Sheng asked Pei Donglai cheekily to ask Xia Yina they have called several times to urge us if we can’t make it back before dark

The author, I am crazy.
An accident turned him into the biggest man made by God. How will his life change? Power, money, beauty, one day the world will tremble because of me. Volume 1 Blessings in misfortune set foot on the road of the strong Pei Donglai, who was in the last row of the classroom, spoke slowly, his tone was indifferent, his voice was harsh, and he was stunned when he heard what the head teacher said. Other students in the class all turned their eyes to Pei Donglai. Smiling, Pei Donglai’s face was expressionless, and the corners of his mouth pulled up a hint of self-mockery, his thin body also trembled uncontrollably, and then he saw Pei Donglai trying to pretend that he didn’t care, and there was a burst of sarcasm in the originally quiet classroom. The commotion, hey, the score is really embarrassing, don’t say that in our senior three class, even in the worst class of the whole year, I’m afraid it’s also the worst class in the whole year, that’s for sure, our class is the best class in the whole year, not to mention the test score, I feel ashamed Seeing people, he has completely embarrassed our senior class one this time.
I really didn’t expect that the former No. 1 in the whole grade would be reduced to what it is today.
In my opinion, teachers, don’t expect him anymore.
He was thrown into the worst class. That’s right.
Even if he was the first in the whole class, so what? An indescribable pain was concentrated around his heart, and he tried his best to control his emotions.
He couldn’t help but clenched his hands tightly, even though he already knew that in the past year, he had encountered some incredible things.
The grades have been declining all the way. Those classmates who admired him used to mock him in secret, but he didn’t expect that the classmates who had lived with him for nearly three years after he got such a dazzling score in the test would behave so meanly in front of him.
He firmly occupied the first position in the grade, and when he was regarded as the pride of heaven by the teacher and even the principal, he never showed a little bit of pride in front of his classmates, yes, not even at all, if it wasn’t because of a little accident of his own that he fell to where he is now They look like they can only admire themselves like before.
With a bitter smile, Pei Donglai let go of his hands and stood up. He strode towards the podium under the contemptuous eyes of many students, and took it from the head teacher’s expression of hatred for iron and steel.
The report card turned around and returned to sit in the last row.
From the beginning to the end, his expression was very calm, but behind the calm, he still had a strong sense of unwillingness and more helplessness. As Pei Donglai’s seated students looked away, he seemed to be isolated.
everything around seems Gu Meimei is out of place in Chinese, Mathematics, English and Science.
The total score of the class is ranked 5th in grade 10.
Pei Donglai just sat down. The homeroom teacher spoke again.
When she spoke, her tone was not as silent as before. The face that was covered with foundation was blooming. With a bright smile, let’s congratulate Gu Meimei with applause, and hope she can make persistent efforts to achieve better results.
There was applause in the classroom for a while, and almost everyone turned their attention to Gu Meimei being named the No. 1 School Flower of Shencheng No. 1 Middle School. Facing the applause and the envious eyes of her classmates, Gu Meimei raised her head like a proud peacock and raised a proud arc at the corner of her mouth It was a model walking slowly towards the podium.
Thank you, Mr.
Wang, thank you everyone for taking the report card from the head teacher. Staring at the report card in a daze, this discovery made the corners of her mouth turn up even higher. She felt that she wanted to go up to the sky to see Gu Meimei’s actions. Any way to cover up the feeling seems to be saying that toads are toads after all, they can’t eat swan meat, and many students think that Gu Meimei’s actions are a bit too much.
They look at Pei Donglai with sympathy, because they all think that the reason why Pei Donglai has fallen to where he is today This situation is entirely because Gu Meimei, who was the school girl of Shencheng No.
1 Middle School, announced in a high-profile way a year ago that Pei Donglai confessed to her, but she rejected her.
At the beginning, many students did not believe what Gu Meimei said. He has always been the first in the grade and plays basketball very well.
He is a man of the school.
The prince charming in the hearts of girls has made many girls happy. The love letters the girls wrote to him are enough to fill several desks, and Gu Meimei was Pei Donglai’s love at that time. One of them, Pei Donglai confessed to Gu Meimei that Gu Meimei shouldn’t have refused, let alone announced it in a high-profile way. Later, Pei Donglai’s changes made them believe this fact. Since then, Pei Donglai seems to have changed.
Not to mention his academic performance has been declining all the way, he has gradually changed from the favorite of heaven to the object of ridicule, and finally reduced to the point where he is today.
The score that shocked everyone was a person. Don’t think so. Qin Dongxue, who was named as the school girl of Shencheng No. 1 High School like Gu Meimei, didn’t know what happened to Pei Donglai, but she thought that the changes in Pei Donglai had nothing to do with Gu Meimei.