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Chapter 1 The virtual era of the magic moon is coming. The virtual moon has really opened the virtual era of online games.
In the stormy year of Beijing, even a relatively remote place like the Media College is full of large-scale realistic online games covering the whole world. Coupled with the low price of game equipment, the arrival of Magic Moon is just like his advertising slogan, which really opened up the big virtual era of online games. In the mid-1930s, today’s global technology has entered an explosive era. Since the first hologram seven years ago The holographic simulation technology of online games has been more and more developed since the opening of the immersive online game aspect.
Although the first immersive game aspect has been popular for more than three years, it has finally declined due to the imperfection of many technologies and the overly expensive game equipment. But the newly opened Magic Moon is different. This game is jointly developed by Tianfeng Group, China’s chief technology and business empire, together with multinational governments and the World Bank.
Compared with the virtual game cabin worth 500,000 RMB and the virtual helmet Huanyue worth 100,000 RMB, the game cost can be said to be greatly reduced. You only need to spend 20,000 RMB to buy a game helmet. If the 10,000 yuan is too high, you can also choose to buy holographic glasses at a low price of 3,000 yuan to enjoy the fun of the game. This makes many low-level people who are crazy about realistic games but can’t spend so much money. Get rid of these two things. In addition, Huanyue has also developed a matching virtual network access service. If players, such as some students with relatively poor financial conditions, can’t even afford 3,000 yuan of realistic glasses, they can also choose to buy Huanyue’s fingerprints.
The imprinter only needs 100 yuan to enter the game and enjoy the most cutting-edge technology. Tianfeng Group and the World Bank jointly announced that Magic Moon will open the link between virtual game money and real money.
After enough money, you can buy realistic glasses or even virtual helmets to enter the game.
In this way, not only those students with insufficient financial strength, but even all traditional online game studios can organize their own players to enter the magic moon. It takes a lot of money to equip players with holographic simulation equipment, but now the entire studio only needs to equip top players with simulation equipment, while a large number of low-level third-tier players only need a computer to enter the game, which makes almost all big players in China After hearing that Huanyue is about to open, small and medium-sized online game studios have all expressed the reason why they want to enter the game.
Huanyue’s advertisements are still constantly promoting in the streets and alleys. Even the small electronic market at the back door of the Media Academy is no exception. In the passageway of the basement of the electronics market, an irritable young man was trying to get out of the passageway with a cigarette in his mouth. This young man has messy hair and sharp eyes. The silver earrings on the earlobe are shining with a little light, adding to the With a touch of momentum, his face is as sharp as a knife and an ax is chiseled, and his face is black.
The shirt and the denim trousers of the same color completely set off the slender figure of the young man, full of a wild atmosphere of the world and a different kind of chic, Brother Ying, let’s follow you, let’s hang out with you The little gangster followed and kept making noises, but the young man in black was unmoved at all, his face was icy cold Brother Ying, Huanyue is about to open, the previous online games are basically closed, we are going to enter Huanyue together, Brother Ying, take us to hang out These yellow-haired punks are from the generation of media colleges, and the Chen Ying they are talking about is the little bully that all the punks in this area are afraid of three points.
With the cigarette butt in her mouth, Chen Ying turned around and said coldly, don’t mention Huanyue in front of me, I won’t go to play, don’t follow me, otherwise leave a word, Chen Ying turned and left the electronic market. Tomorrow, even the underground game hall that Chen Ying used for entertainment before will be changed to an Internet cafe specializing in Magic Moon. Chen Ying really doesn’t know where she will go in the future. Chapter 2 Heroes save the beauty of Magic Moon.
When it was posted, Chen Ying had already been paying attention to the completely mysterious game system, the super-first-class simulation equipment, the number of players in the world estimated to be more than one billion, various elements made Chen Ying, a game veteran, excited, but the excitement was a painful thing in the past. It is still bothering Chen Ying, making him unable to make up his mind to enter this game. In fact, as the famous first fighter in the vertical and horizontal, Chen Ying received the game helmet and special internal test code from Tianfeng Group as early as a month ago, but Chen Ying is stubborn. But Ying still didn’t choose to enter the game.
Six years ago, it was when Zongheng was the most popular. At that time, Chen Ying and a group of friends were almost obsessed with this game. As the most classic online game at the end of the last era, Zongheng had no charm in that era. People who have experienced it don’t understand at all, but when Chen Ying was playing with a group of friends in the dark, a sad news came.
One of Chen Ying’s brothers from the same city, Leng Weapon, asked another brother, Xiao Fengtian, for game gold coins. After he refused, he even gathered a group of game friends to beat Xiao Fengtian to death. The vertical and horizontal server was also closed for nearly a month. Afterwards, although the server was opened again, Chen Ying never entered the game again.
At the funeral, Xiao Fengtian’s parents cried. The sobbing appearance and the tears of regret after the cold weapon was imprisoned are still in front of Chen Ying’s eyes.
Chen Ying, who has been disturbed repeatedly, shook her head vigorously. Chen Ying got rid of these painful memories and strode towards the rented house. In Communication University, although Chen Ying often hangs around in the game hall