Slowly stood up the old man happened to show up its so cold why dont you take a good rest at home the moment Rong

The first time Rong Shen saw An Tong was in the neighborhood of Xiangjiang City.
In late autumn, the wind was blowing bitterly, and within a few minutes, it began to drizzle lightly.
Hearing the sound of rain, the gentle and refined man casually glanced at the street, and saw an unforgettable scene. It was the rush hour, and passers-by hurried home. Near the pedestrian-vehicle demarcation line, I don’t know what I’m thinking about. It’s abrupt and eye-catching.
Some people are calling her, and some are whispering, but the other party seems to be unaffected by the fact that they can’t hear her. The girl didn’t blink until the traffic controller stepped forward and dragged her to the side road. He blinked his empty eyes, lowered his head, and said something.
The dramatic scene briefly caught Rong Shen’s attention, but he didn’t pay too much attention. Maybe it was just a way for a little girl who had a bad encounter to stand alone on the street to vent her emotions. The seven-year-old Rong Shen has gone through the precipitation of time, except for his steady and introverted character, he has long since lost his compassionate heart. At 8:30 in the night, An Tong returned to the old folk house on Yunhai Road, dripping wet. The house is a little dilapidated. Several pieces fell off after a long period of disrepair, and even the small courtyard of 20 square meters was covered with weeds.
An Tong opened the padlock of the old-fashioned double wooden door, walked through the path in the courtyard, and entered the house. Just as he took off his cold coat, the phone vibrated.
It was a text message from the mental health center reminding her to see a doctor on time tomorrow.
An Tong put down her phone and unconsciously began to daze. On the way home from work in the evening, she knew that her symptoms had recurred. The chaotic feeling of being out of body was completely uncontrollable, her eyes could not focus and she could not move.
Ziru’s whole body is numb and heavy, like a soulless marionette An Tong leans on the sofa with some powerlessness and looks at the altar and the black-and-white photos on the wall opposite, feeling like he has been abandoned by the whole world The next morning at eight o’clock Xiangjiang Visiting the city’s private mental health center. This is a private hospital.
The records will not be connected to public hospitals. The privacy is excellent.
An Tong followed the receptionist’s instructions and walked around the corridor to the reception room on the left.
She knocked on the door and heard the inside. In response, he pushed the door open and walked in. Unlike the warm-colored reception room during the last visit, the color in this room is colder, and everything is gray and white.
An Tong glanced around and stopped at a tall and tall figure by the window. Standing in the autumn sunshine, the classic pairing of a white shirt and black trousers is both stable and stylish. It is also a common dress for a psychotherapist. The man seems to be talking with a mobile phone. The white shirt filled with sunlight softens his profile and angularity.
The scene looked calm and introverted, An Tong didn’t make a sound to disturb him, he was standing by the large table with the medical form, waiting patiently, at this time the man put away the phone and turned around against the light, and saw a moment of surprise flashing in An Tong’s eyes, the man’s voice was low The hoarse, magnetic, slender physique gradually came in, adding a sense of oppression to the reception room. An Tong raised his hand and handed out the medical form.
The courage to live, hello, I’m here to get the psychological evaluation report, the voice fell outside the door, and there was a rapid knock on the door.
The subordinate Cheng Feng poked his head in and said nervously, Master Jiu, I’m sorry. No problem, you go out first Cheng Feng stared at the man in bewilderment for a few seconds, then turned around and closed the door mechanically, what happened? What is Master Jiu doing? What’s going on in my brother? I really didn’t mean it. I clearly let her go to the reception room on the left but didn’t let her go to Jiuye’s lounge. Cheng Feng stood there blankly and thought to himself, he also wants to know what’s going on now Shen never expected that he would see An Tong again so soon. The scene of yesterday evening on the street hadn’t faded from his memory, and he easily recognized her.
The cold temperament is difficult to overlap with the lost soul on the street.
The little girl looks young and in her early twenties. Although her eyes are clear but empty, her delicate and beautiful cheeks also look dull, dull and cautious because of the lack of charm.
Excitedly opened the computer on the table, logged into the health center system, and soon retrieved An Tong’s medical records and psychological evaluation report, name An Tong, age 21, slightly world-weary, avoidant personality, occasionally severe emotional detachment, lack of sympathy Heart and empathy psychological evaluation results are in urgent need of psychological counseling and intervention therapy Evaluator Han Qi saw the last Rong Shen turned the computer screen to An Tong willing to accept counseling treatment An Tong glanced at the text report on the computer and then looked at the man in front of him As if considering how to speak, calmly and slowly leaning back in the chair, the inherently elegant posture, every move has written the unique calmness and indifference of a mature man.
He didn’t wait for An Tong’s answer, he raised his thick eyebrows slightly and lowered his voice a few degrees.
Willing or not? An Tong didn’t answer, but instead asked how the counseling treatment would cost 3,000 times a treatment cycle, at least three months or more, and a year. Put it in your palm and play with it comfortably. It can be seen that the little girl in front of me seems to be short of money, but it is curious. Fang Dang is young.
Why did she suffer from world-weary emotions and emotional dissociative disorder? Half an hour later, An Tong left Health early.
At the center, she said that she would go back and think about it, and wrote down Rong Shen’s phone number. Soon after An Tong left, the therapist Han Qi, who gave her a psychological assessment, came to the lounge after hearing the news. Jiuye, do you want to see An Tongrong in person Standing up carefully and methodically, with a steady and leisurely posture, Han Qi was so elegant that Han Qi couldn’t figure out his intention and couldn’t help but take a step forward.