Sheng Sheng hurriedly set up traps but Chen Yongren on the side still had doubts said in a deep voice Brother Yao Fat Cat they

Message Death is not the end or the infinite beginning. What is it like after Tazhai’s death? People die like a lamp goes out or enter reincarnation and reincarnation. Before Lin Yao didn’t know, now he knows because he died and lived again. Life and death are concepts.
Question: Lin Yao vaguely remembers that he died in a car accident. As a traffic policeman, he was chasing a fugitive who caused a traffic accident. During the chase, it was raining because the speed of the car was too fast. When the guardrail opened his eyes again, he changed from a traffic policeman Lin Yao to an undercover anti-narcotics policeman Lin Yao, a hapless guy who had just started his undercover career and got involved in a weapon fight and died. Lin Yao, who took over the house, not only had the same name as him, but even his appearance was the same as another one in the parallel world.
He was so godlike and unthinkable.
Feeling the pain in his head, which was injured by a baseball bat, Lin Yao absorbed the original. The memories left behind by him Lin Yaonian was born in Tazhai Village, Lufeng District, Dongshan City, Handong Province.
The young Lin Yao’s family moved from Tazhai to Xiguang. Lin Gui settled down and was admitted to Xiguang Police Academy this year. Nian graduated in Xiguang Narcotics Control Agency Nian was seconded back to Dongshan and returned to Tazhai as an undercover agent, a nominally provincial model village for anti-drugs I feel familiar, isn’t this the TV drama Icebreaker he just chased in his previous life? The powerful clan in Dongshan area, Tazhai is the most important thing. The unity, ruthlessness, and lawlessness deeply shocked him.
Even if he watched the ice-breaking action from the beginning to the end, he knew very well that what was shown in the TV series was only the tip of the iceberg of Tazhai, and there are still many inside stories that have not been exposed. The plot of the ice-breaking operation in April of that year has not officially started yet, and Lin Yao in his world is a part of the ice-breaking operation. A river-crossing pawn who was born in Tazhai and returned to Tazhai as an undercover agent to infiltrate the enemy? Are you excited? No, Lin Yao was just afraid because he knew too well how indestructible Tazhai was at this time. There was no chapter about Lin Yao from the beginning to the end of the ice-breaking operation, which made him think that the reason why his predecessor died was because of the clan fighting. The injury was too serious and he didn’t get over it because he was exposed by the Tazhai people. He didn’t dare to think about it because he was worried that it was the second possibility. This meant that he was in a very dangerous situation.
No need to be exposed, as long as there is a sign, he will not be able to walk out of Tazhai Dongdongdong Is Brother Yao at home? Looks like a non-mainstream dress The little yellow-haired man is called Lin Shengwen The young generation in Tazhai is reckless in their actions, unsure of their mouths, and likes to talk nonsense.
The set corresponds to the Tazhai leader’s poker cards. The main family members are spades, hearts, peaches and clubs. The little boss below is spades, hearts, peaches and clubs. Lin Zonghui, the three-bedroom boss in Tazhai, nicknamed Uncle Hui, is codenamed Plum Blossom in the poker cards inside the police. Lin Shengwen also has a big brother, his big brother is Lin Shengwu. An outstanding character, but it’s a pity that he is not from the direct line. The codename Meihua turned out to be Shengwen.
Come in and confirm the identity of the visitor and confirm that Lin Shengwen is not with anyone else. Lin Yao opened the door pretending to be enthusiastic.
As soon as he entered, Lin Shengwen smelled a musty smell.
The smell of the old house was in disrepair. He couldn’t help but frowned.
His nose opened and he said, “Brother Yao, I’m relieved when I see you’re fine.” Uncle Hui told me that you came from Sanfang. We are all on our own.
You want to move your household registration back to Tazhai.
Uncle Hui said that he basically agrees, but this matter can’t be rushed. In a few months, it’s time to worship the ancestors. It’s best to wait until the ancestor worship.
At that time, you kowtowed to your ancestors and recognized your identity. This matter is almost the same.
When facing Lin Yao, Lin Shengwen looked very kind. I hate Lin Shengwen’s closeness to him.
On the one hand, he was born in the same family as Lin Shengwen.
On the other hand, the wound on his head was actually caused by Lin Shengwen. I said before that the situation in Dongshan area is complicated. The clan is powerful here.
The people in Tazhai and other villages are also like this. Every year around the ownership of water use land and fish ponds and some other interests, armed struggles often break out.
This armed struggle is with the brothers near Xiaohewan. Let’s put the words here for today, you are my big brother, you just watch how I behave Lin Yao smiled and nodded Can I forget what Lin Shengwen said? That’s what he really thought. Lin Yao used to be from Tazhai, but he left Tazhai ten years ago. Tazhai was not what it is now.
Now many things have changed.
Returning to Tazhai to break the ice and catch fish to set things right anyway, the responsibility of the police is on the one hand, on the other hand, he is also a member of Tazhai, and he doesn’t want to see Tazhai continue to make mistakes, so he just needs someone like Lin Shengwen to take care of Brother Yao, I have something to say. I knew it was inappropriate to speak, and after sitting for a while, Lin Shengwen was hesitant to speak, what did he say?