Slowly pushing the wheelchair back seeing Feng Wu turning around and coming back Chen Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief suddenly his eyes became

Strictly abide by the dandy code of conduct, and strive to be one of the top ten dandies in another world.
Chapter 1 He traveled through Chen Yu and ran desperately, wanting to cry without tears.
He is still running and keeps running, there is no way because if he doesn’t run, he will die.
At this moment, Chen Yu feels that he has been wronged to the point where both humans and gods are angry.
Living to the age of sixteen, he has never felt so wronged. He was hit by a dragon-shaped jade talisman the size of a slap from the sky, and his eyes went dark.
He just finally woke up and before he realized who he was, a beautiful girl chased him up, holding a shining talisman in his hand. The sharp sword is chasing the prostitute, you stop for me, this girl will say nothing today, I will never let you go, you must kill you with your own hands The luxurious robe Chen Yu was wearing at the moment was cut open, and a hole was cut at the position of the buttocks. Feeling an inexplicable coolness behind him, Chen Yu, who was rolling and crawling in front, subconsciously reached out and touched his own buttocks.
Now that the shares are over, even the privacy is gone now, Chen Yu is full of grievances, enough to fill the three rivers and five lakes, and there is still a lot left.
In the end, it is just a question. Why can others achieve dominance by crossing over? With a flick of air, everyone who sees them all worships, even the most unlucky ones can enjoy food, drink, and spicy food for a lifetime, but finally it was his turn, Chen Yu encountered such a thing as crossing, but he started to be attracted before he could figure out what was going on.
People carry swords and chase and slash, not only the left and right ones are called prostitutes, but also their butts are looked at. The gap between them is really unacceptable. Even though I, Chen Yu, am an orphan, I am also born to my parents. I was wronged for the gift. Thinking of this, Chen Yu yelled incomparably sternly, but it is still difficult to express his mood at the moment. If you shut up, a full-fledged thieves like you still have the face to cry for injustice, and you are not afraid of being struck by lightning.
After hearing this, Chen Yu really raised his head and looked at it. I don’t know if it was his illusion or the sky was really overcast. In short, he was too scared to make a sound and just ran forward with his head muffled.
But what he has now Gu’s body is too weak. To say that he is weak is just a compliment.
He is simply weak. Being able to keep running until now is definitely another miracle in human history. After escaping again for more than ten meters, Chen Yu couldn’t exert any more strength from his body and sat down on the ground.
Seeing Chen Yu sitting down in a panic, the beautiful eyes of the girl chasing after her also flashed a gleam of joy and stepped forward.
The previous step was a quick slash with a sword.
Although he was very unwilling to believe it in his heart, Chen Yu clearly saw an awe-inspiring crimson sword glow shooting out from the sword edge in the girl’s hand. Seeing this sword glow Chen Yu subconsciously turned his head to the side, but before he could close his eyes, he suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing from him.
He passed by quickly, and there was an extra figure in front of him. I saw that the person who was coming faced the sword light that was close at hand, but he didn’t have the slightest fear at all, and a ball of green rose from his clenched right fist Mang blatantly greeted the sharp sword that was approaching sharply.
The light from the two of them before seemed to have made Chen Yu confused. Now, what made Chen Yu even more dumbfounded was that the sudden appearance of the latecomer was actually a punch. Smashing the sharp sword in the girl’s hand into two pieces of the old man, what is the situation? This scene happened so clearly that Chen Yu couldn’t help but feel such emotion in his heart. In a daze, I ask the second young master to forgive me. The old slave came late and rescued Chen Yu first. The person who came here just turned around and apologized, and Chen Yu also forced himself to look at him calmly.
This person is probably in his sixties. At this age, the whole person seems to be full of energy, and his gestures are quite vigorous, but Chen Yu is secretly thinking about the second young master in the old man’s mouth.
Could it be that he is referring to himself? Second young master, you Seeing Chen Yu still sitting on the ground in a daze, a trace of disgust flashed in the eyes of the old man, but he had no choice but to bend down to help him up and asked indifferently, Chen Yu just stood up The legs are still a little weak, and at this moment, she still hasn’t come back to her senses, but the beautiful girl is the first to take a step forward with the broken sword, pouted her pink lips and complained in extreme dissatisfaction that you, the haunted old man, have been there all day long.
What’s the matter with this bastard who is by your side? What really matters is this girl. This month has not passed halfway. So far, this girl has already been spoken to by him for the eighth time. Here, the girl’s beautiful face is slightly flushed.
The big sly eyes are now full of resentment, staring fiercely at Chen Yu’s long eyelashes, flickering twice, and the circles under his eyes suddenly turn red, Miss Qiaoer, let’s let this matter go, Second Young Master, he is the son and old slave of the Chen family after all But you must not let people hurt him. Don’t be proud of the old thing.
Today’s second-level fascination array failed to trap you. Next time, this girl will prepare a third-level array scroll.
Don’t kill this bastard whore. After that, let’s wait and see, that’s all. The girl simply threw the broken sword in her hand on the ground and turned to leave, but she didn’t forget to give Chen Yu a hard look.
The girl walked away angrily, and Chen Yu was also from before Recovered from the shock, let out a long sigh of relief, thanked the old man in front of him, and thanked the old man for saving his life, but the old man’s face suddenly changed when he heard the words What really happened here? The old man didn’t dare to neglect here, he looked up and down carefully at Chen Yu.