Shen Mu was worried about Jiang Chenyu touching her hair still unimportant Shen Mu quietly glanced over thinking that he was not very willing to

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Some airlines around the world have realized Internet access and calling functions during flights.
This article does not involve specific reality. During the one-week opening of the museum, related topics continued to occupy the French Twitter list. This is the annual charity salon of the high society, presenting an oriental visual feast in a medieval castle style.
The exhibits are all from top oriental artists.
A rookie painting on display is said to be recommended by the renowned Professor Hawke at home and abroad and sold at a high price.
This has caused quite a stir in the art circle. After all, the artist is only a Chinese graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. The East Art Exhibition ends today. Wei’s new oil painting was strongly recommended by Professor Hawke, and the transaction price was 20 million, the highest in the exhibition.
Shen Mu was waiting for her flight when Twitter saw this hot topic.
The human-style beige light luxury sofa is a classic French style.
Shen Mu sits by the floor-to-ceiling window and stares at the screen for a moment.
After hesitating for a while, she dials a voice message. Hello, professor. Thank you very much for your care over the past four years. I am sorry. There are unavoidable reasons for not being able to stay in Paris.
She speaks fluently in French with a gentle voice. She slowly puts down her mobile phone at dusk. She leans on the armrest and looks out of the window. Laughter came from the door, breaking the abnormal silence of the living room. They were speaking English.
Shen Twilight’s thoughts drifted back and forth, followed the sound, and saw a man walk into the VIP room, take a seat by the newspaper stand, and take a copy at random from the back of the chair. Newspapers and magazines, he is dressed in a high-tailored suit that outlines his tall and straight figure. The proportions from shoulders to waist to long legs are impeccable and perfect, especially the pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the high bridge of the nose. A few sofas away, Shen Mu couldn’t see his appearance clearly.
Just because of his handsome face with sharp edges and corners, he could taste a bit of coolness. The reception staff brought tea.
She just glanced lightly and then looked out of the window at the airport at midnight. There were only a few passengers sleeping in the night. In the distance was the vast starlight.
Nearby was the dim light of the street lights. Paris, as the art capital of the world, has the elegance and romance favored by God. Undoubtedly, it is the heart of art lovers, but just now Shen Mu declined Hawke’s invitation to stay with her to study in the Academy of Fine Arts, she was preoccupied with thoughts for a long time, and after a long time, she sighed and thought of something Shen Mu lowered her eyes and looked at WeChat She moved her white fingertips to the blank avatar on the top and clicked it in.
After a long while of deliberation, she finally typed out a word Xiaowaibao sent the message early.
Shen Mu stared at the chat box for a moment and then exited. It is now past eight o’clock in the morning. I’m not sure if it disturbed him. Unexpectedly, the phone vibrated in the second second, and Shen Mu was flustered for a moment because of his unexpected reply.
Afraid that he was waiting for her to go back to sleep, her delicate eyebrows and eyes were full of hesitation, and it took a few seconds for her to purse her lips and heart, and then said, I’m going back to China soon, do you want to meet? She slightly blurred her real situation, her palms were cold They made an appointment to meet four years ago, but she missed the appointment due to an accident and went to France for four years and didn’t come back. It was like a cloud of smoke, and the two of them tacitly didn’t bring it up again, but there was always a estrangement between Shen Mu and Shen Mu. During the past few days when she was going through the graduation procedures, she has been thinking about whether she should bring up the matter again so that she can relax a little.
Now that the words have been spoken, but after thinking about it, Shen Mu feels that she is a bit aggressive towards him, waving her left hand behind her coat Uneasy in her pocket, she suddenly regretted and hesitated for two seconds, Shen Mu couldn’t help but quickly withdrew the message.
It seemed unethical to do so.
The villain in her heart was constantly bumping into her guilty conscience.
There are other passenger receptionists standing at the door, and the man in the suit and leather shoes put down the newspaper at some point, and is staring at the phone with his head down.
Shen Mu breathed out silently and told himself to calm down, maybe he didn’t have time to read it, after all, she withdrew quickly, but The dialogue box was silent for a while, and then I saw a burst of energy coming out of nowhere.
Shen Mu slumped for a while, and suddenly sat up straight. Her spine froze, her heart beat, and it went into her throat, intending to take her breath away.
These three words were cut mercilessly.
With the last glimmer of hope, she suddenly felt ashamed and depressed, she could only grit her teeth and carry the unscrupulousness to the end, quickly pondering excuses, and suddenly thought of preparations for postgraduate entrance examinations and internships, etc. I was afraid that I would not be able to find free time in a short time, she typed a long sentence and frowned lightly.
Poor reason, seeing if it’s a bit too much, I’m hesitating whether to press the send button, the next moment the other party speaks the second sentence first, the fingertips that tap at any time tremble, Shen Mu’s heartbeat suddenly trembles, she is like a small clam shell unguarded He exposed his weaknesses, but he said at any time and calmly handed over the decision-making power to her, and she felt even more uneasy. Shen Mu bit her lower lip and deleted that sentence word by word. After a moment of silence, she could only reply that Shen Mu’s earlobe was red. Shame kept making trouble until the ground crew came to inform the boarding plane that she didn’t finish.
She stayed by the window for more than an hour. The ground crew told me in advance that the time was more than enough, but Shen Mu still got up and went through the passageway, boarded the corridor bridge first, and got everything ready at the seat.
She booked the first-class flight back home for more than ten hours. With her quality of sleep, it is difficult to stay in the economy class without being mentally weak.
The seat rate in the first-class cabin is not high.
There are only two passengers in the spacious compartment.
Compared with her, she is included. The other man was obviously much more relaxed. He walked into the cabin in a leisurely manner long after she had boarded the plane.
Shen Mu leaned on the comfortable sofa