Shen Leran couldnt help running to Qiao Sheng anymore He stopped people and said with reddened eyes in aggrieved Why didnt you tell me that Qiao

In the beginning, they just appeared in their respective space domains and did not interfere with each other until the strategy was successful. The space domains merged and the world changed from virtual to real.
After they broke up with themselves, they appeared in front of her together as victors, Qiao Sheng, what do you feel? Thank you. I’m tired, I’ve been in love, I’ve broken up, I’m just an ordinary tool person, who’s serious first, who’s a dog? Brief Introduction They thought I had been captured, intentional deception was not advisable, only sincerity can live up to Chapter Let’s get married, early February, spring at 8 o’clock in the early spring, the beautiful plum garden in the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts bloomed earlier than usual, with thick layers of purple-red petals The whole tree branch is hung layer upon layer, it is the brightest color for the winter that has not yet passed, attracting many students and couples, even if they are on vacation, they are not afraid of the cold to come here to tell each other about their love.
Standing under the unobtrusive beauty is a man wearing a camel-colored windbreaker loosely tied around his neck, a gray striped scarf and a black mask on his face.
Looking forward to the unknown distance with anticipation and warmth. Because of his special temperament, even if he can’t see his face, people don’t doubt his appearance. Just standing there makes himself a landscape in the eyes of others. He stared at it for a long time. The sisters were pushing and shoving each other because of who was going to ask for contact information. At this moment, the man moved and walked towards them. Just as the sisters were secretly excited, one of them was about to reach out. A beautiful shadow passed by them and firmly caught it.
The rose in the man’s hand is the clown of the sisters, we are too late to embarrass the sisters, looking up to see who cut it from their hands, I’m sorry, we don’t deserve it, the sisters silently back in front of them, this pair of temperament alone can win over the others The couple stepped aside and saw the girl wearing an ordinary white knee-length down jacket. She seemed to be extremely afraid of the cold, and a thick fiery red scarf wrapped half of her face tightly, revealing only a pair of sparkling eyes. Eyes as clear as water and glass. In addition, the girl also has thick, seaweed-like waist-length curly long hair and thin air bangs. The whole person exudes a pure and well-behaved goddess temperament and her The male god next to him just has a matching face, how is this better than those stars on the Internet? The sisters screamed in their hearts and couldn’t help but took out their mobile phone to take a photo. It’s a pity that the boy just pulled the girl and turned around and didn’t get a front view. But the back view is also good-looking You can directly use it as a screen saver without a picture. The sisters secretly admired it. The sister posted this photo on the Internet with a bit of show off and edited a paragraph of text.
They didn’t know it was the couple in their eyes.
Song Zhe didn’t go far.
He pulled the girl to hide in an inconspicuous corner, then suddenly knelt down on one knee, raised the diamond ring that had been prepared for a long time, and looked at the girl affectionately Only the slightly trembling voice revealed his nervousness and anticipation Shengsheng, happy birthday and marry me? Ah, now Song Zhe was stunned.
Fortunately, he reacted quickly, immediately stood up happily, hugged Qiao Sheng and turned around a few times.
I am so happy. Sheng Sheng Song Zhe’s cheeks flushed with excitement. Youguang seemed to be really happy that his girlfriend agreed to his marriage proposal.
Qiao Sheng smiled and exuded the sweetness of being in love. Seeing her like this, Song Zhe, who originally agreed to his marriage proposal, thought that he was about to do it. He couldn’t help looking away with a guilty conscience, just when the phone rang, he didn’t even want to pick up the phone and signaled himself to answer the call without waiting for Qiao Sheng’s response. The kind and gentle appearance is just that if someone observes carefully, they will find that her smile is actually very hollow, like a floating catkin falling in the clouds, or like a ray of breeze without fireworks Come over with a guilty face, Sheng Sheng is sorry, my friend has something to do with me, I might not be able to accompany you today, it’s okay, you go, Qiao Sheng, as always, gentle and considerate, Song Zhe breathed a sigh of relief, facing such a sensible Qiao Sheng, there was an indescribable irritability in his heart, and there was a trace of him The disappointment that I didn’t notice, then I’ll go first and come back to have dinner with you when I find some time in the evening.
Song Zhe habitually stepped forward and kissed Qiao Sheng on the forehead, even through a mask, it still made the pride in his arms blush. Seeing her like this, Song Zhe’s suspicion completely disappeared. After he left, Qiao Sheng looked down at the ring in his hand and took it off with a blank expression, which was put in the pocket of her clothes when she was about to put it away.
After two vibrations, Qiao Sheng thought for a while, put the ring into another pocket, then took out the phone and opened it skillfully.
On the screen of the phone, there was a dog head icon named False Boyfriend, and then a dog with a letterbox head stuck out its tongue and barked twice.
A simple dialogue box appeared immediately, and Shen Leran sent a letter asking the owner to meet at the coffee shop. Half an hour later, at the Golden Palace Cafe, Qiao Sheng sat in the old seat, a window with a wide view, facing the central performance pool of the coffee shop.
It is said that it was specially airlifted from Eagle Country The imitation of the world famous Elizabeth piano is sitting there at this moment. Through the cracks of the piano, one can be vaguely seen.
It is a man who is extremely elegant and exudes aristocratic temperament. The man is about 20 years old.
Light brown hair just reaching the earlobe Wearing an elegant slim white suit dress like a prince in a fairy tale Suddenly he raised his head