Shu seems to see a mouse being a bridesmaid for a cat cough cough look what I am doing don’t think too much Li Shu

The son of a poor family here is an ordinary but extraordinary small village in Xiahe Village.
It is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The scenery is beautiful. The trees on the mountain are lush and the fish and shrimps are abundant in the water. It is also indifferent with green mountains and green waters. In modern times, this place can definitely be called the most beautiful village. But in ancient times, it was different.
There was only poverty and backwardness, and there was no beautiful village. There is a high slope in the west of the village. Most of the village can be collected on the high slope. On the high slope, there is a five or six-year-old boy with a tiger head and a tiger head. Looking at the village, he sighs with emotion. The scenery is beautiful, how can the transportation be inconvenient? What else do you appreciate? Let him see the rising sun rising from the mountains.
It’s better to give him a steamed bun of whole grains.
Is it a bit strange for a child to express such emotion? In fact, although he is a five or six-year-old child, he is twenty-one years old. In the century, a graduate student majoring in ancient Chinese who has no money, no rights, and no girlfriend has been ravaged repeatedly on the road to employment. After failing to find a job in a row, he sighed before going to bed.
I became this little brat named Zhu Ping’an and nicknamed Xiaoyu.
This body fell ill before I wore it.
Maybe I didn’t get over it.
I don’t know why. When I woke up, Li Daitao froze.
On the sidelines, I learned that this is the Ming Dynasty, when the Four Books, Five Classics, and Stereotyped Essays were prevalent. I can only look up at the sky.
It’s really a professional counterpart. Now that it’s here, I’m at ease. Think about the embarrassment of having nowhere to use a professional in the 21st century. Now that I’m in the sky. A job opportunity, if you don’t grasp the opportunity, it’s a waste of God’s gift, not to mention that I was an orphan in my previous life, little pig, small pig, be careful when you go home, you will be beaten by your mother again, crying, and a group of bears The child roared and roared past, afraid that if he came home late, he would be pressed to the ground and rubbed by the elders in the family.
The nickname “Little Pig” is also drunk. Even if it is Huzi Shishi, it sounds better than this name.
Of course, he is just complaining.
He also I know the reason why children were given humble names in ancient times. In the eyes of the ancients, the reason why children are difficult to survive is because children have to go through a series of barriers created by ghosts and ghosts. If they fail to break through, they will lose their lives. Livestock are different. That’s why the survival rate is so high, so people think that the lower the name given to the child, the less human-like it is, the better. I haven’t seen that the survival rate of animals is so high. There is no need to make troubles. When Zhu Pingan heard that there was a little boy in the village named Goumei, he even felt lucky to have survived the disaster. Compared with the previous two names, the taste of the little pig is still much lighter.
Come to this era. It has been more than ten days, and Zhu Pingan has accepted this fact from being unadapted to helplessly. In this era, the habit of naming is still the second most important thing.
This is the era when old morality and ethics prevail. There is no electricity or internet. Gang Wuchang Three Obediences Four Virtues Ghosts, Gods, Fate, etc.
are very popular, so in those novels, the protagonist who travels through the world with the halo of the protagonist comes up, and the tiger’s body shakes the world, and the gold finger is invincible. It is pure nonsense. It was burnt to ashes. In this feudal and ethical society where people cannibalize you, if you are a little abnormal, you may be burned as a monster.
This is really not an exaggeration.
A large bowl of talisman paper was burnt to ashes and stirred. Wang Ermazi of Shuilin Village imitated Hu Ji in the county town. After returning to the village, he dragged a few words and was tied to a pillar by the village elder as a ghost. He was exposed to the sun for three days before he was done.
Can fight against the whole world, so Zhu Ping’an has been working hard to play the role of a child in this world for more than ten days It’s getting late, so hurry home, or you’ll be scolded again. Zhu Pingan ran down the high slope towards home with his short legs. Zhu Ping’an ran down the slope, stopped, looked down, and saw a small noodle at the next step, waving in the wind. Open the crotch pants, you let a person in his twenties wear a crotch pants What’s the matter? I can’t bear to let you play happily.
When I go back, I must fight for the right not to wear crotch pants. Along the way, the huts and adobe houses are not at the mercy of the rules.
Although Xiahe Village is surrounded by mountains and rivers, it is still a poor village.
Because the local people’s use of mountains and rivers is limited to meet the needs of life, they have to build a house, go up the mountain, cut a few trees and drag them home to make beams, no rice, go up the mountain to find some wild vegetables and fruits, put them into the water, catch two small fish and throw them into the pot The small-scale peasant economy still lives on the land, most of the villagers rely on one-third of an acre of land to fill their stomachs, and there are only a few landlords who are relatively wealthy. People have struggled all their lives. If they have money, they can buy land or set up a few shops. With money, life is sweeter than honey. Life is sweeter than honey. Life is as sweet as honey. Poor people rely on their own one-acre three-point land. The output is not enough to fill the teeth. In ancient times, there was no policy of land tax reduction or exemption for renting land. I worked hard to grow grain for a year to get rid of the exorbitant taxes.
The land rent was good enough for the family to eat and eat. There are too many people to live in, and the uncle doesn’t do anything to produce textbooks. The cost of scientific examinations is quite high.
The old Zhu’s family is also struggling.
Of course, from the outside, the life of the Zhu’s family is not bad. Compared with the common thatched adobe houses in the village