Sitting on the edge of the bed screaming what did you call me Alina turned her head and ignored Little Alina you are not good

Chapter 1 The Little Princess of the Lothar House This is an independent castle located in the quiet and elegant garden area in the northwest of Stormwind City.
To enter the castle, you must pass through two stone bridges.
Under the stone bridge is a spacious moat. Stormwind is introduced.
The footing of the city wall is five or six feet thick, and the outer wall is made of solid rock, with ivy growing on it, which looks simple and natural.
Forts are set on the city wall, and guards are constantly patrolling the four corners of the city wall. The tower has archers guarding the castle.
Inside the castle are some pretty buildings.
In the center is the master’s room.
A belt garden surrounds a small chapel on the right. On the left is a training ground.
Behind it is a beautiful sloping lawn. There is a small spring rippling in the middle. If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, no one would believe that there is such a magnificent private building in Stormwind City, where every inch of land is expensive. Occasionally, pedestrians pass by and look at this tall and magnificent castle. Jealousy is full of reverence and admiration, because this is the castle of the Duke of Lothar. At this moment, there is silence and silence in the usual bustling castle.
The expressions on the faces of the guards and servants are heavy.
When they walk, their toes are on the ground for fear of making the slightest sound. There are sitting in the hall.
The two men, one with snow-white hair and wrinkled face, the other with silver hair and an old face, turned out to be the sword master Rafael Lee and the legendary archmage Khadgar.
Khadgar picked up the eggnog on the table, took a sip, and sat down. The old Juggernaut in the top position hesitated to speak, but he really couldn’t express what he blamed the old Juggernaut who was two generations older than him, but don’t you know how dangerous that place is? Lina took it in. Raphael Li rubbed his hands and asked embarrassingly if he should let Benedictus heal again.
Didn’t the archbishop just leave? It’s all about you, Khadgar is a bit helpless, the archbishop has been here all day, he must let him rest for a while, the old Juggernaut just blame me I’m ashamed to say that Khadgar was about to persuade me, and suddenly I heard a girl’s excited cheers from the inner room, miss, you’re awake, you’re awake, the two old men suddenly stood up and walked back in a hurry There was confusion in her eyes.
She seemed to have a long dream. In the dream, iron birds could fly thousands of miles away, and they could meet each other directly.
In a small iron box, there was a square mirror in which a game called World of Warcraft could be played. There is also a handsome boy who gave her a watch, Miss, wake up, the little maid half-crying, grabbed the master’s right hand and gently shook Antie, who was an orphan in Stormwind City. The master adopted her and treated her as a little sister. She was deeply grateful to Elena, the focus of her eyes finally stopped wandering, she looked at the anxious little maid and said with a trace of doubt, Miss Anti, you are going to scare us to death, the little maid finally couldn’t bear the tears anymore I couldn’t help but slumped on the floor in front of the bed and cried loudly. Elena’s face was full of helplessness, didn’t she just have a dream? Why don’t you push her so angrily and cry? Oh, I’m not dead, you’ve been asleep for three days, no wonder everyone is worried that a glass of water will be delivered A young boy’s voice came over and said softly, let’s drink some water first. For three days, Elena got up in surprise and wanted to get up, but found that her whole body was limp and without any strength.
Don’t move, the young boy was startled and hurriedly held her down with his free left hand. Alina finally noticed the boy’s existence, blushing slightly, and smiled embarrassingly, Prince, why are you here? The boy stared unhappily.
Alina felt helpless and had to change her words, Anduin, why are you here, come here first. Drinking the water, Anduin smiled happily, handed the water glass to her mouth, and said, “You have been in a coma for three days, can I not come?” At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open, and the old sword master rushed in, yelling “little” incessantly. Alina, are you alright, don’t scare your great-grandpa, Elina’s eyes are red and struggling to think of it, she hurriedly said, Grandpa, I’m alright, don’t worry, ever since her grandfather Anduin Lothar died in battle, her mother left her and went away to find resurrection Father’s method, the old Juggernaut is her only family member.
Just after waking up, don’t move. A majestic male voice came from the door. Alina looked at it and hurriedly said respectfully, Uncle Khadgar, you are here too. Khadgar looked at him happily. It’s okay if you smile, just turn pale, eat something and rest for a while, uncle, don’t worry, I’m fine, it’s fine