Smile coldly you don’t deserve to know that Wang Hao gritted his teeth fiercely and stared at Li Cangyu want me to pry open your

Cangyu is named Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? For a month, Li Cangyu has come to the same place every day and asked herself the same three questions.
This place is in the Qinling Mountains and on Taibai Mountain. The answer is very simple and clear. I am Shengdou Xiaomin Li Cangyu My parents brought me into this world I am on the journey to the grave I am struggling to leave a trace of my life Now there are no answers to these three questions because overnight Everything around Li Cangyu changed in the first year of the A.D. and became Tianbao in the Tang Dynasty.
In the tenth year of Tianbao, the familiar high-rise buildings and busy traffic in the city are no longer seen. Only the towering Qinling Mountains and vast mountains are around Li Cangyu.
An urban office worker, he became a young man living in the jungle. Alang.
Alang’s mother has passed away for two years.
His father is unknown, so this seventeen-year-old boy does not even have a last name.
People only call him Alang. Li Cangyu, who has lived for 30 years, has lost everything he once owned. Parents, relatives, girlfriends, classmates, jobs, credit card mortgages, shelters, and summer lifesaving air conditioners all disappeared overnight.
It took Li Cangyu a full month. Nor did he fully recover from the huge psychological gap. The majestic Qinling Mountains and Qianshan Mountains are so dangerous. At this moment, he has a feeling that he is like a petal among the billions of snowflakes that will soon be lost in this vast and vast eternal mountain, as if he has never existed in this indescribable humble and boundless world. Confusion pierced into his heart like a sharp sword, making him feel a burst of pain and fear from the soul. Li Cangyu couldn’t help but reached out and grabbed the She knife behind his back, pulled it out, and held him tightly with both hands. There has never been such a sense of insecurity as now that you need to draw a knife in your hand to strengthen your courage. The She knife is the ancestor of the Pu knife in the Song Dynasty. It was very common in the folks of the Tang Dynasty.
Rough and bulky, inserted into the ground, short shoulders, half a foot, blade width, half span, wide front, narrow back, slightly curved body, dark handle, about one-third of the blade, except for daily use, in case of encountering ferocious beasts.
In my memory, Tianbao and the Great Tang are at the pinnacle of the prosperous age. The country is rich, the people are strong and the nations come to court. The longing for dreams, but what does this have to do with the young wolf? Born in this mountain, it seems that there is no other choice for the life of the wolf, except for the life of the knife and the bow, unless he can completely walk out of this mountain. You must hold on to this She knife at all times and depend on it for life, so since the first day Ah Lang was able to pick up this knife, he has never stopped practicing knife skills Li Cangyu is lucky Inherited this skill from A Lang, and at the same time retained the habit of diligently practicing knife skills. Facing the wind and facing the snow, Li Cangyu clenched her hands tightly, lowered her waist, stepped forward, twisted her body against the wind, even chopping several times, and her mouth let out waves of roars.
Experts will definitely judge Li Cangyu’s knife after seeing this scene, although he is quite clever, but he seems to be venting desperately, as if he is going to use up the last bit of strength in his body, and finally he slumps on the snow.
Out of breath but still feeling lost, empty, and irritable In a blink of an eye, he saw half a tree branch in the snow, He picked it up and began to write and draw on the snow. Li Cangyu began to chant while writing on the snow. I want to take the six dragons back to the car, hang Fusang Beidou to drink fine wine, and persuade the dragons to have a glass of wine. The beautiful poems really have the magical power to soothe people.
Li Cangyu’s lost and manic mood has calmed down a lot at this moment Many beautiful memories are like the rising sea and the bright moon gradually appearing in my mind. This short song by Li Bai was once learned by Li Cangyu when she was a child. I never thought that I can still remember it so clearly today. I remember that his grandparents were still alive at that time. In addition, there are four teachers in the family of father and mother, and they all like Li Bai’s poems, so many starry nights during the summer vacation, the young Li Cangyu would follow the four in his small courtyard planted with grape vines. Teachers and craftsmen read poems together, nostalgic for the quiet summer night, the vast Milky Way, and the beautiful poems and warm courtyards constitute the best childhood memories in Li Cangyu’s life.
In recent days, Li Cangyu has relied on these memories and thoughts to support her spiritual world.
If it weren’t for this He didn’t doubt at all that he would become a psychopath because of this boundless confusion and extreme boredom. Brother Alang, Brother Alang, a young man’s shout came from the side of the mountain road, you really came here again. Li Cangyu turned his head and looked. Cousin Gao Kuan is here.
Gao Kuan is fourteen years old and grew up with A Lang.
He is almost inseparable.
He is relatively short in stature, but now he is wearing a furry animal fur and stepping on the thick snow, like a ball of fur. Is there something wrong, brother, Li Cangyu wiped away the handwriting on the snow with a knife, stood up and continued to practice hacking, hoo hoo Gao, walked closer, took a few breaths and said, tomorrow is your Cheng Ding ceremony, my father Let me ask you, do you think about your name? No name? To hold the Chengding ceremony, in fact, according to the traditional Chinese tradition, the 20-row weak crown ceremony marks the adulthood.