Shu pays attention to your image Gu Yi kindly reminds no one else not to pay attention to your image Gu Yi points out that

When Xiao Jin opened his eyes, he realized that he had become the notorious second young master of the Gu family, Gu Yi, who was still focusing on Wen Jin, with his fingers wide open. Our goal is Su Su Su Su Shuang Shuang Shuang content label Rebirth of a wealthy family, strong and strong Spring afternoon sunshine shines through the opening The window spilled into the ward, making the cold and empty ward feel warm It made people feel drowsy. Just when Xiao Jin was about to fall asleep, a sudden knock on the door interrupted his beautiful plan to take a nap.
Usually, almost no one came to Xiao Jin’s ward.
Only the nurse often came in and out of Xiao Jin.
His body came in for a routine check-up in the ward.
A slightly lazy and indifferent voice rang out in the quiet ward.
The nurse standing outside the door reached out and turned the doorknob to open the door and walked into this luxurious presidential suite comparable to a five-star hotel.
The white and clean face in the ward raised a natural smile that was just right The lady has gotten used to it for a while. Let me measure your blood pressure first. Xiao Jin cooperatively stretched out his right hand to ask the nurse to measure his blood pressure. The nurse secretly looked at Xiao Jin while measuring his blood pressure. Lu Qing’s face is exactly the same. The nurse still can’t help but her heart beats faster.
She knows that the man in front of her is a heinous scum, but every time she sees his handsome and perfect face, she still can’t help but blush and her heart beats.
The look and expression fell into Xiao Jin’s eyes, but he didn’t bother to pay attention. Seeing that the blood pressure was within the normal range, the nurse smiled and said to Xiao Jin, Mr.
Gu, your blood pressure is normal.
It seems that your body is recovering well Xiao Jin raised his eyelids.
Well, I won’t bother you and rest. If you feel uncomfortable, please let me know. Although the man in front of you is a scumbag, he is the most important patient in their hospital.
They dare not neglect you, so you must be careful. Carefully serve this second young master of the Gu family, Xiao Jin, did not make a sound and nodded slightly in response to what the nurse said, then you rest, I will go first. The nurse walked out of the ward and closed the door carefully. Changed into a different person, without the arrogance and arrogance of the past, and became taciturn. It seems that this car accident has made the second young master a lot better. I hope he will continue to be so good and don’t cause any trouble in the hospital. His interest in taking a nap will be discouraged. Broken, Xiao Jin picked up the remote control on the bedside table, turned on the LCD TV, and tuned to the financial channel to watch today’s financial news. A male host in a suit appeared on the TV screen. The stock of the group has been seriously affected.
In the past few days, the stock of the Xiao Group has fluctuated greatly, especially today, it has fallen to the lowest level in history.
It seems that Xiao Jin’s unexpected death has dealt a great blow to the Xiao Group. Great hope that the Xiao Group will cheer up soon Xiao Jin raised the corner of his mouth slightly, showing a cold and mocking arc, died unexpectedly? Is this the funniest joke he has ever heard? I am too lazy to watch financial news anymore. The news about Xiao Jin’s accidental death is being broadcast. A man in his thirties with a beer belly said regretfully that President Xiao Jin has always been my idol. I never thought that Heaven’s jealousy made him leave our male host so early.
The hostess had a sad face and reddish eyes.
It was indeed jealousy that made people feel sorry. Seeing the hostess’s sad expression, the hostess laughed and joked that President Xiao Jin has always been the perfect Prince Charming in your women’s mind.
His accidental death It will definitely make many women sad.
I am very sad now.
President Xiao Jin has always been the male god in my heart. He passed away unexpectedly. I really can’t accept the hostess. In another world, An Hao, the male host, turned the conversation to the gossip news. I heard that there will be many celebrities and big names attending President Xiao Jin’s funeral.
The hostess raised her hand and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. His professionalism on the gossip news is very admirable. You must know that the Xiao Group is one of the largest groups in our Linhai City. Many celebrities and big names have cooperated with the Xiao Group.
They will definitely attend the funeral of President Xiao Jin. I heard that there will be another one this time. Many government officials participated in the Xiao Group’s annual contribution to Linhai City’s financial revenue. Government officials must attend the funeral of President Xiao Jin. Linhai City Entertainment Channel will broadcast the news to the audience as soon as possible. All the stations are reporting the news of his accidental death.
Xiao Jin thinks it is ironic. He is too lazy to watch it, so he just turned off the TV. Something happened to the helicopter, it spontaneously ignited and exploded at a height of several thousand meters. At the moment of the explosion, he felt that he was bound to die. Unexpectedly, God made a joke with him and let him survive with another identity.
His current identity is not the Xiao Group.
The high-ranking young president, Xiao Jin, is the second young master of the Gu family. Although the Gu family is not as good as the Xiao family, it is also a well-known wealthy family in Linhai City. The twins of the Gu family are very famous in Linhai City.
The boss Gu Qing is second only to Xiao.
Jin’s business tycoon is young, handsome, and very talented in business. In the past few years, the Gu Group has grown a lot under his management.
I had a serious car accident during a drag racing race with others, and I died and went to see God.