Shes married to someone else and started a new life and the results are like nightmares that have left Judy waking up in the middle

In the subconscious dream, the arrow of time is only for love, staying in the abyss of reality, on the verge of extinction, making up for regrets in the time rift, encountering death in reality is not terrible, maybe death is your last chance, Judy was caught in a time rift in a car accident and entered In a parallel world, everything changed from the original appearance. In reality, the divorced best friend and his wife were safe and sound again.
The funeral of the friend who had attended the man miraculously revived the mother who died in the fire.
The family prepares food for him and he can’t taste it.
His healthy father is in a mental hospital.
Everything weird seems to make up for his past regrets. Every time he tries to tell a truth, he falls into a cloud of white light. In the middle of life, life will start again and develop in a completely different direction. In an explosion, Judy is unscathed, but a huge mystery emerges. The name Jiang Yi reappeared in his life. Facing this lost and found love by his side, where does Judy go? This is a world made of steel and iron. Under the gorgeous lights, there is a cold and indestructible skin. I sit inside a steel monster and drive deeper into the depths of desire.
Judy Chapter 1 At the beginning of the chaos, at the end of September, the hottest period in the north has passed.
The autumn tiger also bared its teeth and claws for a while, gradually dormant in the cold air flow from the north. Looking around the entire city of Beijing, the green belts on both sides of the driveway are washed by the rain, the branches and leaves are translucent and blooming, the last green time of this year is not long, when the rain is over, the sky is clear, and the afterglow of the setting sun dyes the clouds in the distant sky into gold. The yellow color spreads all over the entire Sijiu city, outside the fifth ring road leading to Baoding, and on the national highway in the outskirts of Baoding, a Mercedes-Benz flies over the accumulated water on the road and moves forward at a high speed. What’s the matter? I got stuck and said that the budget was seriously overrun. I tried to communicate twice in the past, but the group of people in the finance department hid in advance.
They didn’t find anyone.
You see, the piercing sound of the horn is piercing through the night that is about to envelop the Mercedes-Benz car. Judy, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, thumped the steering wheel gently. There was no sound of subordinates chattering and explaining on the other end of the phone. Why did you tell me that Judy plugged the loose bluetooth headset in the company? Calm down your tone and promise to complete the task. That’s how you promised me this project.
I’ll just say a word. No matter what kind of rhetoric you use to deal with the people in the finance department, you must finalize it. Those who are familiar with Judy will know that Judy is like a crazy beast at the moment, or it is more accurate to say that a volcano is about to erupt. His patience has piled up to the top and will soon erupt completely. But Mr.
Zhu, our case has already expired, and the people in the finance department insist on accepting this deadly reason, holding the steering wheel tightly.
There were faint veins in his hands, and Judy raised his head and took a deep breath, as if there were more important things than his own anger right now, clenching his teeth, and Judy’s voice almost wanted to be squeezed out from between his teeth.
Let me repeat the same thing for the last time, don’t tell me how to make things difficult for the person in the finance department.
I don’t want to hear the process. I just need the result. If you find it difficult, tell me as soon as possible.
Hanging up the call in boredom, he opened the car window, and the cool wind after the rain blew into the car, which gradually eased Judy’s frown In the past ten years, the ups and downs have finally been able to gain a foothold in one of the most prosperous cities in this country. The sweat and tears that have flowed through these years are only clear to Judy herself. The evaluation of Zhu Di also accompanied Zhu Di’s gradual transition from a boyhood to a young age. The boss is optimistic about Zhu Di’s drive in work.
The customers are satisfied with the results of the projects made by Zhu Di.
The former classmates envied Zhu Di’s hard work in Beijing. It’s only when Judy is free Staying alone in the room, holding the mobile phone to look at the dynamics of the classmates in the past, and in turn envious of this group of classmates. Over the years, Zhu Di has been working hard all by himself, looking more and more beautiful, and at the same time pushing himself.
At the point where she is alone, Judy will sometimes reflect on her own style of doing things.
Now that she has few friends around her, all relationships need to be maintained by the company’s projects, but these are also Judy’s groans in the middle of the night when she wakes up to go to work the next day. Dee is still that stern-faced, critical and mean-spirited company executive. When he just graduated, everything he faced was as cold as this rain. If it weren’t for this momentum, Judy would have been like raindrops dripping from the ends of branches and leaves and melted into the soil. I can’t see that Judy, who has just passed his thirties, his shortcomings are as obvious as his advantages. There is a slight chill outside the window.
Judy tightens his collar and closes the window with his backhand. This is a sad spring and autumn. The state of him is actually rare in his body. After all these years of hard work, he knows the true meaning of high and low.
The more people go up, the less resonance they have with their surroundings. A true friend may only have one or two long enough time in his life to savor it carefully.
It is this kind of loneliness that goes deep into the bone marrow.
Every time she experiences such emotional ups and downs, Judy has more and more desire for a partner, love, family, and all warm words. Thinking of this, Judy’s cold face also showed a gentle expression, curled up in The loneliness in the car made him take off the mask he had been wearing all along, just like what his friends once said to him all these years