Shocking stick techniques shocking seventytwo sticks thirtysix sticks eighteen sticks nine sticks Bai Ziyue The fighting spirit is fierce I never thought of using Taoist

You have practiced the golden bell cover martial arts level, you have picked up a Daoist scripture, your comprehension is great, your opponent is infinite, the golden bell cover is perfect, you have practiced all thirteen horizontal lines of the golden bell cover iron cloth shirt, and you have become the indestructible magic of the diamond.
Crashing and committing suicide.
I don’t know when you’ve been invincible. Chapter 1 There’s ghosts in this world. Autumn nights are cold and dilapidated.
The house in a dilapidated mountain village is leaking air. He also has some understanding of this world and knows that this is not any world he knows.
According to the old man in the village, there are ghosts, demons and immortals here.
Damn, how is this possible? Bai Ziyue sneered, this must be some disordered memory absorption, he nodded affirmatively again, children always have some wild thoughts It is very normal to think about nights and dreams. The whistling wind is stronger, accompanied by a bone-chilling chill, but this chill is extraordinarily cold, so cold. Bai Ziyue shuddered suddenly, as if he had sensed something, he turned his head slowly. In the small room, there is no decoration except for a small wooden table. The only wooden window is half open. Through the wooden window, Bai Ziyue is startled. Looking at each other, suddenly the child grinned and beckoned, as if he was saying come and play with me! Bai Ziyue had goosebumps all over his body.
He was stunned. An indescribable feeling hit his heart and his mind went blank.
This is a real ghost, what should I do if I met a ghost? He panicked and didn’t dare to move. Perhaps the little ghost was a little impatient seeing Bai Ziyue not responding for a long time. He went straight through the window and entered the room that was already cold. The bright moonlight in Bai Ziyue’s eyes looked eerie and terrifying. He tried his best to restrain the fear in his heart, but when he saw the little ghost passing through the wall, floating lightly, the fear was unstoppable like instinct, giggling, his teeth chattered, and he wanted to yell to expel them. Feeling powerless, I found that I couldn’t move all over my body, I could only watch helplessly as the kid approached his pale face, his eyes were empty, his purple-black lips grinned, and his brown teeth seemed to be seeping blood.
A thunderous roar exploded outside the door, and then the door slammed open.
A burly man with his sleeves rolled up strode forward and punched out a strong wave of energy and blood, a sharp and mournful cry. It is said that the little ghost’s figure was torn apart like a rag, and it dissipated like blue smoke.
The originally gloomy room seemed to melt like ice and snow, and the world became brighter because of this. Kung Fu Bai Ziyue’s pale face slowed down, his eyes lit up, and he punched. Bombarding a little devil to death is not kung fu, what is it, Yueer, are you all right, you scared your mother to death, soon a beautiful woman walked in outside the door, quickly rushed forward, hugged Bai Ziyue, and jumped behind the woman The skinny man also looked nervous, but he didn’t speak.
These two are Bai Ziyue’s parents, Bai Yong, He Honghua’s parents, I’m fine.
You can kill ghosts. This incident stimulated him so much that he fully understood that this world is really different.
Don’t worry, it’s just a kid. In fact, as long as you have enough courage, it can’t do anything to you. The big man saw that Bai Ziyue kept looking at him and thought He was also a little scared and smiled in relief. This is your Uncle Ming who works in Qinghe Town. It’s amazing that you bastard really met a ghost. I don’t know how to tell us about such a big thing.
If the sixth aunt next door hadn’t seen it Seeing that your complexion was wrong, you mentioned that your father was worried and invited Uncle Ming back. You will be killed by that ghost. He hastened to weaken his strength again. Thank you, Uncle Ming. Such a change is generally frightened and started to cry.
It is better to be silent. Like Bai Ziyue, who politely thanked him and calmly asked him back. It is just a few moves that are not martial arts. As for killing ghosts, this kind of ghost is actually very rare People with weak qi and blood don’t dare to approach me. They just condense the qi and blood on their fists, so naturally they can disperse it directly.
It’s not something ordinary people can do to beat a kid to death with a single punch, so if I want to practice martial arts, can I? Xu Ming, who can bear it, glanced at Bai Ziyue.
Although his body is weak, he does have a kind of spirituality that is rare in ordinary rural children.
No matter how hard it is, it is better than facing the little devil like this and being helpless. Serious martial arts should not be passed on lightly.
Although I am the head of the Qinghe Town wharf born by the Lieyang Gang, I dare not spread martial arts privately, but I can recommend you to join the Lieyang Gang as an apprentice in several industries in Qinghe Town. There is also a chance to learn Wu Gong paused, Xu Ming said again, of course, this is not a trivial matter for you after all, you can discuss it first, and then contact me, Xu Ming smiled and left, and it was already very late, so did he.
The people of Yunye Village have a place to stay here, so naturally they don’t want to stay longer, Yue’er, you really want to learn martial arts.
After a long silence, Bai Yong asked. He Honghua was very reluctant and wanted to refuse.