small muscle in my body My physical condition was normal

mall muscle in my body.
My physical condition was normal

However, he is not without regrets because manpower is limited. Although the national art is excellent, it is still an exhaustive art rather than an infinite way. Although he stands at the top, he stops here and makes it difficult to advance until he comes to this world full of infinite possibilities.
Chapter 1 Awakening Icy and trembling, this is a carriage, but judging from the rhythm of the bumps, it is definitely a train carriage. Wang Zong faintly woke up from a coma, and a unique metallic smell stimulated his nose and mouth, but he did not open his eyes immediately, but let it go silently. I calmed down and exercised every small muscle in my body.
My physical condition was normal. I didn’t feel hurt or restrained. I was wearing the same clothes as before I lost consciousness.
I just wore a strange metal watch on my right hand and I was not anesthetized. What’s even more incredible is that judging by the hunger in my stomach, I never fell asleep for more than 20 minutes. With Wang Zong’s incomparably precise control over every muscle and bone in his body, outsiders can’t detect the slightest even if they observe carefully. After exercising, he figured out his current physical condition in an instant, but even so, he felt even more horrified. He knocked me out without even noticing it, and moved me to a strange place in a very short period of time.
Who can do this? The situation is unknown. Wang Zong is still pretending to be asleep, but in fact, his whole body is full of strength like a full-stringed bow, and he can explode at any time to overwhelm the enemy. There are several breathing sounds around him, but most of them tend to be calm. It should be in his sleep or like himself.
Just like before, one, two, three, oh, three men, two women, five people, so counting myself, six are in a coma, but one is still awake, judging from the frequency of breathing, it should be smoking. Well, one is about to wake up, as Wang Zong said. I think someone next to me jumped up and then the smoking man spoke in a cold voice yes you are the best quality of the people who came this time what is the place who are you why am I here a young man The voice asked interestingly, this man was not flustered, Wang Zong could naturally hear the voice, although it trembled a little at the beginning, but he could still keep his mind calm. The maliciousness of the attacker, Wang Zong, did not continue to pretend, opened his left eye and looked around. Those who spoke just now were two 27-year-old young men, one of them was ordinary, but the criss-crossing scars on his face turned out to be ordinary. A face has become extremely ferocious. If ordinary people see him, they will definitely be attracted by the ugly scar on his face immediately and ignore the others.
But Wang Zong is different. He only noticed the bulge on this person’s clothes from the shape.
In addition to looking at the pistol, he also noticed that his eyes were a pair of pitch-black eyes.
It is not surprising that the eyes of the yellow race are black, but this person’s eyes are deep and dark as if all light is annihilated. The one is pitch black and the other is handsome. He wears leather shoes, trousers and shirts, all of which are of medium to high-end texture, which perfectly complements his slender figure.
A little bit of jelly water is applied.
Not chaotic, shrewd and capable, with an indistinctly decadent temperament, he is a standard urban white-collar worker.
Although the eyes of this white-collar youth are a little bit at a loss, they are not distracted, just staring at the scar-faced youth calmly. His performance made Wang Zong Once again affirmed his psychological quality, of course, compared to him being just an ordinary white-collar worker, if he is a professional soldier, his performance can only be considered qualified.
Fortunately, there is another scar-faced young man with good quality.
He nodded and said, Wang Zong Just casually smiled and sat down on a train chair next to him, leaned back against the back of the chair, his hands drooped naturally, he seemed to be completely relaxed, and even his eyes were slightly closed.
Inner dantian, thigh muscles are wrapped into a circle, a spine falls heavily, and the center of gravity falls on the tailbone like a dragonfly on the water, together, the subtle energy ripples like ripples in a pond, rippling all parts of the body, such a sitting posture and demeanor can jump up and attack in all directions at any time. It’s weird that there’s no room for carelessness. The scar-faced young man’s expression changed, and he didn’t seem to notice Wang Zong’s vigilance. Instead, he said to the white-collar young man. Think about it carefully.
The answer is already in your mind. A piece of information suddenly appeared Do you want to understand the meaning of life? Do you want to be really alive? Yes or no Just a selection box in the computer can get me here. It’s really such a ridiculous thing.
Wang Zong feels more and more about the situation he is facing. It’s beyond what can be understood by general logic. At this time, the other three men, two women and five people who were lying on the bed also woke up one after another.
Both their reactions and physical fitness belonged to the range of normal people.
Wang Zong only felt that the one who woke up the fastest was wearing glasses.
The girl with a delicate appearance is more outstanding. Although she is dressed plainly and has a relatively weak temperament, after waking up, her eyes are more of observation and thinking, and not flustered like the other four.
The scar-faced youth also told them what you mean.
We are now consciously entering the game like The Matrix, and returning to our body after playing the game.
A small fat man next to the white-collar youth asked him if he was always irritable. Injury will hurt or you will die. You newcomers are very lucky. This time the scene is Resident Evil, a very simple sci-fi horror movie, and there are only seven people. The difficulty is low, the danger is low, and it is easy to pass.
The scene we want to enter is different every time. Maybe you have seen it or you haven’t seen it.
The main god will add new people every time.
The total number of people in each scene is between seven and twenty people, so this time the scene is only seven people