Shrunk back but did not just dormant here but hovered beside Li Youran like a frightened poisonous snake Linglongs face was cold and jade hands

All the famous and powerful people in the world have unspeakable reasons in his hands, but he said that this is just a fun for me to pass the time. Prologue: Changsheng Xiaoyao Xianmen Nanshan courtyard In the clean and simple courtyard, there are seven people kneeling separately Except for the ignorant young man with a dazed face, the other six people exude an aura that makes the world pale.
The closed wooden door of the house creaks open, and an old man who looks like he is about to die, his cloudy eyes sweeping across his face one by one.
The sad six people finally fixed their eyes on the young man. When all things are exhausted, the idiot need not be sad and look away. The old man opened his mouth to be a teacher, knowing that his lifespan is dying, and he will be robbed.
This is a good thing.
The six masters burst into tears one after another. They bowed down one after another, and the young man started to cry imitatively when he saw this, the old man didn’t stop him, he still smiled and said, “As a master, you need to protect the immortal sect after the catastrophe, and your little brother, even if he is young, you should take good care of him, since he has entered the sect.” Just for the sake of the family, don’t do things against each other, practice the road far away, if it’s ruthless, it’s boring The old man trembling was about to pass away, they naturally wanted to accompany him to the end, but the teacher’s order was inevitable, they had to get up and leave sadly until the six of them walked out of the small courtyard, the old man could do it at least before he passed away, he patted the back of his head and smiled and said, “Okay, your six senior brothers.
” The senior sisters are gone, so don’t pretend.
The young man named Li Youran raised his head, but there was no trace of tears on his face. He smiled slyly and said, “Master, have I ever lied to the senior brothers and sisters? They have all become spiritual palaces.
With your Qi Sea Realm cultivation base.
” What do you think, the old man smiled kindly, as if he was tired, he found a place to sit down casually, Li Youran followed suit, and after a while, the old man complained that he couldn’t get used to the crying appearance the most in his life, they practiced with me for so long and still behaved like this It’s no wonder why the teacher left with peace of mind.
Brothers and sisters.
They follow the master for a short period of a thousand years.
The feelings are deep and difficult to suppress. Li Youran said, isn’t the master also very pleased? You, Tao Qian shook his head helplessly. Years are the ones who can understand his thoughts the most, but it’s a pity that he accepts you as a teacher, but he has no time to teach you more.
It’s a waste of your unique talent. Afterwards, Li Youran quickly shook her head, then smiled and said, “Master, if you still feel sorry, then you will give some treasures to protect your disciple Zhou Quan as your teacher. Those treasures were handed over to your six senior brothers and sisters.
They shoulder the important task of guarding the sect. They need these things more than you Even though Tao Qian said so, he stretched his hand into his cuff, but you and I are masters and apprentices, but you can’t treat each other like a teacher, so let’s give you something. He took out a porcelain bottle, opened the lid, and poured out a pitch-black round pill.
This is a teacher. The elixir that I inadvertently obtained from outside the void while wandering in the void, although I don’t know the specific effect, but I can be sure that it will be of great benefit to your body, so I will take it for you. Li Youran will believe it He took the elixir suspiciously, looked at it carefully for a while, and said suspiciously for a while, you are sure that the disciple will be of great benefit after taking it, instead of leaving the master first, what are you talking about? If you don’t want the medicine back, return it to your teacher, don’t waste this good opportunity, Li Youran hastily shrank his head and skillfully dodged it, there’s no reason why he should return the things he sent out The boy Tao Qian smiled helplessly, but he didn’t take another shot to snatch it. If that’s the case, then quickly accept it.
If there is a change, you can still protect your life. It will be of great benefit, why will there be changes? The medicine is three-point poisonous, and even ordinary pills must not be taken indiscriminately, let alone such heaven-defying pills.
What big event can it accomplish? Li Youran nodded silently, then opened her mouth without any hesitation, and swallowed the slightly treacherous medicine pill, as soon as she took it in, there was no reaction, but when the power of the medicine melted away, there was a terrifying pain in an instant.
The moment filled his whole body, making Li Youran twitch uncontrollably.
Tao Qian’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a trace of terrifying fluctuations came from his body, blocking the world.
I saw endless thunderclouds surging in the sky, as if a catastrophe was quietly brewing, the master’s catastrophe arrived, the leader’s strong middle-aged eyes flickered, as if he was struggling to help him, a beautiful woman spoke, Senior Brother Chongguang, Master Ying Jie It will definitely attract all parties to spy on me. We must not act emotionally now. I naturally know that Chongguang nodded heavily. Their master Tao Qian was the first person in the world to be robbed.
Naturally, the general trend of the world cannot be concealed. The background is deep, but the tiger can’t stand the pack of wolves. If other forces join hands to besiege the sect, it’s very likely that they will be annihilated. They don’t have the time and energy to block Tao Qian’s calamity.
But you know, you know, but after all, it’s your own mentor. Who can be indifferent and respect the six people? When hesitating, there are blue, red, white and black four-color streamers flying from the Nanshan Mountains in four directions, transforming into four monstrous giant beasts guarding one side. The terrifying energy covers all the peaks within a thousand miles of Xiaoyao Xianmen. Resisting the invasion of powerful enemies, those are the master’s spirit beasts, each of which is at the level of the spiritual palace.
Why did the master even release them? Those four giant beasts with incomparable steeds, Zhongguang and others naturally know each other. Speaking of which, these four beasts are considered to be Their masters and uncles don’t appear on weekdays, only when the Zongmen is in a real catastrophe, they will appear, and the appearance of the beast means that the Zongmen’s catastrophe is approaching.