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Chapter 1 Rebirth In the desert, the solitary smoke and scorching sun, a lonely figure is reflected on the highway Am I not going through the catastrophe here? Could it be that after I failed the catastrophe, I was reborn into a young age? Chen Tian looked at his body and felt the turbulent waves in his heart.
He couldn’t calm down for a long time.
But who would have thought that when Chen Tian was 15 years old, there would be an accident at home, his father would be murdered by a traitor, and the Jinhui Group would also hand over the Chen family, leaving the Chen family lonely.
In order to protect Chen Tian’s safety, his mother lived in seclusion in the mountain village. But when Chen Tian was 18 years old, he was admitted to Jiangzhou University and came to Jiangzhou alone to look for his fiancée Xue Bingning.
However, the Xue family knew that the Chen family was in ruins, and made things difficult for Chen Tian in every possible way, trying to force Chen Tian to give up. At the end of the marriage contract, Chen Tian was broken by his love rival Li Haofeng, and his legs were thrown away on the edge of the cliff.
Tian brought him into the vast and boundless world of cultivating immortals. In real life, Chen Tian might just be a waste young master of a down and out family, but in the world of cultivating immortals, Chen Tian showed amazing talent because of the enlightenment from his master Xuantian Immortal.
He successfully broke through to the Mahayana Realm in 2010. After the Mahayana Realm, he will be in the Real Immortal Realm.
Once he successfully overcomes the catastrophe, he can become a fairy. Chen Tian was distracted from the battle and failed to cross the catastrophe, and the soul flew away, the four demons, you didn’t think of it, right? After Chen Tian failed to cross the catastrophe, not only did he not lose his soul, but he was reborn as a young man. It seems that this is the heaven’s favor for me! Chen Tian looked at the vast desert With a sneer, he raised his hands slightly, trying to feel the mana in his body. After a while, Chen Tian lowered his hands in frustration. He found that all the mana and supernatural powers in his body had disappeared, but fortunately, the strength of his physical body did not change after rebirth.
A strong man in the Mahayana realm. His physical body is completely comparable to the most powerful martial arts masters on the earth.
As long as the physical body is still there, Chen Tian will not worry that he will not be able to return to the peak.
Chen Tian looked at the boundless desert, and a chilling murderous look flashed in his eyes, Li Haofeng, you too.
Never thought that I, Chen Tian, ​​would come back, right? All thoughts were hopeless and he jumped off the cliff, but Li Haofeng did not expect that after jumping off the cliff, not only did Chen Tian not die, but he got to know the Immortal Xuantian and started his journey of cultivating immortality. Moreover, Li Haofeng was not only Chen Tian’s greatest rival in love in his previous life, but also the reason why the Chen family was lonely back then was also related to his father. Li Juncheng also has an inseparable relationship If Li Juncheng hadn’t teamed up with the four major families in Jiangzhou City to suppress the Chen family, the Chen family’s Jinhui Group would never have gone bankrupt, nor would he have committed suicide, and Chen Tian would not have watched his beloved being snatched away by others, but he could only do it. I chose to use the most humble way to end that miserable life.
The Li family, father and son, and the four major families in Jiangzhou. In this life, I want to take back everything that belongs to our Chen family.
I want you to experience the humiliation I suffered in the previous life.
In your eyes, you are like ants and let others bully you. In this life, I will tell you what the real king is to lead the world and surpass all living things. In the last life, I will make you pay back a hundred times what you owe me. One flashed in Chen Tian’s mind. The appearance of an enemy in the previous life, his eyes were firm and indifferent, and the ring was ringing. At this moment, the familiar mobile phone rang. Chen Tian took out his mobile phone and glanced at the screen. The name on it was Xue Bingning, his fiancée from the previous life, who called from his previous life.
Sincerely in love but helpless, Xue Bingning’s parents finally beat the mandarin ducks with a stick, but they had no part. Later, Chen Tian practiced in the fairyland for a hundred years, only to learn that Xue Bingning was never married because of his departure, and finally died alone. At that time, Chen Tian wanted to return to the earth to look for Xue Bingning. But helplessly, Xue Bingning has already left this world. It can be said that Xue Bingning is Chen Tian’s greatest regret and deepest reluctance in his previous life.
Back then, Chen Tian’s father was kind to Xue’s family, so the two families made a marriage contract when they were very young. After the Chen family became lonely, the Xue family turned their faces directly. Chen Tian, ​​who originally wanted to join the Xue family, was also ridiculed and insulted, but all of this had nothing to do with Xue Bingning.
I called Chen Tian, ​​how many times have I told you Bing Ning is not what you can call Bing Ning, what is your relationship with our Bing Ning? The tone of the young woman’s voice was full of dislike for Aunt Pan. Is there something wrong? Chen Tian asked in a cold voice, what is something wrong? Go to Jiangzhou City and tell me that I will pick you up.
The middle-aged woman shouted in a bitter tone, yes, after Chen Tian agreed, a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth, and the caller was Xue Bingning’s mother, Pan Ying, in her previous life, when the Chen family was brilliant Pan Ying yelled at each benefactor and called Chen Tian’s father every day to ask when Chen Tian and Xue Bingning could get married, but when the Chen family was lonely, Pan Ying turned her face directly, even if she didn’t even say a word of greeting Walking tea cold rabbit dead dog cooking interpreted to the extreme buzzing at this time a harsh engine sound