Since this clubhouse belongs to Zhang Guoqing why do I look at Sister Han like the owner here Could it be that there is Wang

Hello, year, month, day, morning, Wang Wenyuan, carrying a small schoolbag, walked out of the house that only existed in his memory, walked along a road in his memory, and walked towards the school in his memory.
Something made him feel extremely absurd and unbelievable, but he had to believe it.
What happened to him in one night changed him from a 40-year-old man to an 8-year-old boy. Recalling the moment of waking up just now made him, a 40-year-old man with a calm heart The man trembled until now, and his heart still hasn’t calmed down. The pointer of time moved forward, and the drowsy Wang Wenyuan suddenly felt that someone was twisting his ears.
Doesn’t that chick from the Conservatory of Music want to mess with her? She dared to twist her ears, closed her eyes and slapped the hand on her ears. She took the money from her wallet and got out of here quickly. Don’t let the master get angry. He turned around and planned to continue the dream he hadn’t finished before, but who knew that his ears were screwed up again, and the heart-rending pain made the anger in his heart reach its peak. He sat up abruptly and shouted, “Fuck, do you still want to mess around? I don’t know, grandpa Just after cursing for a while, Wang Wenyuan was stunned by the angry woman in front of him, um, it shouldn’t be a woman, it should be a teenage girl, it’s not at all the chick from the music school that he spent a lot of time on, and glared at him. The girl looks about fourteen or fifteen years old, or even younger.
The disheveled face and dry yellow hair indicate that this girl has been malnourished for a long time, and she is not wearing a bra, but an old one from the 70s and 80s. The floral vest Nima, who is this who framed me? For a moment, this sentence popped into Wang Wenyuan’s mind. Having sex with underage girls will go to jail, even if he has a pretty strong backing to keep him safe. It’s also his responsibility to shake off, and he, a company legal person, has an accident that can easily cause the company’s stock price to fluctuate.
Wang Wenyuan, who was thinking of a countermeasure, suddenly heard a girl say, Xiaoliu, you little rascal.
What are you talking about? You fell asleep, Master Wang Wenyuan.
Before he finished speaking, he saw the girl stretch out her little white hand again, followed by another sharp pain in her ear. How dare you call yourself Lord in front of your sister? You treat it like an old man As for the society, let me tell you, Wang Wenyuan, you better be honest.
When you were young, you got into your sister’s bed.
My sister didn’t say anything, but now you’re eight years old, and you don’t know what mom thinks, and she made you live in the same room with my younger sister.
Wang Wenyuan was suddenly confused. What is it all about? What happened when I was a child, what happened when I was eight years old? When Wang Wenyuan was in a daze, he suddenly heard another crisp female voice coming from behind. He was sleeping on the floor humming. Wang Wenyuan followed the voice, and when he turned his head, he was stunned as if struck by lightning, because he saw a face that he would never forget for the rest of his life. His face tormented him all his life, this handsome The face belonged to his third sister who died trying to save him when he was ten years old.
Whenever Wang Wenyuan thought of this face in the middle of the night, Wang Wenyuan would cry uncontrollably. He would not have sunk into the reservoir because of saving him, and even the body was not found in the end. It can be said that the death of the third sister was entirely caused by him.
This is a pain that will never be erased from his heart.
A title he will never be able to call out Hey, Wang Xiaojing glanced at his younger brother in doubt, stretched out his hand and touched his forehead, and said strangely that he didn’t have a fever, what’s wrong with you, little rascal, you actually call me third sister, didn’t you always call me a stinky girl before? Hearing what the third sister said, Wang Wenyuan was stunned and pinched his thigh hard, and there was a clear pain in my leg.
It’s not a dream that the pain is so painful. Third sister, you’re not dead. Wang Xiaojing became angry when she heard what Wang Wenyuan said Stretching out his hand and twisting Wang Wenyuan’s ear like that, he said viciously, you little rascal, what nonsense are you talking about? Didn’t you just take five cents from your money pot and curse me to death? Ignoring the pain coming from your ears, Wang Wenyuan has already started to think about this sudden situation The strange phenomenon appeared, and he had already noticed his shrinking body.
After he was stunned for a while, Wang Wenyuan suddenly uttered a swear word, “Fuck, what’s going on, who will tell me what’s going on?” Slap followed the second sister behind her and said, “You little rascal, you didn’t learn well at such a young age, you actually learned to swear. Look, I won’t tell mom to ask mom to see what her good sons have learned in school. You’d better be a little rascal.
” Put on your clothes quickly, or you will be late for school, and you will be miserable.
The teacher will not be used to you like your mother, and your palms will be swollen.
My sister will see how you are crying. Clothes Wang Wenyuan was stunned for a moment. What is the situation? The one in front of me is the third sister, and the one behind it is his second sister. Touching the red ears pinched by the two older sisters, when Wang Wenyuan was struggling After a while, I heard the voice of my second sister calling me to go out to eat outside the bedroom, and then I gradually woke up. The countless smaller bodies and the extremely old furnishings in the small bedroom all told a story that he had to accept. The fact that he was reborn, although he doesn’t read novels, but he has watched a lot of crude rebirth TV dramas on TV, so he knows that he is really reborn Wang Wenyuan who is sober