Should have always been ostentatious now this panicked look Xiao Sas eyes darkened if he knew the reason who would dare to let the kitten

Copywriting The end of the world is coming Zombies are rampant Bai Jing takes his space to rebirth Slag suffers and becomes a loyal dog The space has food There is a golden finger There is a warning The supporting role is Han Yan, Zhou Ji, Wang Xuebing, Cao Lei, a group of people, etc.
Doomsday, loss of natural disasters, mutations, etc., and rebirth.
The laboratory is full of instruments, surrounded by copper walls and iron walls made of metal. Bai Jing is lying quietly on the bed. With an expression like a puppet, the researchers let the researchers inject him with the newly developed medicine. A burst of piercing pain came, and the young body began to tremble. A few more people stepped forward, and one of them quickly injected him with another medicine, regardless of his struggle. Looking at him was like looking at a cold instrument.
The pain from the soul had completely surpassed his body.
Bai Jing struggled desperately. The wounds on his hands and feet were deep enough to see the bones and blood splattered all over the ground, but he didn’t seem to notice it before falling into darkness, he was still thinking how good it would be if he could just die like this, if he could start over and open his eyes white again Jing stared blankly at the familiar yet unfamiliar environment in front of him. The luxurious room is extremely luxurious, the style he used to like.
The large floor-to-ceiling windows shine bright sunlight, and the fresh air is filled with a faint fragrance of flowers and plants, as if it is the end of the world. Stretch out your hands as stiffly as before and turn them over and over again to see that the white hands are slender and jade-like, not as rough as in the apocalypse, nor are there countless scars and pinholes in the laboratory. He remembers very clearly that his hands were still bloodstained just before he passed out.
Banban, is he dreaming? Bai Jing stared at the trees outside the window for a while in a daze, thinking that he had returned to a dream before the end of the world, so he saw such an unreal scene.
The environment here is the same as his seven-year-old The place where I will live in the future is so similar, even the scenery outside the window is so similar. Slowly sitting up, there is a sudden throbbing pain in the brain, Bai Jing’s pupils suddenly shrink, how can he forget such a familiar pain? He slapped himself hard and looked around. Sure enough, sweeping saw the familiar mobile phone at the bedside, resisting the bone-deep pain, Bai Jing tremblingly climbed to the bedside, picked up the mobile phone, and saw the year, month, day, and the phone fell to the ground. Bai Jing knelt down and sat on the bed suddenly.
Laughed softly, the more he laughed, the louder he laughed, the tears flowed, as if nothing could stop him, and then he burst into tears again, crying so heartbreakingly, as if he wanted to take all the pain he had suffered all these years The grievances, sufferings, fears, and fears all vented out with tears until he was tired and hungry from crying, and then Bai Jing gradually calmed down, and then the severe pain in his brain couldn’t stop it from rushing straight into his forehead, and he also felt intense dizziness.
Before the feeling, the mood fluctuated too much and I didn’t pay attention. Now Bai Jing felt that something was wrong.
Since he returned to the end of the world, that side What’s the matter with the pain? It’s not like the kind of heart-piercing pain in the laboratory, as if the body is about to explode. Instead, it’s like the whole body is going to collapse after exhaustion of mental strength. There are bursts of throbbing pain in the dizziness. Bai Jing’s heart twitched. Immediately check his spiritual power level, at least he is still a spiritual power man, Bai Jing heaved a sigh of relief and held back the loss in his heart, soon he regained his energy, in fact, he was very lucky to be able to be reborn, so why bother to be greedy for others? Now is the year, month, day There is still a full year before the end of the world, and he has enough time to prepare, and he will meet him soon after the end of the world, right? The man named Xiao Sa, Bai Jing, has complicated feelings about Xiao Sa, he can never say yes What kind of feeling did he feel until Xiao Sa died for him? He was still at a loss and still had a lot of unbelievable things. But he knew that if someone asked him what the meaning of rebirth was, he would definitely answer without hesitation to find Xiao Sa.
A knot in his heart cannot be unraveled, especially with the subsequent encounter with Xiao Sa’s feelings, it seems to be the only memory in his life, as long as he thinks of the moment when Xiao Sa was pierced by a zombie, his heart will shudder. Bursts of throbbing pain pierced his bone marrow and hurt his heart and lungs. He could even forget the experiment. He remembered that it was Xiao Sa who saved him when we first met.
Of course, it was because he was a space power user. Not as tasteless as later, Xiao Sa’s life-saving grace was very expensive, it cost almost half of the food in his space, and then he joined their team. I still remember that he was very embarrassed, even if he was saved, he didn’t feel grateful at all, he just took it for granted because He exchanged food for food, and even blatantly said that as long as they sent him to the city, he would definitely reward his father heavily. He must have hated him at that time, so Xiao Sa threw him to the edge of life and death again and again, and again and again.
When I rescued myself, I hated him to the core. In fact, when I think about it carefully, Xiao Sa seems to have never been kind to him, but he would not let him be cold and hungry. At that time, I hadn’t experienced the series of encounters and betrayals that followed.
How could he have thought that he was good when it was bad? That’s why he was so confused and unbelievable at the moment he died for him, but remembering his own space power, Bai Jing hurriedly checked again, since he can even use mental power The indeterminate ability also brought back Bai Jing’s thoughts, just mobilized his mental power, his brain felt like being stabbed by a needle, and there was a sharp pain, drips of cold sweat emerged from his forehead, but even so, he couldn’t stop the huge surprise in his heart, his excitement The space is still there and has been upgraded.
Now there are eight acres of land, but since the space can be used, why has the spiritual power become super since the end of the world?