Since we cant find the weeds why not let the animals that are naturally sensitive and grow here look for them I felt ecstasy when

In a troubled world, the heroes compete for the title. The protagonist wanders with difficulty in the troubled times.
He is used to seeing life and death. Good and evil are just for revenge. There are no adventures and no luck.
You can only wipe away your tears. Use blood and iron to fight the sky in the troubled times. This book is slow.
Thank you for your help.
Chapter 1 Spring rain moistens the city, people don’t get wet, strong bamboo alone fights iron and stubborn stone Yangchun, March evening rain becomes silk, the first light rain in spring gently moistens the ancient and mottled city of Jingzhou, a bamboo umbrella and a long gown A pair of blue shoes stepping on the ancient stone road A young Confucian with ordinary appearance and clear eyes stood in front of a mottled vermilion gate leaning on the stone lion in front of the gate and looked up at the tall plaque The gold-plated Li Mansion flashed, his eyes blurred for a while, he lowered his head to think for a moment, the young man suddenly shouted that the surname Li is coming out to collect the bill, and after that, he stepped on the hydrangea of ​​the stone lion in front of the door, his nose and eyes turned upside down, and he looked like a rascal I can no longer find the appearance of a Confucian scholar.
The old door squeaks, revealing a crack. A small hat house slave quietly sticks his head out and looks around. When he sees this Confucian scholar, he suddenly shrinks his head and quickly closes the door and turns around. Shouting in a panic that Chen Yuanbao is here, the young man surnamed Chen is not annoyed. He waited for a long time and still no one answered the door. He touched his nose and said to himself, “It’s not easy to be a good person in this world, but you want to force me to do it and say it.” Shaking his head with a look of regret, at this moment, the young man stepped on the foot of the stone hydrangea and slammed it hard. The stone ball was crushed by the hard stones and scattered everywhere.
Standing still, holding onto the stone lion head with both hands, the big stone head was twisted off like that.
The young man surnamed Chen stood firm on his feet, held the lion head with one hand, and clasped the gate with the lion head.
Called to open the door, open the door, quickly open the door for me to collect the bill, the mottled door is also good wood, it can be considered weathered, but it can’t stand such a disaster I saw a group of house slaves holding sticks and tremblingly surrounding a fat old man in the center.
Before the young man could speak, the old man pointed at the young man’s nose and drank Chen Yuanbao viciously.
Tell the one surnamed Zhao that I will pay back the money owed to him. Chen Yuanbao is not annoyed. He slams the lion’s head on the ground and slaps the lion’s head. If I lost the battle, it’s no wonder Mr.
Zhao, since I’m here today, I definitely won’t go back empty-handed.
It turns out that the fat old man’s name is Li Gu.
He can be regarded as an honest businessman in Xuzhou City, but it’s just a matter of face.
I had a dispute with Mr.
Zhao a few days ago. Participated in a gambling fight and lost the ancestral store on impulse. This is the lifeblood of the Li family.
Li Gu naturally refused to push back and make Mr.
Zhao upset, so he called Chen Yuanbao to collect the bill, and the above scene happened. Mr. Li snorted coldly, Chen Yuanbao The kung fu is good. With two brushes in hand, go to the place where you lifted the stone lion just now. I think you have entered the level of second-rate masters, but you are alone, and we have dozens of martial arts here, and you can get it cheap. Chen Yuanbao rolled his eyes and said impatiently, relying on these few idlers You also want to stop me, Chen Yuanbao, then I can be called Chen Tongban from now on, besides, there are more than people, right? Brothers come in and say let’s whistle Swarmed into Li’s mansion, led by a bare-chested, bald man, nodded and bowed to Chen Yuanbao, said, Brother Yuanbao, we are not late, leave these little characters to us, and we will help you get a chair.
Take a sip of tea and meet Chen Yuanbao himself. Gu was fiddling with the long gown, thinking about it in his heart, he changed his face instantly, turned his head and turned towards Li Gu fiercely, and called to Li Gu, who was surnamed Li, hurry up and hand over the deed, or the brothers will not be welcome.
Being kicked and flew out, they fell outside the door, unable to move.
The rascals who were clamoring for a moment quieted down, looked at each other for a while, moved towards Chen Yuanbao calmly, and then moved. The few people present only felt a burst The strong wind blew past my eyes, and I didn’t notice anyone’s hand. Chen Yuanbao raised his head, glanced at Li Gu, and said calmly, “Why is Mr.
Li so stubborn? So I have something to rely on.
I don’t know which friend came out. Let’s talk about Li Gu.” Gu Zheng was about to speak, but someone held his shoulders down. Chen Yuanbao frowned and looked him up and down.
Seeing that this person was around forty, he was wearing a blue short jacket. Angry, Chen Yuanbao put away his cynical look, clasped his fists with both hands, Your Excellency, but Xu Mao, the stele-thrower, why should he come to this muddy water? Talented man I received Li Gu’s favor in the early years Now he asks me for help I can’t just sit idly by and show my sword If I can’t beat you within the move, I will invalidate Mr. Zhao from now on, and I will stop mentioning it again. Chen Yuanbao said sternly, cough cough Brother Yuanbao, but Mr. Zhao said this account, only to see that the man who was kicked away just now has climbed up to face him Looking at Chen Yuanbao, Chen Yuanbao frowned, and said, Mr.
Zhao, I have to explain. Xu Mao turned his head and glanced at Li Gu. You, Xu Mao nodded, took a few steps forward, raised his hand, looked at Li Yuanbao, and said, “You and I are both second-rate masters.
Winning me with ten strokes is too loud, Your Excellency.
Let me see the genius of Jingzhou City.
” a quick step forward