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All the resources of this site are reproduced from the Internet. Please support the genuine copyright. When Hollywood disaster movies bring the end of the world to the big screen again and again, people sitting in the audience start to panic.
After all, after witnessing so many imaginings about the end of the world, people can’t help but wonder if that day will really come. What will happen to the future of human beings in a society with rapid economic development? This sounds like an unfounded question, but the more materially developed the society, the easier it is for people to worry about the imminent loss of materials.
Nothing is eternal. If the end of the world really comes Everything in their hands will be turned into dust. Facing the unknown future, the first thing people worry about is what should they do? A judgment in the world to remove the dross and lead the remaining good human beings to a better world. Some people are busy spending their days and drinking before the end, and then hastily end their lives before the end selected by a prophet. These behaviors How many seem ridiculous? Doomsday predictions and various legends originated from primitive religions.
Early humans pursued the idea of ​​the unity of nature and man.
They believed that human death is a fusion with nature because they regarded death as a sacred process. Doomsday thinking, but at this time the doomsday theory refers to people’s life, aging and dying naturally, rather than later evolving into the doomsday.
When various understandings about the doomsday began to form a cultural phenomenon, it has long been accepted in terms of thought and theory. Different religions selectively absorb and transform into their own thinking patterns. In fact, these are all reasonable ideological inheritance. What is preached is that people should not be afraid of death and let life, old age, sickness and death naturally do not require people to worship collectively and hope that God will save them.
The end of the world in religious prophecies and myths mainly refers to the end of earth civilization, but the so-called end of the world in science refers to the collapse of the cosmic system or the demise of human society.
It can be seen that the end of the world is not just a topic within the scope of religion or theology. Everything has a beginning. The earth will also usher in the end of its own day, but this day is defined by scientists after billions of years, people today don’t have to worry about it at all, but is this really the case? Look at the surrounding environment, sober people maybe I have already realized the problem. Nature’s self-termination may be very long, but various human activities have played an accelerator role in it. It’s like a high-speed train. Once it is brought to the top speed, even if the brakes have been stepped on.
The unstoppable inertial effect will also push human beings to the evil results caused by themselves. The root cause of all lies in human beings. The misunderstanding of some believers in many religious groups has led to the doomsday theory being rampant in recent years, so it is even more necessary for people to pay attention to it.
These doomsday warnings make their own rational judgments.
After all, the doomsday theory hopes that people will have imagination about their current life. No matter how difficult the future is, even in the face of death, they will fight fearlessly and work hard for a better life. What nature brings us It’s all the good things we have now. A disaster movie hits the big screens around the world.
People are amazed by the amazing special effects scene in the film, and it also caused a big speculation about the end of the world. Is it really the end of the earth? This matter itself is covered with a strange cloak. In the process of development, human beings always like to explore the unknown future.
Although various prophecies emerge in endlessly and even many prophecies are destroyed in front of the public like colorful soap bubbles, Maya The prophecies made by people are ingenious.
The Mayans have always been mysterious.
What should the end of the world look like in the Mayan inferences? All these disasters all originated from a little magnetic pole reversal. It will be reversed in an instant. An unprecedented magnetic crisis has begun to threaten the entire earth.
In order to prove the authenticity of the Mayan prophecy, the Press Trust of India has assembled a group of astrophysicists and computer scientists to do a computer model to predict the prediction results. The positive and negative magnetic poles of the earth and the sun will be reversed every year and cause an extreme disorder of the earth’s magnetic field.
At that time, most of the tools created by human beings will be seriously affected to the point of failure, and there is no way to use them anymore. As for what this transformation will bring A spokesperson for the Disaster Research Corporation at the University of Toronto claimed that the last time the same situation occurred on Earth was the day when the dinosaurs disappeared. If zero happens to encounter the yearly cycle of the magnetic field reversal of the two poles of the sun, what kind of catastrophic scene will appear on the earth under the interaction of the two is unimaginable. Archeology has found that the phenomenon of magnetic field reversal has occurred many times in prehistoric times, but in human beings There is no such precedent in the historical record. Computer models predict that magnetic pole reversals, in addition to causing electronic malfunctions, have a major impact on the natural world. Birds and fish will get lost during migration and even cause a large number of marine life to commit suicide. If the magnetic force goes to zero, the immune systems of all animals, including humans, will be weakened. The earth’s crust will be very weak.
Volcanic eruptions will become more commonplace.
Natural disasters such as earthquakes, mudslides, etc. will no longer be news and Zero magnetic force will also cause the weakening of the earth’s magnetosphere.
Cosmic radiation mainly from the sun will enter the sphere of influence of the earth in large quantities, thus bringing fatal radiation disasters to the creatures on the earth.