Sleeping resting five guards south of the Yangtze River expounding a part of the distance according to the speed of the twelve destiny masters knowing

Without a body of cultivation, how to train this group of evil apprentices Great apprentice Yu Zhenghai has been invincible in this life, except for the master and the old man, no one wants to ride on my head Seventh apprentice Si Wuya Master is not dead, I will have trouble sleeping and eating, Ninth apprentice Yuaner, I will definitely Will bear in mind Master’s words and be a good person.
Chapter 1 The Great Villain, Patriarch Master, those so-called noble families and righteous ways are too despicable to take advantage of people’s danger and let me go down the mountain to slaughter them all. Don’t be reckless. Don’t fall for what their Fifth Junior Sister Ji said.
Don’t panic right now, even if Master can’t make a move, the four of us can’t find any flowers among those people, but the world’s top ten masters of the Primordial Spirit Tribulation Realm have come, and besides, Master’s body should not be arguing.
Didn’t you see that Master is resting? There was a fierce quarrel in Luzhou’s ears. Lu Zhou slowly opened his eyes. The chaotic memories were like thousands of golden needles piercing into his mind.
The fragmented images quickly weaved in Lu Zhou’s mind. Where is this? What’s the matter? A period of memory came out under stress, right? I became the great devil. Patriarch Ji Tiandao Lu Zhou looked at everything in front of him in surprise. Continue to explode Ji Tiandao has taught nine apprentices all his life, and each of these nine apprentices is a domineering big devil who stirs up trouble everywhere. The great apprentice Yu Zhenghai founded the Nether Sect after defecting from his teacher, and now he has become the leader of the Nether Sect. Yu Shangrong, the second disciple of the first Demon Sect, is good at swordsmanship, and now he has become a fearsome sword demon.
He challenges masters everywhere and kills every word he disagrees with.
The leader supported by the master and female cultivators is nicknamed Jade Face Shura. It took only a few years to achieve the title of evil king.
The nine disciples, Ciyuan’er, was the last to start, and the old devil’s favorite disciple. Currently, the only disciple with some conscience has stayed on the mountain.
It’s a pity that Ji Tiandao has lived for nearly a thousand years, which is almost The limit of a practitioner’s lifespan increases with age. Ji Tiandao’s restraint on the nine disciples decreases year by year.
Ji Tiandao also loses his deterrent power. Nine disciples defected one after another.
The peak master set a trap to besiege the devil’s patriarch, Ji Tiandao, with one enemy and ten battles to a draw.
Now the righteous masters are approaching the mountain and ready to go.
Jinting Mountain is facing an unprecedented crisis. The four disciples who had been waiting outside the gazebo for a long time filed in and bowed to Lu Zhou.
Lu Zhou glanced at the four people in front of him and coughed.
He didn’t speak. The group in front of him The apprentices are all evil lords, the departure of the five apprentices has sounded the alarm for him, Master, how do you feel? How is it? The third apprentice Duan Musheng asked with concern, “I’m fine.” The four apprentices showed joy. The master is now at the foot of the mountain with many masters of the righteous way. I’m afraid they will break through the defensive barrier in a short time. The fourth apprentice Ming Shiyin said that Lu Zhou forced himself to calm down.
Completely accept Ji Tiandao’s memory and body, why don’t I go out to look for senior brother, come back and help me remember the relationship between master and apprentice, he shouldn’t sit idly by Shut up before the extraordinary master finished speaking, Luzhou’s voice interrupted their words, hold on tight, don’t panic anyway, I’m also the master of this group of villains, let alone reveal the secret that my cultivation base has disappeared, otherwise I will go there for the fish You don’t need to wait for the famous family to kill him.
These four apprentices will take his old life first.
The barrier of Jinting Mountain is enough to last for a while. Panic, what panic? Third, what did you just say? Lu Zhou imitated Ji Tiandao’s tone and asked the question. Although Ji Tiandao is a thousand-year-old monster, his mood is far superior to others, but Lu Zhou wins because of his strong learning ability and memory overlap. Come over, master and apprentice want to invite senior brother to come back to help Duanmusheng boldly said, when he bowed his head, he sneaked a glance at Luzhou His face changed slightly and he said, Master, what you mean is that the big brother framed you behind your back. Ji Tiandao has never done anything like this in the world for many years. As he grows older, his strength declines.
The deterrent power is naturally not as good as every year.
Even if you deal with the old devil like this You have to be someone who knows everything about you to be able to set up such a perfect trap. Think about it carefully. The elder Da Zhenghai has the deepest understanding of his master.
That’s all about Tingshan, but still dare to frame Master, if it wasn’t for the barrier of Jintingshan, would they have called too? Are you afraid that you are eager to die as a teacher? The four apprentices immediately knelt down and said in unison. Disciples dare not disciples dare not Lu Zhou glanced at them, the four of them snorted softly and said, “You are all strong in the Divine Court Realm. Maybe it will be over again.” In a few years, just like your senior brother and second senior brother, step into the Yuanshen Tribulation Realm, and then I, as a master, can still control your disciples. Don’t dare to be a teacher for a day and be a father for a lifetime, even if you give us ten courages.
Lu Zhou took a deep breath after betraying Master’s house of four