Sister Liu Yan sister Liu Yan didnt dare to offend him so she called him together thats right Yang Jiekai touched his nose a strange

In order to protect the people around him, he decides to come out again.
His nickname is Ye Xiao.
Whenever he is on the move, someone must meet Hades. Chapter 1: The Female Thief on the Subway. Under such circumstances, squeezing the subway becomes a kind of enjoyment.
For example, there is a beautiful woman standing in front of you.
Of course, the more crowded the subway, the better. At this time, Yang Jiekai is such a lucky one.
A beautiful woman in cool clothes almost puts her whole body They were all stuck on his chest. At first, Yang Jiekai was going to dodge it slightly, but when he moved back a little, the woman leaned up again. Yang Jiekai was a little puzzled at first, but in an instant, he suddenly understood what was going on. Immediately smiled and calmly accepted this good deed that most people dream of Yang Jiekai seemed to keep his body close to the opponent’s chest, of course he knew what the opponent wanted to do, but he just pretended to be nonchalant and looked at this woman with exquisite facial features and slightly shy expression with interest.
Finally, she began to feel a little uneasy, and when the door of the next station opened, she quickly got off the subway. After walking out of the subway, the woman let out a long breath and thought to herself, don’t be a poor ghost, or you will lose a lot this time.
Years later, it was the first time to pay such a high price to walk to a place where no one was around.
The woman flipped her wrist and a black wallet appeared on her white palm as if by magic. The woman quickly opened the wallet.
It turned out to be a poor woman who cursed and slandered the poor man who ate her tofu all over the place When entering the trash can, a man’s voice suddenly came from behind Miss Mosquito, no matter how small it is, it is still meat.
The tofu that has been eaten for so long can’t be compensated at all. An unremarkable man, this man is slightly thin and his face is a little sickly pale, but in any case, he has nothing to do with the word handsome, but when a woman sees this man, her heart twitches violently, she turns her head and runs away. The woman who ran away touched her nose with great interest, then dashed over to grab the woman easily, you let me go, what are you doing? The woman struggled hard, but the man’s hand on her shoulder was like iron tongs Let her be unafraid to come, someone is playing hooligans, the woman began to use his usual tricks to get away, but just halfway through the shout, she felt a piercing pain coming from her shoulder, the man’s hand seemed to have a thousand pounds of strength, shouting, continue to shout Yang Jiekai Pointing to the surveillance camera next to her, the woman who was so painful that cold sweat was already oozing from her forehead said that there are records on the surveillance surveillance, or I will take you to the Public Security Bureau to see if you don’t get involved. It’s a woman’s weakness, she panicked and immediately put on a cute and pitiful look and said, Brother, this is the first time I’m also because my family is poor, so please let me go Looking at the woman’s realistic acting skills, I can’t help crying and laughing, thinking that it’s a pity not to be an actress based on this woman’s face and figure plus her acting skills.
Why do I have to be a thief? Before the subway came down, the female thief had already prepared to do it several times, and judging by the way this woman stole his wallet just now, it was the first time, even idiots would not believe it. The female thief met Yang Jiekai a little bit today, she must not know that what he stole today is a master who used to be all-powerful in the mercenary world. I’m afraid I can only look back and wonder what kind of international joke is stealing from the king of mercenaries, Ye Xiao. If the stunner doesn’t enjoy it well, then it’s not Yang Jiekai. In the mercenary world, Yang Jiekai has another nickname besides Night Owl.
He is Sanduo Wang, the most murdered woman, the most narcissistic, and the most out of mobile phones to watch After looking at it, Yang Jiekai found that there was still enough time, so he planned to have fun with this female thief, showing a playful smile, and said, “I can let you go, but how should you repay me?” Walking up and down the curve, the female thief of course knows what the other party wants to do. She lowered her head and whispered, I will live nearby and lead the way.
Yang Jiekai patted the woman’s buttocks lightly, followed her out of the subway entrance and slipped into a This alley is a dead end with twists and turns. On weekdays, no one would come here.
Naturally, it is even more impossible for anyone to live in it.
Yang Jiekai is not an idiot.
He has noticed a few people sneaking around since he walked out of the subway entrance. You can think of what’s going on with your toes, and think it’s about time The female thief suddenly turned around, and just now that lovely and pitiful expression was swept away, three points of playfulness, six points of hatred, and at the same time mixed with a point of ruthlessness, I don’t think you will need that thing in the future, really don’t need it, Yang Jiekai touched it The nose seemed to be serious, and at this moment, seven or eight gangsters suddenly appeared from behind and surrounded Yang Jiekai