Sherlock was also a little impatient at this moment asking what do you want I don’t want to do anything I thought you were very

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The illegitimate son of Thunder, in fact, this earthling has to face not only the assassination of political enemies, but also bloody fights on the interstellar battlefield.
When another cosmic civilization invades, no amount of enmity is more important than protecting your own universe. Volume 1 Chapter 1 I was transformed by aliens. Where is I? Zhang Xinyi slowly opened his eyes and a white light finally appeared Finally, the eyes gradually adapted to the light.
There seemed to be an incandescent lamp in front of me, or the roof and the ceiling were all a lamp.
It seemed that the whole space was pale, connected by diodes. Everything in front of him was pale.
But the brain of the light was in sharp pain like a needle prick in an instant! Zhang Xinyi screamed and fell to the ground.
At this moment, a series of complicated information began to appear in his mind. About history, technology, civilization, and even information about certain characters, these are not the main points. These things don’t belong to the earth.
What’s wrong with me? Zhang Xinyi couldn’t help but curled up on the floor and moaned.
He felt like his head was about to explode.
What happened to the experimental subject? After the input, it depends on whether his brain can bear it. I hope it won’t fail this time. Zhang Xinyi seems to have heard a scientist-like voice and replied, “Otherwise will he die too?” The baritone calmly replied that his brain area is not bad.
If there is no death during the input process, there will be no danger of death, but if his brain cannot manage these imposed memories well, then he may have a mental breakdown and a memory fault, that is, he will become a schizophrenic and become a lunatic man with confused memories.
The tenor groaned for a while, sighed and said, finish as soon as possible, I don’t have time to wait, and then Zhang Xinyi heard the sound of footsteps going away, and then his neck hurt, as if he had been pricked by a needle, and the pain in his mind decreased instantly, and he fell into a coma, are you sure? You want me to go shopping with you? What about your boyfriend? Zhang Xinyi put his hands in his belt and looked at the girl next to him.
The girl looked at him and laughed twice. Why do you have to go to the street with your boyfriend? It is the more secure Zhang Xinyi who was slightly taken aback when he heard it.
What does that mean? The girl said mysteriously behind her hands, you must know that if my boyfriend and I go to the street, all the expenses will be rushed to pay by the other party, shouldn’t it be like this? Zhang Xinyi wondered.
The girl looked at him He couldn’t help but covered his mouth and smiled and said Zhang Xinyi, you haven’t been in a relationship, Zhang Xinyi couldn’t help touching his nose and said, who would like a poor dick like me? Zhang Xinyi laughed instantly after hearing this, I think I lack too much. The girl knows what is the standard of the diamond king. Zhang Xinyi said that she has a house and a car and a stable job.
The girl lowered her head when she spoke, sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to talk about your life experience, I just want to tell you that one day you will eventually be rich and you will get the girl you love so much Zhang Xinyi pretended to be chic and smiled Tell her, don’t you know that the best thing is what you can’t get? Maybe what I envy are those who have parents. The girl didn’t answer for a long time before Zhang Xinyi said, let me go shopping with you. The girl nodded and tried to keep the atmosphere calm. No matter how low Zhang Xinyi is, what kind of girl do you like? The girl walked and said, Zhang Xinyi turned around and said to her, the one I like is only in fantasy now, the girl couldn’t help scolding me, why are you so precocious? It’s hard for people who live in orphanages to let go of their mentality. Girl said, what do you think of me? Zhang Xinyi looked at her and said, “You can only watch from a distance and not play with me, girl, why because you can’t afford it, you get out, girl can’t help but mention herself.” The small bag was typed up, and suddenly a sports car passed by the side of the road.
When Zhang Xinyi saw it, he pushed the girl to the side. Bang, Zhang Xinyi seemed to hear the sound of his own bones breaking, and was thrown high. He flipped it over perfectly and pretended On the buttocks of another car, Zhang Xinyi felt himself trembling violently, and then woke up suddenly. He was sitting on a single bed panting rapidly, and suddenly there was a sound again.
Zhang Xinyi heard the sound and turned his head to look. Only then did I find a strangely dressed man standing next to me.
He said it was weird because the clothes on this man looked a bit like a military uniform, but it was very tight, and it looked a bit like a tight suit. What did Zhang Xinyi think suddenly? The driver’s attire is similar to those tight uniforms in anime, but it’s a bit more stylish than the tight uniforms in the anime.
At least the shoulders, chest and abdomen look looser.
The whole uniform is also cut into a tunic-like collar. Zhang Xinyi felt his lips were a bit dry and couldn’t help but lick them. He licked his lips and asked where I am. The man’s hair was dark yellow with a hairy hairstyle. He didn’t know what to touch in the void. A chair suddenly rose from the ground. The man sat gracefully in front of Zhang Xinyi and said that we are in space. Zhong Zhang Xinyi burst out laughing instantly, I said your joke is so old-fashioned, I felt like I was a little white mouse being pulled into a secret base by you to do inhuman experiments, the man looked sideways at him as if he was observing his state. Zhang Xinyi didn’t know how long he had been in a coma