Showing two thin white and slender legs he couldnt help but swallowed his eyes glowed with scorching light he knew that girls like to praise

Chapter Betrayal Fever feels like being roasted on a fire. Cheng Liyue’s drowsy eyes grab someone’s arm.
The intense pain seizes her.
In the morning, the golden sun shines through the royal-style curtains to illuminate the luxury. Everything in the room is decorated on the white carpet, messy clothes are thrown on the bed, the slender figure of the girl is looming in the quilt rolled in gold rim, the small oval face, the facial features are exquisite and beautiful, the skin is tender and white as snow, the shoulder blades covered by the black hair are vaguely left behind by rudeness The red marks under her eyes are like cherry blossoms blooming all over her body. In the deep sleepiness, she suddenly heard the sound of the door being pushed open.
Although she didn’t want to open her eyes, she still forced herself to wake up in her consciousness.
When she opened her eyes, she saw Outside the door of the golden wall, her husband Lu Junxuan’s ferocious and terrifying face, and his mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s expressions of shock and astonishment, Junxuan Cheng Liyue wiped her eyes, when she fell on the bed sheet, quilt, floor, and the whole room’s furnishings, she was in her head for a moment This is not her room.
Where is this? Junxuan, where is this? She asked the man with a gloomy face at the door. Spend the night here with an adulterer? The adulterer Cheng Liyue narrowed her eyes and carefully recalled what happened last night, but she couldn’t remember anything. The last memory was drinking some wine with Junyao in the coffee shop.
At this moment, she saw Lu Junxuan’s Behind her, her sister-in-law Lu Qingya and her mother-in-law Chen Xia followed her in. She took a good picture of her daughter Dao Qingya, and took a good picture of your sister-in-law and the other man. While trying to explain, her mother-in-law, Chen Xia, came to the bed and pulled her long hair up. She raised her neck in pain, revealing her chest and neck covered by her long hair. There were more than a dozen glaring hickey marks on her neck, which were shockingly revealed. Chen Xia said to her daughter that Lu Qingya patted her neck excitedly while sneering, “Sister-in-law had a good time last night?” Cheng Liyue lowered her head in pain and looked at her chest.
I don’t know when the extra traces appeared. Some shameful words appeared in her mind dizzily.
In the picture, she thought it was a dream, obviously it wasn’t. She looked at Lu Junxuan’s handsome face in panic, only to see that his face was cold and scary, his eyes were cold and sharp, staring at her as if he was staring at a piece of garbage. Very well, Cheng Liyue has only been married for half a year, you dare to cheat. I don’t care who you were with last night.
Get ready for a divorce. Let’s leave this sentence behind. He would look at him even if he looked at him with disgust, and strode away.
It’s not like this. Cheng Liyue tightly covered her body with the quilt and wanted to chase her out. This was her body that was violently pushed down on the bed by a force. It was her mother-in-law, Chen Xia. She looked at her mother in astonishment, you don’t have the right to call me Mom, you shameless vixen who dared to steal a man behind my son’s back is an embarrassment to our family. Let me tell you, my Lu family will never tolerate a watery girl like you. Chapter 1: Clean up and leave the house Mom took the picture Lu Yajing proudly held the phone and said, Cheng Liyue Yaqing has evidence of your cheating in the phone, get a divorce with my family, Junxuan. Lu Junxuan pulled his Porsche off-road vehicle and saw a sexy figure sitting on the passenger seat. When he came in, his red lips curled into a smile.
Brother Junxuan, is the plan successful? Lu Junxuan reached out and pulled her into his arms to hold the girl The girl put her arms around his neck and immediately kissed him inseparably. After a long and fiery kiss, Lu Junxuan smiled and pressed her delicate forehead Yaoyao, soon I can marry you Well, I’ve been waiting for your words for a long time.
After finishing speaking, Shen Junyao held his handsome face and kissed his thin lips proactively. Cheng Liyue’s face was pale and tears were fascinated by the hickey marks on her body, and her lower body was pulled slightly. The cracking pain made her panic.
She had no memory of what happened last night.
Picking up the clothes on the floor, she rushed into the bathroom, crying in pain, while washing the breath of another man.
Afternoon Cheng Liyue returned to her wedding villa in a daze. In the bright hall, Lu Junxuan sat there like a demon.
His black eyes were filled with a stormy scene, staring at her as if he was going to strangle her to death in the next second. What happened this morning Everything was a fatal and heavy blow to Cheng Liyue, she knew that there was no need for any explanations Cheng Liyue looked at her husband on the sofa and took a deep breath, said: Junxuan, I agree to the divorce, but I want to return 10% of the shares to my father. Five percent of that is my compensation for you.
When Lu Junxuan heard that his handsome face instantly changed color, he had just secured his position as the president of the Lu Group. If she took away 10 percent of the shares, his prestige and status would be in jeopardy, even from the president’s position.
When the position fell, he stepped forward coldly and sneered. Cheng Liyue, what qualifications do you have to ask me for stock? You betrayed me. You gave me such a high green hat.
5% of the stock just wanted to send me 5% of the stock. The money is more than 500 million, don’t you think it’s not enough to compensate you with 500 million? Cheng Liyue argues that it is the equity that her father owned in the Lu Group before she was alive, she can’t just give it to the Lu family for nothing.
Lu Junxuan’s eyes flickered fiercely. Grab her by the neck, Cheng Liyue, you give me the shares, you don’t even think about taking back a share, you have to leave this marriage, if you want to go to court, I’ll tell you, you will only die worse Cheng Liyue stares wide-eyed Breathing is uncomfortable, but what is more painful in her heart is that the gentleness and consideration of the face in front of her is gone, and there is only the ugliness of pursuing profit.