Shuhe didnt gain the upper hand at all so he could only go back among the six of them with a dejected look on his

The Kunpeng Sword has disappeared for hundreds of years. The sword fell off the cliff with Tang Qi. It was born and saw the cold light. What kind of wind and rain will be waiting for him when the sword is unsheathed? The inheritance of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors has a history of more than 4,000 years, just like the unceasing cold water of the Yangtze River, which has lasted forever.
Si throws the blood of the man on his head to his heart’s content, never wiped out half of it, it can be said to be a heavenly creation, the brilliance of the sun and the moon, the person who said these words is a thin old man with a white body, and saw the old man sitting sideways in front of the table of the Eight Immortals.
His face is benevolent and kind, and he can’t help being close.
What’s strange is that this old man who sits quietly has hair, eyelashes and beard all the color of snow, like a fairy in the sky, making people unconsciously rush towards the old man.
Looking at the old man, it seems that the old man has an irresistible magic power.
Generally, these people are attracted by the old man’s words. The old man’s words are like the rain from the sky, which refreshes the heart. Among these people, there are old people, children, middle-aged women, and young adults. Some men sat at other tables, some simply stood, and some even sat cross-legged on the ground, but everyone quietly listened to the old man’s words.
The old man’s words made it difficult for these people to close their ears and they could only listen quietly. Listening attentively to the old man’s words is like a clear spring between heaven and earth, giving these people who have long been numb to life a glimmer of hope, their hearts seem to have blood boiling, just like a knight who encounters injustice and is full of blood to fight violence To be fair, this is in a teahouse.
This teahouse is located in a bazaar in Suzhou. There are many customers. Some of them are small vendors, some are customers, some are women who come to buy vegetables early in the morning to prepare meals for their families, and some are future generations. Adult boys and girls go to the teahouse to drink herbal tea to quench their thirst when they are tired from playing. The business of this teahouse is really good. The old man has been telling the story in the teahouse for more than a month Perhaps it is because he is a god that he quietly listens to the old man telling fascinating stories. Many of them are already familiar with the old man. They even want to hear it. The story of the old man came all the way to occupy the seat early in order to listen to the old man tell a philosophical and exciting story, so the old man became the god in everyone’s mind.
The title is not in vain because In a sense, the old man is a fairy.
The old man’s words are hard for everyone to hear in ordinary times. Some things are even impossible for them to hear in their entire lives. They also cannot know for their entire lives.
But this old man seems to know everything that people know.
He knows, but the old man who everyone doesn’t know also knows, and the old god can say infinite meanings, so the old man has become the god in everyone’s heart. Some people Simply call him an old god, and everyone respects him extremely. This is not only because the old man’s words are profound and profound, which makes people imagine that he can often know the past and predict the future, but more importantly, the image of the old man. The old man is all white and looks spotless. The old man must have been a beautiful man when he was young, because the old man is still in his twilight years, but his features are still beautiful and the brows are extremely fresh.
Everyone expected that this man must have been a beautiful man when he was young. Some of them even Feeling inferior, they can never believe that such an old man is so delicate, so elegant, so handsome. Even boys of seventeen or eighteen think the old man is handsome, but they dare not be jealous because the old man is a god in their minds. The all-knowing gods and gods respect him so much, how can they feel jealous of the old man, what the old man said just now is about China’s history of more than 4,000 years at that time. The tone of the tone is moderate and warm, which implies masculinity and righteousness. The eyes of the old man seem to be very deep. Sometimes when he tells the exciting part of the story, he is full of energy, like a bright lamp illuminating the front. There is a soul-stirring courage. The old man is full of energy when he tells the story. The room reveals infinite spiritual strength, dancing and laughing, talking and laughing freely and vividly, which is also an important reason why everyone is willing to listen to his stories. The old man has become a regular visitor to this teahouse for more than a month.
Of course, the old man has also brought many regular customers. drink tea in this teahouse