Sir you are welcome our group said that you are his brother it is my duty to take care of you Xiao Wu said politely

Iron-Blooded Student Chapter 1 Beginning on the battlefield Nanyuan National Revolutionary Army 29th Army Division Brigade 3rd Battalion 2nd Company The sound of gunfire has stopped.
Although it is still noon, the gunpowder smoke on the position has not cleared and the line of sight is not easy. Chang Jing Dazhuang watched intently for a moment to make sure that the Japanese army had retreated, then he raised his hand and wiped his forehead, and suddenly his broad face was covered with black soot, counted the number of people in each row, rushed to repair the fortification, Jing Dazhuang said in a hoarse voice. Sitting in the trench, he repelled the little devils who attacked him twice.
His troops are already extremely exhausted. A full-staffed company commander is considered good if half of them are alive.
As soon as his voice landed on the ground, the squad platoon leader counted the personnel. After a while, the three platoon leaders came to report the loss of the troops. At this moment, Song Dong, a short orderly, ran over. The company commander, some college students, came up and said they were sending us condolences.
Song Dong He said in a low voice that a college student came to the battlefield to do something, isn’t this adding to the chaos? Boom away, give me a boom! Jing Dazhuang was startled when he heard the sound, and then shouted, since the little devil launched the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, his company was ordered to be on the 5th Southwest of the Nanyuan Army Headquarters Two days before the deployment of defense in the area, the little devil began to appear opposite his position. Yesterday, the little devil finally launched a tentative attack on his position, but he immediately retreated after finding that the defending troops were already prepared, but today it was just dawn.
The little devil’s artillery fire came like rain, and at the same time, the little devil launched a fierce attack on the army’s position, which is the defense line defended by Jing Dazhuang’s second company. The little devil launched two small-scale attacks, although the little devil finally left There were more than thirty corpses, but his second company also suffered more than half of the casualties. The little devil’s shells will fly at any time.
At this time, the college students are coming to the position.
Why is it adding to the chaos? Five youths who looked like college students were walking towards this side carrying two cardboard boxes. Song Dong hurried over to stop him, and saw the tall and thin young man walking in front excitedly said, this brother, we are the brothers of the Yenching University frontline condolence team. The deeds of the bloody battle between the country and the nation and the little devils have spread throughout the entire city of Peiping.
This is an item for the people of Peiping to condolence to the heroes. We promised them that they must personally send it to the front line. Glancing at him, Shen Sheng said, let them come over. After being instructed by Jing Dazhuang, Song Dong and the two soldiers stepped aside immediately, and the five college students immediately picked up the cardboard boxes and ran over, sir, this is Tang Jiyuan, the student representative of Yenching University, who are they? My classmates, we came to visit the hero on behalf of the people of Peiping. This is the heart of the people of Peiping.
The soldiers have worked hard.
Tang Jiyuan looked at Jing Dazhuang and said excitedly.
After speaking, he bowed deeply to Jing Dazhuang and the officers and soldiers covered in smoke on the battlefield With a big bow, Jing Dazhuang glanced over the five college students and saw their youthful and youthful faces, and said in his heart, please convey my thanks to the fathers and folks in Peiping, we must be brave Killing the enemy will never disappoint the love of the fathers and folks. This place is dangerous.
Please go back.
Speaking of this, Jing Dazhuang turned to the two platoon leaders standing beside him and said.
Then he said to Jing Dazhuang, sir, let’s go down first. When Jing Dazhuang and his four companions turned around and were about to leave, there was a sudden whistling sound of shells in the sky. Jing Dazhuang glanced over and saw the college student surnamed Tang and two female college students who heard the shout but stood there dumbfounded, and before thinking about it, he jumped towards Tang Jiyuan and threw him at once.
The moment Jing Dazhuang fell to the ground, his body touched the soil, Jing Dazhuang suddenly discovered that the silent male college student who was standing behind Tang Jiyuan quickly pushed the two female college students beside him to the ground, and then his body was covered by the two female college students. As for the other male college student, Shi Yong threw himself to the ground after reacting, and then the whole camp was engulfed in the sound of thunderous shell explosions.
Jing Dazhuang raised his head and shook the dust on his head, desperately trying to drive away the humming in his ears, then checked Tang Jiyuan under him and found that he was not injured, immediately got up and shouted hoarsely, is there anyone who can breathe, get up and get ready to fight The little devil is about to come up.
At this time, he can no longer take care of the five college students, because the yellowish figure of the little devil has appeared at a distance of 300 meters. Tang Jiyuan let go of his grip when he heard that there were no explosions around him. He glanced around and saw that Liu Tianshu, who came with him, was quietly raising his head. The two tried their best to recover from the thunderous explosion.
Just as they were about to speak, there was a fierce gunshot on the battlefield. Su Lan, Xie Yan, are you all right? Finding that Tang Jiyuan and Zeng Qiang were both safe and sound, Liu Tianshu breathed a sigh of relief and asked the two female college students lying below him with concern.
Su Lan and Xie Yan’s faces were pale, eyes full of horror.
Hearing Liu Tianshu’s inquiry, he immediately moved his body and trembled. Said we’re fine, Liu Tianshu looked around, found a dent in the trench two meters away, and immediately whispered Su Lan, Xie Yan, you two, come over, Su Lan and Xie Yan crawled over, Liu Tianshu said, you just stay here, don’t come out and talk Jian Zengqiang and Tang Jiyuan also crawled over. Ji Yuan looks like we can’t leave for a while, so you stay here and don’t move. I went to see Liu Tianshu and saw that soldiers were knocked down by bullets from time to time. The place not far from him and the rain of bullets flying across the entire position immediately knew that the situation was critical