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This book is a representation of some of my imaginations about the Xingyue world. The worldview of this book is based on the Xingyue world’s worldview and supplements the oriental practitioners who did not appear in Mr.
Nasu Kinoko.
Divide the practice world shown by Mr. Nasu Kinoko in the anime games of the original Moon World series into the Western practice world. The book is divided into two major practice worlds. The Eastern practice world and the Western practice world. The main character of this book is an Eastern practice world Practitioners in the world prefer to practice ghosts.
The necromancer in the game lives in Nagasu Town, Shikoku Island, Japan. The 100% Chinese Han blood is of Huaxia. Although he is a time traveler, he has already recognized his identity and character as a practitioner. Relatively cold-blooded, but very important to relatives and friends. The younger sister is regarded as one’s sustenance. It can be said that the main world in the future is the moon world. In the period before the heroic spirit was alive, for example, King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Alexander would also go to ancient China in the Xingyue world, and the gold finger token is that the protagonist signed a contract with Xingyue’s plane consciousness to become a half-hero and half-human.
The plane consciousness of the state-type moon world is the employer.
The protagonist is the employed person. The plane consciousness will unconsciously release some missions for exploring other planes and correcting parallel worlds. The protagonist can choose to accept the mission without redemption or reward points. It is a free volunteer who can return to the main world if the mission is successful and continue to travel.
If the mission fails, they will return to the main world and lose the ability to travel.
Within Zhoutian, there are five immortals, which are heaven, earth, gods, humans and ghosts, and five insects, which are scales, feathers, and kuns.
This fellow is neither heaven, nor earth, nor gods, nor humans, nor ghosts, nor scorpions, nor scales, nor hairs, nor feathers, nor kuns. Creatures living in the sky are like the creatures living in heaven or Eden in the West. The natural spirits of vegetation, mountains and rivers. Human beings and gods. Gods that appear due to human worship, such as Western gods, Greek gods, Eastern heavenly ghosts and ghosts. The setting of heaven, earth, people, gods and ghosts in the oriental practice circle is formed by combining some ancient books and materials with your own cognition. The animal species with scales and feathers are collectively known as the five insects.
Later, it is often called beetle, which refers to insects with shells and aquatic animals, such as shellfish, crabs, turtles, fish, lizards, snakes, and other scaled animals. It also includes winged insects.
It means frogs, earthworms, etc.
collectively known as the five insects. See Dadai Liji Yi Benming Book of some ethnic groups or characters in the Western practice world.
In this book, the practice of Eastern practitioners is called Fa. Journey to the West. Chapter 1 The sacredness of Buddhas and immortals does not belong to the king of hell. It is called Taoist practitioners who practice to a certain level, they are called immortals, Buddhist practitioners who practice to a certain level are called Buddhas, and those who are not human beings practice to a certain level, they are called holy. Ordinary Taoist warriors can use energy to build foundations.
The innate body begins to appear energyized parts and refine them.
During the stable period, the golden elixir is an extraordinary first step. The energized parts of the body become golden elixir-like objects in the body and The period when the soul consciousness is integrated into it is the period when the residence of the soul is transferred from the body to the golden elixir.
The nascent baby body contains the rudimentary form of a fairy, like the period when a person develops in the belly. After the fairy nascent baby is bred, higher-level energy creatures than humans do not live on the ground.
These realms of cultivation in the world are not divided into levels and have no direct relationship with actual strength.
They are just the division of the practitioner’s body transformation process from human to immortal, but they cannot be related to actual strength but are related to age.
People who are all aged are strong, while Eastern practitioners are more immortalized and have a stronger lifespan.
As practitioners practice longer, their body becomes immortal and their strength increases slowly. Therefore, in the Eastern cultivation world This kind of practice realm can generally be used as a standard for roughly dividing strength and weakness. Pursue immortality, so the body generally does not transform into a fairy, so it is generally in the Qi refining stage, but they treat some people as practitioners in the Nascent Soul stage, but the dead disciples are somewhat special. Some dead disciples are already energy creatures.
According to the Eastern Practitioners are already in the realm of cultivation, they are already immortals, but their strength may not be as good as that of practitioners in the qi refining stage. The difference between Eastern practitioners and Western magicians in the four books. The characteristics of Eastern practitioners. The characteristics of Eastern practitioners. The pursuit of immortality.
The characteristics of Western magicians.
Omniscient, omnipotent, or the origin of everything is just called differently. For example, the root of heaven and Tao has the same meaning.
It is described in the Tao Te Ching as the door of mystery and mystery. Cultivating immortals is actually a way of longevity, which is different from many Western methods of longevity and prolonging life.
There is no essential difference in the method, but the practice of immortality is widely used in the Eastern practice world, so Eastern practitioners and Western magicians only adopt different methods of practice, but the purpose of practice is the same, a long life and understanding the nature of the world Explanation of the level of agent of plane principle and Alaya’s behavior