Sighing its hard for you Li Xin didnt say anything just lowered his head poured Ye Cheng a glass of wine then filled a glass

His mother died of illness, and he followed his uncle to Beijing to look for relatives. He was called a bastard by the Pingnanhou Mansion and kicked out of the house, so this homeless young man was frozen to death in the ruined temple. When he woke up again, another Li Xin came to this world as a glorious time traveler.
Li Xin set two goals for himself: one to survive and two to defeat the scumbag.
Oh, the first chapter, the charcoal seller in the heavy snow ruins the temple. Winter is always the season when God takes people’s lives. Some rich people can’t survive the winter when they are old. Is it cold? Uncle, I’m not cold. It’s snowing all over the sky outside. In a dilapidated temple outside the capital, the clothes not very thick, the old and the young are leaning against the low wall of the dilapidated temple, trying their best to avoid the blowing wind from all directions.
The cold wind is a pity that there are wind leaks everywhere in this dilapidated temple.
No matter how you dodge, there will always be a bitter cold wind blowing on the two people, the old and the young. When they are cold, they will be homesick.
He looked like four or five years old, he was shivering from the cold, his whole body was shaking all the time, his body was stiff and he turned his head to look at the old man, his upper and lower jaws were constantly fighting, uncle, I, I want to go home, the young man said very hard After finishing this sentence, the authentic Yongzhou dialect is used.
The old man is his uncle, that is, his mother’s uncle. After you came to the capital to look for your father, this capital is your home. Neither of them stuttered, but because of the extreme cold, they stumbled for a long time before they could barely finish a sentence. The young man’s name is Li Xin.
He is fifteen years old this year When I was in middle school, my mother passed away due to illness. It wasn’t until before she left that this woman who had been scolded for more than ten years as a bitch revealed Li Xin’s life experience, saying that Li Xin was the son of Li Shen, Marquis of Pingnan in the capital, and asked her uncle to bring Li Xin. The young man reluctantly lowered his head to look at the snow-white jade pendant in his hand. The jade pendant was engraved with a word of caution. This is a token given to him by his mother, asking him to bring this jade token to Beijing to find his father.
The young man bit it.
He gritted his teeth and put the jade pendant in his arms, with tears in his eyes, but we went to the Houfu yesterday, Li Xin’s intermittent and thin lips were almost bitten out of blood, and the people in the Houfu also scolded me for more than ten years before Li Xin has always lived with his mother. His mother was scolded as a bitch for more than ten years. Naturally, he was scolded for more than ten years. Personally, I seldom come into contact with outsiders.
Such a young man who has been scolded for more than ten years came to Beijing this time with hope. He wanted to see what his father was like and asked him why he hadn’t been here for so many years. He came to visit himself and his mother, but when he and his uncle knocked on the gate of Pingnan Hou Mansion What he got was two cold words, wild species.
Li Xin had listened to these two words for more than ten years, and he had gradually gotten used to them, but these two words were especially harsh when they were spoken by the Li family. Uncle blinked with difficulty. Blinking eyes, the whole person curled up and hugged Li Xin in his arms. The voice was low. Your father, he was out on a campaign. He didn’t know you were here. When he came back from outside, he would naturally come to recognize you. Then your hard days will come to an end.
The old man said.
While taking out a small wooden jug from his waist, he handed it to Li Xin’s mouth, opened his mouth and took a sip.
It was too cold and warmed up. This small wooden jug was filled with extremely cloudy spirits.
Li Xin, who came to the capital, shook his head and curled up in the old man’s arms. Uncle, drink it. Xiner is not cold. Uncle’s face is old.
With the last bit of strength, he poured the last bit of bad wine in the wooden pot into Li Xin’s cup.
In his mouth, Li Xin’s body warmed up a little, his body shrank in the old man’s arms, and he was crying faintly Uncle, I don’t want to be in the capital, let’s go back to Yongzhou tomorrow, okay? To be more difficult, some old people felt a little sad, he patted Li Xin on the back, his voice was weak, okay, tomorrow we will go back to Yongzhou, the cold wind blows again, both of us shrank back, the wind and snow outside were rushing, and the heavy snow sealed all the places.
The road is doomed, the old and the young will never be able to return to Yongzhou, because on this cold winter night, both of them froze to death in this ruined temple. Cold, when he opened his eyes, he saw a strange white sky.
In his memory, he was drinking with those little bastards last night, and then he was drunk by a few bastards, fell asleep on the ground, and then fell asleep. How did he wake up? It was so cold and the piercing chill made Li Xin completely awake. He looked around and the sky was white.
Hell, it was still summer last night. Then he saw an old man lying beside him. The old man seemed to hold himself tightly. The appearance of being hugged tightly in his arms, but his face has turned into a lifeless blue-gray, obviously he has been dead for a long time, Li Xin staggered up from the ground and barely recognized that this is a ruined temple.
There is nothing else in the temple, only some broken god statues and some messy straws.
At this moment, there is only one thought in his mind, these little bastards are messing with me, but as soon as this thought flashed through his mind, he felt his eyes go dark. Then he fell to the ground and was unconscious. He was too weak. People need to consume their own calories to fight against the cold. Now his body has stretched to the limit, so Li Xin simply passed out.