Slow and clear lets get married She stayed where she was and asked in a spoiled way why Li Yijiang pinched her face and asked

Copywriter Fairy Tale Series Silver Jupiter Silver Jupiter represents first love For some people first love is just a small thing For others first love is a lifetime When Mu Yan was watching a TV series and said to Li Yijiang who was 20 years old, brother Yi Jiang, let’s play kiss He nodded, so her first kiss was gone. At the age of 10, Mu Yan looked at girl comics and said to Li Yijiang, who was 30 years old, brother Yi Jiang, I also want to fall in love early. He only thought about it for a second, so her first love was gone.
Tired of drinking champagne watching pornographic movies and asking Li Yijiang, Li Yijiang, when was your first time? Li Yijiang answered her with actions, so her first night was gone. Li Yijiang said, Li Yijiang, I want to wear a wedding dress.
Li Yijiang smiled brightly, so she became a married woman before she left school.
With a cold snort, she was forced to become a mother unprepared.
Although she felt that her childhood sweetheart’s life was too ordinary, Mu Yan seemed to have been waiting for this moment when Li Yijiang picked it up with one hand. Finally feeling that the handsome guy and the handsome guy are boring, she asked impatiently.
Did you go home and get married? Chapter 1 Not even five minutes after Mu Yan was beaten to death, the police uncle pried open the door of the dormitory. Li Yijiang, with a dark face, said that Director Li made some mistakes or was experiencing life. How did he become a policeman? Climbing down from the ground to the end, I haven’t eaten for three days, and when the last two grids are left, my feet finally go limp and I fall down I was hurt by you, you did it on purpose, she punched him angrily, and complained loudly, Li Yijiang snorted and finally opened his mouth, his tone seemed to be scolding a subordinate who made a mistake, I won’t pull you, you fell down and your head changed Even more stupid, don’t I have to help you clean up the mess? Mu Yan broke free from his arms and stumbled towards the electronic scale on the balcony.
Who cares about your help? I thrive without you, no, I can develop better without your poison Before Li Yijiang could answer, she yelled excitedly again. I lost a full ten catties, and I am only ninety-eight catties now. Li Yijiang’s brows furrowed even deeper.
Don’t tell me that you locked yourself in the dormitory by yourself just to lose weight, Mu. Yan knew that he was really angry when he showed such an expression, lest he tell his parents and eldest brother Mu about it. Cheng just smiled and acted like a baby, if I don’t eat, I’m going to starve to death. If I don’t explain clearly, I don’t think there will be anything to eat.
After saying this, he still picked up a cardigan from the closet and put it over her pajamas, and he quickly helped her.
Put all the necessities into the bag, and then yell at her impatiently, are you hungry? Hurry up and change your slippers and follow me. This tone made Mu Yan stick her tongue out at his back and step on the double flat casually.
He followed Li Yijiang out before he even had time to change out his pajama pants, and only when he saw the white guy parked under the dormitory building did she know that he came from home. After driving a white-licensed bus, she was able to look in the mirror, but she didn’t expect to lose ten catties.
Not only did her face not become like a melon seed, but her face was slightly bigger than before. Seeing her sighing in front of the mirror, Li Yijiang’s mouth rose You have been sleeping on the bed with a slight smile, of course your face will be swollen Mu Yan interprets this smile as gloating, filled with righteous indignation, it’s not like you haven’t eaten for three days, it’s all your fault, it’s a pity that you have exhausted all of it What Yu Li roared in return was the policeman uncle calmly mocking you for doing such a stupid thing. How can you blame me? He blames who? He joked a few days ago that she was fat and said that no man would want a fat man like her. Mu Yan is not considered fat, but she has baby fat that hasn’t faded. Her facial features are a bit like Song Hye Kyo before she lost weight.
Because of her lively personality, she can talk a little bit like a big lady. Both boys and girls are willing to be friends with her.
But boys It seems that she only wants to be her friend and not her boyfriend.
Although she can’t compare with Qiao Yexue, the mechanical department with a male-to-female ratio of ten to one is definitely a recognized department.
Their department is because of the severe shortage of female resources.
Even the girl with the worst looks is followed by a bunch of boys vying to flatter her, except that she is two months away from her junior year, and no boy has ever chased Mu Yan.
Finally, a few want to ask her out.
Before she could say she agreed, they all disappeared in a blink of an eye without anyone chasing after her.
This matter has almost become the biggest worry in Mu Yan’s happy life.
It’s not that she wants to fall in love because she’s used to seeing her three older brothers and the boys in Li Yijiang’s school.
It’s just that girls don’t have even a green leaf around them at such a young age.
It’s always an irreparable regret. Besides, all of my roommates have boyfriends. During holidays, she’s always alone, and they get together to discuss.
When it comes to her boyfriend and suitor, she really can’t get in the way. A few days ago, a movie was released. Mu Yan’s favorite Shu Qi came to promote her. She specially asked her third brother Mu Yin to get four tickets for the premiere.