Smile let’s go out to eat together I’m hungry too the blond woman winks and smiles ambiguously the little cutie what she wants to eat

Ye Jiawen, the author of Yeshamand School of Magic, innocently traveled to the wilderness Liu Li was delighted to find that there was a magic school with free meals and free tuition, so the troublemaker without the slightest magical talent embarked on the road of schooling.
Campus life and Doesn’t mean safety and smoothness Offending the admission tutor Leah before the start of school After the start of the school, she provokes the cleanliness man, the wretched vine, the perverted tutor, the crazy course, the teachers and students of the Magic Academy Content Tags Traveling through Time and Space Magic Moments Different World Continent Happy Friends Search Keywords Protagonist Liu Li Youheng Supporting Actor Sui Lin Shen Ya Other Teachers and Students Western School of Magic and Magic Wedge The blue sky has no cloud A young man in white clothes and black trousers is standing at the bow of the boat smoking a cigarette. His face is delicate and indifferent. His fingers are slender. Against the background of the sea and the sky, he looks like a beautiful painting.
Behind him are two people embracing each other. One of them is a boy in yellow short-sleeves standing there smiling. The young man at the bow greeted Aya, Shen Ya smiled at him, another handsome man in a floral shirt grinned and said, why didn’t Shen Ya go in? Isn’t he used to life on a yacht? Said lightly, Chen Xian looked at Shen Ya, half-truthfully said that smoking is not good for Shen Ya, look, I can’t afford any cigarettes, but I never smoke, Chen Xian was very depressed, bought a luxury yacht, and planned to meet Liu Li Traveling around the world together, who knew that Liu Li called Shen Ya again? Chen Xian has known Liu Li for more than three months. My little boyfriend is very doting, but the love is not so deep, and the relationship is not so deep, but they are more like playmates.
I don’t know if it’s the reason why Shen Ya always shows disdain for their relationship.
Disdainful, Chen Xian’s thoughts on Shen Ya are not so good. To put it simply, it is embarrassment and jealousy mixed with a trace of hatred.
Although Chen Xian is a second-generation ancestor who eats, drinks and has fun all day long, he is always born in a wealthy family. There are many people who are flattering. Ever since they met Liu Li, they have always heard his praises for Shen Ya. That kind of praise sounds like Liu Li knows an omnipotent god. No matter who hears his lover, he always It’s a bit depressing to praise other men so much, isn’t it Shen Ya who is older than Liu Li? The poor boy who has never had sex is even more embarrassing and jealous. Shen Ya looks indifferent and elegant. In front of him, Chen Xian looks like a disgraced bumpkin, so Chen Xian is always very upset when he sees Shen Ya.
It’s a pity that Shen Ya and Liu Li seem to ignore his momentum in front of Liu Li. Liu Li has long noticed this little emotion of her boyfriend, but he is with Chen Xian. It’s just because they worked together very happily, how could it be possible to hurt Shen Ya for him, so I just smiled and perfunctory, yes, you are very good. In your eyes, I should be number one.
Shen Ya turned a blind eye to Chen Xian’s childish demonstration, just flicked off the cigarette ash and satirized the dead gay with a half-smile.
Suddenly, the sky became dark, and then there was lightning, thunder, and the waves rolled over.
The huge waves tens of meters high rushed towards the yacht like a wall, overwhelming the sky. Is this a tsunami? There is a vague passage.
Many strange and mysterious disappearances occurred in Bermuda. These incidents mainly occurred in the Sargasso Sea area. When Liu Li woke up, his head was still hurting and he struggled to open his eyes.
The thick tree has been split in two, and it is emitting black smoke. Passers-by are pointing in a circle around him. He must have done too many bad things. Being struck by lightning Liu Li thinks that the most tragic thing in the world is to find himself struck by lightning. Not only was he dizzy, but he also had to bear the inexplicable infamy, and then he found that his boyfriend was not nearby, Shen Ya disappeared, and the yacht disappeared, so it was not the most tragic, but even more tragic, but why was he hacked to this place? Do you still remember Shen Ya before the incident happened? Said gay guy be careful to be punished by God, and then there will be waves rolling over. Although this situation seems to show that Shen Ya is a magic stick, Liu Li pondered for a while and felt that his Prince Aya would never do such a boring thing.
It can be seen that his appearance here is God’s will. Liu Li was complacent and deliberately ignored the many strange and mysterious disappearances that occurred in Bermuda.
These incidents mainly occurred in the Sargasso Sea area.
This cognition Liu Li squatted on the head of the chicken coop that was struck by lightning. Touching his body by the tree, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the cookie in his pocket was still there and intact Liu Li smiled with his eyes bent and felt grateful. Look at how vigorous the vitality is, how tough the packaging bag is, what a loyal cookie! Hold on! The master will never give up regardless of external forces or internal factors. As for the problems of life in the future, Liu Li gnaws on the cookies without any worries. When you come here, then chop Aya into this world too.
Come on, Liu Li made a wish unkindly. The ancient continent, the wild continent, is a land with a long history. The most spectacular in the world is the Andyville Mountains, which is centered on the Andyville Mountains.