Shen Yi persuaded Xiao Zhong to be silent for a long time he finally thanked Shen Yi Uncle Shen thank you for reminding me if

Chapter 1 The Wrong Golden Finger Chenyang Boundary Nanzhanzhou Zhaoyun Country Jiangnan County Jiutingshan A small town called Lingtai A young man in white went to the town and came to a breakfast shop.
What does Mr. Shen want for breakfast? The boss is a fat middle-aged man. He seems to be very familiar with the white-clothed boy who came over. The name of the white-clothed boy is Shen Yi. He is very familiar with these small shops in this town.
Shen Yi has an unknown secret.
He is a time traveler, and the world he lives in is a world of monks who fly into the sky and hide from the ground After all, as a time traveler, he thought he was the protagonist. After all, he went to the Zongmen to start his own path of fighting monsters and upgrading, and recruited countless beauties. However, when he went to the Zongmen, when he checked his cultivation qualifications, his aptitude was worse than ordinary people. No matter what He also couldn’t absorb the aura.
When he got the bad news, he got a reminder that a system was being installed. At that time, he thought that what he was going to go should be the waste material route.
This dream didn’t wake up until the system installation was over. His system he I always feel that it is an ancient piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, swordsmanship, fat-reducing, mud-clay farming, which allows him to travel back to mere mortals.
It can be said that he has everything he needs, except that he is not taught how to practice. The swordsmanship in it cannot allow him to practice his swordsmanship. He is a master of martial arts, but this is not the world of martial arts.
He, a martial arts practitioner, is so weak in front of a cultivator.
The discouraged Shen Yi doesn’t want to practice and pursue the avenue of longevity.
He came to Lingtai Town and bought a house near the mountains and rivers. Jiuting Mountain and built a small courtyard there, why does he have the money to buy everything he is proficient in besides cultivation? It is very easy to make some money in Zhaoyun Country.
He has lived in Jiuting Mountain for five years now.
Over the years, his various abilities have reached the realm of the Great Dao. Painting, tea ceremony, calligraphy, chess, piano, and even agricultural roads are the avenues for planting crops. Everything has reached the realm of the Great Dao. The system will also give him some supporting supplies such as piano pens. Inkstone, sword, hoe, and tea set may be these things that made him calm down. Now he is living a comfortable life in Lingtai Town.
He will come to the town every once in a while to eat breakfast.
Of course, it’s not for eating more.
He wants to get close to people and doesn’t want to be separated from the masses to become a savage who lives in the mountains. In the future, he also wants to marry a beautiful wife and have some children, and pass on all the things he knows. After sitting for a while, the owner of the breakfast shop brought it to him. A bowl of porridge, two eggs, and a glass of sake, Shen Yi drank the porridge gracefully, ate the eggs, drank the glass of sake, paid for it, and left on the road. People on the street greeted him. Everyone here is very nice to him.
He is familiar with him and they are all people who have been helped by him, so everyone respects him. Seeing Shen Yi gradually going away, many people can’t help but feel pity. Mr. Shen is such a good person. He is young, handsome, and talented, but he is unwilling to leave this small place. The vast world outside is just suitable for him. Many people have asked Shen Yi in the past, asking him why he didn’t want to go outside to break into him.
The answer is that he is just a mortal who cannot practice, go out and spend the rest of his life here. It is good.
Not long after Shen Yi left, a carriage sped past. The carriage was going to the exact position of Shen Yi.
The young man in black is untying a young girl.
The girl looks like a country and a city. The elegant palace attire has the air of a fairy. She still has tears in the corners of her eyes, and she looks even more pitiful.
Her name is Bei Mingqin, and she is Zhaoyun. The saint of Tianyin Holy Land, one of the three holy places in the country, never expected that on the way to visit Jianyunzong, she would meet Yesha Demon Lord Ye Sha Demon Lord is a master of magic and is also one of the best in Zhaoyun Kingdom As far as she knows, Lord Ye Fiend has reached the stage of transcending catastrophe for many years. Such a giant in the magic way actually attacked her as a junior and captured her, and then brought her directly to this remote area.
Now Lord Ye Fiend untied her, which made her I was extremely scared because untying her at this time, could it be that she was going to kill her? As a result, Lord Ye Fiend said after untying, I will send you to meet a person, remember to be a slave to that person, and you will be in Tianyin Holy Land for the rest of your life If you don’t want to, you will die. Lord Ye Fiend, don’t you worry about my Tianyin Holy Land’s revenge? Although you have the strength to cross the catastrophe period, you still don’t have the capital to go crazy in front of my Tianyin Holy Land’s head teacher. At this time, Mingqin can only move out the deterrence of her head teacher of Tianyin Holy Land, hoping that Lord Ye Fiend can let her go.
Ninety-Nine Heavens Tribulation is now in the Mahayana period.
For him, old man Situ is here, so he can do nothing to me. Little girl, if it weren’t for this old man who has no children, I really wouldn’t want to tie you up here. It’s just that you are the most beautiful young female cultivator in the world.
That’s why I tied you here. After all, I’m afraid that senior with poor looks will look down on me.
I can warn you first. When I see that senior later, it’s better to say that you are voluntary. I was extremely astonished in my heart. Is there any expert in this remote place? Lord Ye Fu just said that he has reached the Mahayana stage, but he still calls the people here as seniors. This made her feel a scary picture in her heart.
The old devil of 2000 is already shriveled, his body is like a ghost from hell, his strength is as high as the sky, and his methods are extremely cruel.
He wants to use her as a furnace. The more she thinks about it, the more afraid she becomes, the more she regrets it. Why did she go to visit Jian Yunzong alone? The elders in the door together