you have seen it Which host can resist the system? Anyway, I have never seen a person who is knowledgeable about current affairs.
Jiang Yuan quickly suppressed his unhappiness and said in his consciousness, I am sorry, Mr. System, I apologize.
The electronic voice is silent again.