Shen Qianqian felt a little cold from the ice cube she inadvertently shrunk a little to preserve her body temperature Yuan Lang soon noticed Shen

But what caught Shen Qianqian off guard was that the timing of her clothes was not very good No wonder no matter how you calculate it, it turns out that you are not my destiny. A scientific research madman.
Without the identity of the daughter of the Shen family, you are useless to me.
In the end, she won 30 million and wanted to be a renter. She used 30 million to buy five buildings in the old city, but in the second month, all of them were demolished. What did Shen Qianqian do to make money? From a rich and downcast fake daughter to a business upstart Shen Qianqian fought a beautiful turnaround Big guys, I’m sorry I was wrong Shen Qianqian The supporting role of Shen Qianqian is finished.
The old lady in the field of fast travel. The old lady in the farmhouse wears the book.
Other new articles. Shen Qianqian, who was a little conscious, heard the explosion above her head before she knew where she was It has been dead for more than a hundred years. Modern TV dramas dare not make people kneel down at every turn. Although Shen Qianqian thinks so in her heart, her body is falling as if she is not under her control.
Shen Qianqian tried her best to do it Let yourself sit on the ground instead of kneeling on the ground, Shen Qianqian, you know you are wrong, Shen Qianqian has not yet reacted, the majestic middle-aged man’s voice sounded again just now, Shen Qianqian temporarily ignores the old man who called her name, she struggled It took a while to gain control of her body, but her body was soft and her mind was a little chaotic.
She struggled to open her eyes, and what she saw was a huge crystal ceiling, coiled above it like a luminous white snake. Confiding the snake letter made people faintly feel uneasy, and then she looked down and found that she was in a magnificent hall and there were many people around her. Those people were standing or sitting, all of them were high above them, and they looked at them with contempt and disgust.
She kept silent as if she was poisonous and harmful garbage, she still didn’t want to admit her mistake Squinting his eyes and looking at the owner of the voice, the first thing that catches his eyes is the man’s straight suit pants without any wrinkles, and then the white shirt. Although the distance is a bit far away, Shen Qianqian can still see that every button of the shirt is tightly buttoned.
As for the last That face made Shen Qianqian stunned for a second, this man looks too good-looking, and before Shen Qianqian could think of a word to describe his appearance, he was interrupted by others, Shen Qianqian, you did such a vicious thing Love made us break through on the spot, shouldn’t we admit our mistakes and apologize to Mian Mian? To be a man, you have to be brave and be Shen Qianqian, don’t you even dare to apologize for your mistakes? The kind of little fresh meat who hangs the traffic in the entertainment industry, and there is a young woman who I feel sorry for standing next to him, Yan Zhi, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t come back, if I don’t come back, my sister won’t be jealous of me and commit a crime Big mistake The young woman shed tears without saying a word. Don’t say good things to that evil person and beg for mercy. Ever since you came back, this evil person has tripped you up once or twice. That’s all. Ruin your life! Mother Shen will feel terrified whenever she recalls what happened just now. She really can’t imagine what her own daughter Mianmian would be like now if Shen Qianqian’s poisonous plan succeeded, and what their Shen family would be like today.
Lost face has become a big joke in the rich and powerful circles. Fortunately, that rebellious girl didn’t succeed. Fortunately, this rebellious girl is also self-inflicted.
Originally, she wanted to drug Mian Mian, but she accidentally drank the wrong glass of wine. In the end, it was unlucky to be defiled by others.
She deserves it. Shen’s mother and Shen Qianqian’s mother-daughter relationship for nearly twenty years has already been completely exhausted by the other party’s countless times of finding faults and stumbling blocks. Mom and sister didn’t do it on purpose. The same woman still wanted to explain nonsense to Shen Qianqian, she clearly meant to be soft on purpose, you were just too kind, she hurt you so many times, and you still talked to her, all of a sudden, in the brightly lit hall, there were only accusations and insults against her. Accusing Shen Qianqian of not speaking all this time, she understood one thing, that is, she had time-traveled and seemed to have transmigrated into a vicious woman. The biological daughter, and that little white flower that I feel pity for is the biological daughter of this family.
Well, Father Shen sighed faintly.
It seems that my Shen family can no longer keep you. After saying this, Father Shen He winked at Chen Bo, the housekeeper standing aside, and asked Chen Bo to hand over the things in his hand to Shen Qianqian. Shen Qianqian didn’t refuse to listen to the man’s words.
He wanted to drive her away.
She didn’t have the memory of the original owner, so it’s the best now. The choice is to leave this place full of acquaintances. Inside is your household registration, ID card and some other documents.
Take these things and go.
My Shen family temple is too small to accommodate your big Buddha.
Then he motioned to Zheng who had been standing beside him. Before the sister-in-law took off all the valuable things on Shen Qianqian’s body, he thought that he had raised a dog for nearly 20 years, and he was familiar with it.