Slowly walking out of the sarcophagus the gestures are still so glamorous Song Min turned around gently and made a gesture of hugging Chu Chen

Originally, I wanted to rely on my own death to get Han Rui smoothly, but I found that everything has changed drastically after rebirth. The professional appraiser was born with a pair of ghost eyes, and he was favored by Han Rui, the young master of the gangster Longqian.
The powerful second generation ancestor didn’t like to use his brain, but he had his own persistence and principles. This is the first article that mainly focuses on emotions, but probably. It is very likely that I habitually write a lot of professional knowledge, such as identification or historical relics. Generally speaking, it is still a light-hearted sweet article. One is right, an easy-going sweet article.
Don’t be particular about it. Refuse to be true, because I just try my best to write truthful and not Professionals, content tags, strong gangsters, love and hatred, search keywords, protagonist Chu Chen, Han Rui, supporting roles, many others Si Chuchen couldn’t believe it, how could he not be dead? He was stabbed so many times and hit his vitals.
Even God couldn’t do anything about it. How could he still be alive? Chu Chen turned his head and saw Han Rui in a black suit sitting on the edge of the bed. His complexion was very bad.
His eyes were covered with thick dark circles. Even his voice was exhausted and dry. You Chu Chen wanted to ask how long you haven’t slept. Only then did I realize that I was the same. Han Rui didn’t say anything, stood up and poured a cup of warm water for Chu Chen.
He looked careless and careless, but his movements of helping Chu Chen were extremely gentle.
After driving, pay attention to Han Rui’s low voice pretending not to care. Said that if I hadn’t stopped in time, you would have more than a simple concussion and fracture. You Chu Chen was stunned for a moment, as if recalling something in his mind, he asked in surprise, I was hit by a car, huh? Han Rui frowned slightly, he knew clearly I remember that Chu Chen suddenly ran to the middle of the road after a red light, and he couldn’t brake enough to cause this kind of trouble, and at that time, Chu Chen’s appearance was so weird that he hesitated and didn’t know how to ask, even though he knew Chu Chen It’s been a while and the impression is vague.
It’s just because of work.
I’ve met a few times.
In fact, I can’t even talk about knowing the word. But Han Rui still felt very uneasy when he bumped into someone. Fortunately, Chu Chen finally woke up.
Compared with the previous few hurried meetings with Han Rui I think this car accident really made the two of you know why you ran a red light at that time Han Rui looked up at Chu Chen, hoping to see something in the other person’s eyes Han Rui was actually very afraid when he saw Chu Chen being hit by him, he almost restrained I couldn’t help the fear in my heart, waited until I had a reaction, then panickedly carried him into the car and rushed to the hospital Chu Chen was silent and didn’t answer Han Rui’s question right away, he was thinking and recalling, he remembered the car accident because he was told by his parents at that time It was almost insane, so that after seeing the little girl coming from the opposite side, he forgot the fact that he had ghost eyes and only rushed to save people. The little girl didn’t need him to save him because he was the only one who was hit. Chu Chen covered his forehead with a headache.
Although he remembered this incident, he remembered it more clearly.
It happened five years ago. Wanting to make a call, Chu Chen looked at Han Rui and said in a hoarse voice, Han Rui saw that Chu Chen didn’t want to answer that question, so he didn’t bother anymore, silently took out the phone and handed it to the other party, Chu Chen took the phone and saw the date and time displayed on the screen I finally realized that I really went back to five years ago, back to when his father had just been killed, back to before he and Han Rui knew each other and even fell in love. Han Rui liked him.
Chu Chen knew better than anyone that he was not easy to Han Rui.
The friendship is just that he doesn’t want to face the reality that Han Rui is Long Qian’s young master. The two have bumped into each other for five years since they met. After the murder, Chu Chen’s parents had always been at odds with each other, but that incident brought him to the brink of collapse. Since then, Chu Chen has become very violent.
He sleeps with all kinds of women without any scruples and treats no one.
As an appraiser of Gui Qiutang, he frequently made mistakes at work. The reputation of years of hard work was lost overnight.
All kinds of frustrations made Chu Chen’s attitude towards Han Rui even more cruel.
That day Han Rui hurried to Chu Chen’s house after a busy party. When I was about to cook for him, I saw him entangled with a woman on the sofa in the living room.
The two bodies were swaying crazily. The scene made Han Rui feel suffocated, his chest was throbbing fiercely, and he walked into the kitchen in silence. Staring at the ground, the lingering image in his mind made him almost forget his purpose of coming here.
However, shortly after he walked into the kitchen, the sound of the living room suddenly disappeared.
And when he reacted, he pushed him against the wall, Chu Wu’s lips were blocked, Han Rui’s eyes widened in shock, he felt his clothes being roughly torn off, and those big hands were lingering on his chest and waist. He rubbed and rubbed maliciously at his most sensitive place, Han Rui panted heavily and began to struggle and push back, but it could only attract Chu Chen to caress him more brutally With more and more desperate eyes, he tore off his pants and squeezed them between his slender legs. His big hands parted the firm buttocks and penetrated into the narrow and sensitive tightness.
Constantly thrusting and stirring, Han Rui gasped for air, and his body trembled involuntarily. When he got up, he gritted his teeth and clutched Chu Chen’s arm with both hands, and stared at him intently with his dark eyes. Han Rui felt that the blood in his whole body was cooling down.
The heart-wrenching despair made his heart constrict.