Skills that a succubus servant should master Before then let Agatha stay by your side you can order her like you ordered Simone the highlevel

However, after closing his eyes, he couldn’t fall asleep. Lin Ling thought of his ordinary life, and felt sad in his heart. How much he wanted to have a healthy body, how much he wanted to do what young people should do, how much he wanted to join the company. In his nearly ten years of eternity, he will have a hearty battle with those professional players supported by big guilds and big manufacturers and those rich children who have piled up real money to see who is the real number one in the world.
Give me a chance to do it again, smelling the pungent disinfectant smell, Lin Ling started dreaming again since he was hospitalized, and began to imagine what he would do if God gave him a chance to do it again, but today’s dream is a little bit At the end of different dreams, it is no longer the dark and noisy before, but a ray of light shines in.
The light of the sun is so bright that Lin Ling can hardly open his eyes. He lifts his arms to cover his eyelids with difficulty. The light is too strong, so uncomfortable.
Why did he feel that the light was too strong? Lin Ling raised his hands and caught his eyes.
A pair of slender, pale palms, full of muscle and youthful vitality, were completely different from the dry and deformed palms in his memory. He sat up and looked at the pattern. The compact room and the decoration in the room are the same as ten years ago.
Lin Ling seemed to understand something. He jumped up and rushed into the bathroom in three steps and two steps, looking at himself in the mirror. The self in the mirror is the same as ten years ago.
The signs of health ailments have obviously not yet come to this young body.
He raised his head, and the electronic calendar hung on the mirror faithfully showed today’s date, year, month, day, and year.
That year, he just turned eighteen. A great sense of joy flooded Lin In Ling’s heart, he was reborn.
He returned to ten years ago, back to the beginning of everything, but all the sufferings he experienced in the previous life soon made him bow his head again.
Even if he was reborn, what would he do? Lin Ling’s family has been engaged in the development of Mars for generations. His parents went to Mars as early as when he was seven years old to inherit his grandfather’s business and run a Mars farm. If there were no accidents, Lin Ling’s life would be like this, but his life was full of accidents.
As early as Lin Ling was five years old.
That year, he was found to have a genetic disease with a high fatality rate. His parents exhausted their wealth and failed to cure him. He could only suppress his condition with drugs. They had to go to Mars in advance to raise funds for his disease. Unexpectedly, the situation in Mars is not as good as imagined.
Not only did he not make any money, but he also owed a large amount of debt.
The creditor couldn’t go to Mars, so he came to Lin Ling every now and then to collect debts and ask for money. Lin Ling knew that his parents went to Mars to make money for them He treated himself and did not tell them about the debtors’ visits to collect debts.
In order to reduce the burden on the family, he dropped out of school early and worked secretly outside during the day to earn money by playing virtual online games Eternal Gold at night. It took several years to barely pay off the interest until Lin Ling The Martian farm run by his parents started to make a profit, and his condition deteriorated to an incurable disease. In the end, he failed to live past the age of twenty-eight. The regret of his last life, Lin Ling, decided to use this life to make up for it. Looking at the calendar, he remembered this time.
I have just graduated from high school and am staying at home while recuperating while waiting for the university to start.
Because I am seriously ill, my family owes a lot of money.
Lin Ling in his previous life was timid and would be afraid to meet acquaintances when he went out. This is the reason why he did not stay in university for long.
He was forced to drop out of school by his creditors and was forced to go out to work until his parents paid off the debts and he developed a certain amount in eternity. His character gradually turned around, but at that time he was already terminally ill and there was no cure. In this life, Lin Ling is still alive He is poor and still has no money to pay off his debts, but he is no longer the doormat that anyone can bully. With ten years of experience and knowledge ahead of him, he is confident that he will still be able to earn enough money in eternity to make his life better.
It’s better to let all his creditors shut up, Lin Ling forget it, Eternity will officially start operation around the middle of the month, he can’t remember the specific time, but most players are in a groping stage in the early stage of the game.
A setting with level barriers. A week’s gap is not fatal. He was not in a hurry to use the game equipment he had at home to play games. Instead, he took a gaming helmet and wallet and went out, took a bus to the specialty store in the city center, and prepared to buy an eternal special equipment. Eternal adoption The next-generation deep sleep technology does not consume much energy for users. However, the existing game devices on the market vary greatly in performance. Many game devices cannot meet the requirements of eternity.
Once the running data is overloaded, they will frequently crash. The profession he is good at is a mage, a profession that requires precise control.
In his last life, he entered eternity under the helpless situation. He did not know all aspects of eternity beforehand. He only knew that this is a game that can make quick money.
As a result, he frequently made mistakes because of the equipment.
Many good opportunities have been missed. Advertisements related to eternity have already been hung in the commercial street in the city center.
Lin Ling stepped into a store specializing in eternity game equipment.
This is also their first store in the city dedicated to eternity exclusive game equipment.
The difference from his memory is too empty, as if someone swept it away.
Lin Ling had a bad feeling in his heart.
He put the gaming helmet on the counter and said to the sales lady. The dedicated game equipment has been sold out.
If you want it, you can only order it.
The sales lady said helplessly. “Samples.” Even the samples are gone from the facade.
All the game equipment has been bought by them.
The sales lady pointed to a group of young people in uniforms carrying cardboard boxes and marching out of the store, etc.