Slender ride on the red leopard come from the raccoon magnolia car tie the laurel flag be taken by Shi Lanxi Du Heng fold Fangxin

On this ordinary day, I travel through ordinary places.
Xu Xing is an ordinary employee of the company.
He lives from 9 to 5 every day. There are no cars, tickets, and no girls. But Xu Xing doesn’t care about it because he is a man An otaku likes to stay at home by himself.
What’s wrong with being a single dog? I want to play games and watch anime.
I want to get on a plane. No one will send you WeChat when you are about to get a solo kill, let alone anyone. I called you when you were flying in the sky, so on this ordinary Tuesday, Xu Xing, who was dozing off on the bus, woke up in a daze, walked into the company and entered the elevator according to the usual route that he walked through countless times When he pressed the downstairs button, he didn’t notice anything unusual at all, but when he walked into the company door, a voice suddenly sounded in his head.
Hello, traveler, welcome to the parallel world, your cheat has arrived, please check it. Xu Xingmeng was stunned and looked around to see that there was no one in the company lobby.
The lights were not on. He looked at the time and the time was 8:15, which was normal.
I’m just messing around every day, no one will be idle, can it be that I’ve really timetraveled? Why hasn’t the company’s environment changed? Xu Xing looked at the company name wall facing him.
Real Estate Co.
, Ltd. hasn’t changed. The finger system has sounded again, please choose your initial development direction. The system didn’t confuse Xu Xing for too long. The company name on the wall he was facing disappeared and replaced it with a series of options. Game studio, film studio, station, poetry research room, animation What is this studio Xu Xing asked curiously.
This system is a cultural rise system invented by scientists three hundred years later.
The system is dedicated to reviving the lack of culture in the old era.
It is currently in the testing stage.
Please choose your initial development direction carefully.
Simulation construction games are similar to him. A black dog like him actually has a day to become an internal beta player. Since it is a game, of course it depends on your own preferences. First of all, it is a game company game Xu Xing.
Although he likes to play games, he is also very popular. From Legendary Fantasy Westward Journey Warcraft Poisonous Milk Powder Ah, an old player who came all the way, but he is not good at playing. It is the legendary bronze war on the Internet. Five slag happy men and codes are super troublesome. You have to understand English, understand logic, and remember the format. Xu Xing never wants to touch it again.
One point, of course, the most important thing is that it costs a lot of money to make games and directly lose film and television. Since it became a dead house, I have watched very little. The most recent one I watched in my mind is that Langya Bang has been seriously out of date. This is fine.
The attribute of Xu Xing’s dead house is that animation and games are not blowing.
From the time I entered the pit to now, there are 13 years of book age, which is enough to crush 70% to 80% of readers at the starting point, and it’s easier to write. Xu Xing has some intentions and decided to keep it pending You don’t need to think about poetry. Although I usually like Song Ci, Xu Xing really can’t think of how to use poetry to revitalize the culture of this world. Do a poetry conference and idiom conference.
Or directly copy ancient poems, white hair hangs three thousand feet, smiles everything in the world, or don’t listen to the sound of forest beating leaves, why not scream, and Xu Xing’s anime is also Xu Xing’s favorite Japanese comics, Chinese comics, and American comics. To be determined, let’s see what options are available below. After reading all the options, Xu Xingzai was hesitant between anime and anime, so he asked the system what the clearance conditions for this game are. What? According to the host and the host company, the fame will be converted into fame points.
Fame points are not linked to the total number of viewers or fans.
An independent algorithm can be used to exchange goods in the mall or upgrade employee expertise. When the fame reaches the world-famous level, you can return to the original world. Clear Memorize and get a bonus for a small goal. I understand this game. In simple terms, the greater the fame, the higher the level. Xu Xing looked at the two options of anime and could only grit his teeth and give up. After all, there is such a saying in the world that the visual impact of comics is yes. Ten times that of manga, and animation is ten times that of manga.
Although it used to be very popular in China in the world, it is still much worse than the anime in the district.
So in order to earn fame and a small goal, I can only reluctantly give up.
The system chooses an animation studio, please give it to you The animation studio was named Xu Xing.
Thinking about it for a while, I remembered Nezha, the devil boy coming into the world and Luo Xiaohei, who I had just seen in the original world.
I remembered what Shen Gongbao said.
The prejudice in the human heart is like a mountain. Moving Shen Gongbao, the Dragon Clan is like the wind, Xiaohei is like Guoman, and since I came to this world to shoulder the task of cultural rise, then let’s call it Xingtian Studio. Is the animation studio’s large-character system confirmed? Confirm the establishment of the company. The test is officially launched. Please read the world background and settings patiently for the planet Duolun.
In the first year of the world, all civilized countries, large and small, have basically covered the Skynet system. The emergence of Skynet is a great convenience. All aspects of social life, study, work and entertainment can be completed on Skynet.
This is an era of extremely rich information.
People can watch movies and TV shows from various countries on Skynet.
They can also play games from any country and learn about the latest news from various countries. To maintain sustainable development, the force of various countries is restricted by Skynet.
Culture has become a way of friendly competition among countries in the new era.
In order to adapt to the culture of the new era better and faster, China has introduced a series of policies and created a new era based on Skynet.
All kinds of free software that are convenient for ordinary people to make movies, games and animations.
Animation production tools that Xu Xing pays attention to. Among the top four companies, Tiangou has animation Baowolves, Tiantian animation Baidi, animation master Liuli, and Dream Eater.