Shut up a mental patient came in and started talking to the air Scarface remembered Fang Gans terrifying strength just now and his heart trembled

The brass ring boss, how do you sell this ring? A middle-aged man with an unshaven beard and a decadent face stood in front of a stall and pointed to a ring among a pile of antiques. The owner is a fat man wearing a patterned shirt with a cigarette in his mouth, squinting his eyes and looking at the middle-aged man with a smile, saying that this ring was picked up by me.
It doesn’t look good, but it looks old, and I’ll give you a cheap price.
Let me tell you, the middle-aged man took out his wallet and looked for it.
Except for the two red bills, the rest is a pile of change of one and five dollars.
Here, let me count the number of middle-aged people. Hand over the two red bills and a stack of change.
After the fat man bought the ring, the middle-aged man walked out of the antique market with the ring and headed home.
His name is Fang Qian. He was 19 years old this year. He had a happy family.
His father and mother opened a restaurant and the income was enough for the whole family. Because of his father’s farsightedness, he bought two houses in advance.
Fang Gan’s original life plan was already planned. After graduating from an ordinary university, he would find a stable job, marry his childhood sweetheart girlfriend Liu Xue, and have a cute baby. The family is happy. Living together is a pity that a nightmare shattered all his good things. At first it was a dozen punks making trouble at his parents’ restaurant. A group of people sat in the restaurant and only ordered a bowl of noodles and drove away other guests. Father and them reasoned. After being injured, the police finally calmed down. At first, Fanggan’s family thought it was someone hired by a competitor to destroy their restaurant, but then things intensified.
My mother went to the street to sell vegetables and was hit by a motorcycle and entered the hospital. My father went to the hospital to take care of him. The shop was set on fire when my mother was in the dark. Fang Gan was also followed several times at school.
He avoided the danger with vigilance, but soon the bad news came again.
On the day he was discharged from the hospital, his father and mother disappeared.
Three days later, the parents’ bodies were found in an abandoned factory.
Fang Gan completely collapsed.
His academic performance plummeted. He hid at home all day, staring at the ceiling with bloodshot eyes.
He knew that someone was harming their family, but he couldn’t figure it out. Who the hell is this ordinary small family like my own and never offended anyone? Why did they suffer such a tragedy? Fang Gan didn’t take part in the college entrance examination that year.
Frustrated, he began to get drunk all day long and indulge himself, taking the opportunity to anesthetize himself.
Fearing that the only relatives close to each other, the aunt’s family first pretended to be close to each other, and then took advantage of Fang Gan’s confusion, half-forced and half-persuaded him to put all the millions of money from the sale of the house into the pocket of the aunt, and finally only gave it to him. Fang Gan kicked him out for tens of thousands of dollars.
You are eighteen years old and you need to go out and learn to be independent. Auntie, I’m not unreasonable, but I can’t support you.
It’s not that Fang Gan rented a house outside. He wanted to die and was afraid.
He wanted to commit suicide again and again until the last moment, but he didn’t have the courage to commit suicide. His childhood sweetheart and deskmate, Liu Xue, was admitted to Qingbei University.
During the summer vacation, he came every day to enlighten Fang Gan, hoping that he would cheer up, but Fang Gan drove him away indifferently again and again.
Having lost hope in life, such a self is not good enough for Liu Xue, it would be better to fend for herself. Four years later, Fang Qian years old, Liu Xue also graduated from university.
The year Liu Xue found Fang Ganjiang, who was sleeping on the street. He took it back to his home that day Liu Xue slapped Fang Gan hard and cried, saying what the hell is going on with Fang Gan, do you really want to give up on yourself like this for the rest of your life? Do you know how much I have gone too far? Looking at Liu Xue, who is crying very sadly, Fang Gan’s numb heart gradually feels a trace of warmth.
The palm print on his face hurts but is sweet in his heart. Liu Xue took Fang Gan away from that sad place. In another city, Liu Xue became a manager in a company. Fang Gan tried hard to find a job. He was highly qualified.
It was so difficult for him to find a job.
In the end, he found another way and became a game anchor. The income was barely enough.
It didn’t matter.
I’ll support you, but you will definitely Be good to me Liu Xue nestled in Fang Gan’s arms and said, Xiaoxue, I will definitely work hard.
I heard that there is an adult college entrance examination, and I am going to try it. Well, I will help you with homework after work. Liu Xue smiled sweetly and said that the life of the young couple is simple and warm. Fang Gan feels that he has come back to life.
Xue prepared dinner but couldn’t wait for Liu Xue to come back from work. In the middle of the night, Fang Gan received the news that Liu Xue was missing.
For a moment, he felt that the world was spinning and the whole world was dark. I didn’t see my wife. What I waited for was another bad news.
A woman jumped from the top floor of Tianhao Building at 5 o’clock today.
I read Liu Xue’s previous diary, Yue Riqing, Agan is getting more and more cheerful, Liu Xue, you can take good care of him, Yue Riyin, today is in a bad mood, I’m tired from work, but you must stay in a good mood at home, Agan, you have to work hard Ah, Yue Riqing, today is the Dragon Boat Festival, Ah Gan, that idiot can’t make rice dumplings, fortunately, my girl is ingenious, Yue Ri Xiaoyu went to see a movie with Ah Gan today, I’m so happy. Liu Xue’s diary reminds me of the past bit by bit, Fang Gan’s tears flowed down and dripped on the top of the diary, Qian returned to his hometown with Liu Xue’s ashes, his aunt’s family in Nanxian City had already moved away Fang Gan was alone Living a decadent and down-and-out life is more than ten years.
People always need a spiritual support to live.
Antiques have gradually become Fang Gan’s hobby.