She would also choose to leave for the sake of being a good buddy so Bai Chen glanced at Yi Jinxin lightly and immediately gave

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Whether it’s a post-apocalyptic novel or other related things, even Bai Lingwei doesn’t know that she can like it so much that she can even read the disgusting articles on weekdays.
The most important thing is a harem article with a heroine. Her interest has always been stage by stage.
When she was fascinated, she was horrified.
When the interest passed, the enthusiasm would fade a lot, but when it was strong, she would try every means to find some related things to satisfy herself. Bai Lingwei, who hadn’t played games for a long time, actually found it.
A post-apocalyptic game that is becoming popular all over the world immediately downloaded it with unparalleled enthusiasm, built an account, fought monsters and upgraded it, and devoted itself to it day and night. Woke up, made an appointment with someone, started to fight, and I was so mentally ill. I was in the third year of high school and had to take the university entrance exam.
I never worked so hard. When Bai Lingwei was in college, a car accident left her alone.
Parents’ insurance car accident compensation And the petty bourgeoisie at home allowed her to buy several houses and a shop, so after graduating from university, she stayed at home as a renter and lived a very leisurely life Ye Bai Lingwei clenched her fists in rare excitement and finally finished the dungeon She died here for three full days, not three times, but three days. The number of daily dungeon deaths is 20 times. After 20 times, she will lose her experience every day and consume this death limit every day. Bai Lingwei finally asked a friend to help her kill her. If the dungeon wasn’t for making friends’ free time, she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep even after less than six hours.
People who stay at home all day don’t really have a biological clock to speak of. Picking up the things that exploded, my friend greeted me and flashed Bai Lingwei He spit out a mouthful of turbid air and prepared to go offline to catch up on sleep. Turn off the computer.
Bai Lingwei took a battle bath and threw himself on the big soft bed. He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. I don’t know what night it is and what night it is. There was also a fantasy-like mutation in the dark, because when she woke up again, she suddenly found that she was so dead that she had traveled to the end-of-the-day novel that she stayed up late to read last night, and her hair was full of black lines.
Only then did she accept this reality and fact, and in the end she was defeated by the spirit of Ah, who was ten years of youth.
When she returned to eighteen years old, she was only happier with this.
Also, she basically has no contacts.
After all, she doesn’t have much to miss.
As for the time-traveling character, Bai Ling Wei Fu, she will definitely not be the heroine.
I believe it’s not a supporting role, but a complete soy sauce.
The reason why this body is included in the novel She appeared on the stage because her half-brother is one of the heroine’s harem so incidentally Otherwise, it must be buried among all living beings except the heroine. No matter how much you have a headache, it will be like this.
Bai Ling turned over and sat up to look at the pitch black night outside.
He was about to leave the bedroom and go downstairs to pour a glass of water to drink the three of them.
During the hour, because of the sudden crossing and the thought of the tension and shock that followed, my throat was almost smoking, but just when Bai Lingwei’s hand touched the doorknob, a beautiful electronically synthesized voice sounded like thunder in his mind, “Master fusion is successful.” The 100% doomsday survival system is fully activated. When Bai Lingwei was startled for a moment and felt infinitely dazed, a big icon appeared in the air in front of him, indicating that it was the shortcut key used to surf the Internet on the computer desktop before, but the difference is that it is full of virtual screens. There is only such an icon in the middle, and everything else is nothing.
Bai Ling rubbed her eyes slightly to make sure she read it right. Isn’t this the end-time game she was playing before going to sleep? Are you kidding? Could this be the golden finger she traveled through? Next, Bai Lingwei clicked on it with his consciousness, and sure enough, a very familiar login interface appeared, and then he jumped directly into the personal attributes. Congratulations to the host for successfully binding the game, and a gift bag for beginners, please enter the backpack to check it. A game system is nothing special, but she knows that the end of the world is coming.
This is the capital of her survival. No matter how many accidents come, she will only be happier.
This means that her life will be better.
For the person with the same name and surname as her in the novel The character Bai Lingwei is a bit angry, she doesn’t fight and hates her cowardice, although she didn’t appear on the stage twice, she has been living under the protection of her brother who doesn’t like her very much, and finally became the one who was abandoned when she read the novel, Bai Lingwei beat the ground and wanted to catch it This soy sauce character who uses his own name but is infinitely sad screams frantically. The end of the world, this is the end of the world, little sister, you still want to rely on men, and want to shrink into your own tortoise shell and live a lifetime as weak as willow Grandma’s hair If it wasn’t for being infected as a zombie at the beginning of the end of the world, it would have saved her from suffering in the future. It can be seen how sad and indignant Bai Lingwei is, not to mention that the heroine is lucky, full of bastards, golden fingers, and other envious and jealous words. In the end, I still can’t stand a woman who is not self-improving.
Bai Lingwei’s life creed is that people don’t offend me, and I don’t offend others.
It is not suitable for a harmonious modern society, but she still lives her own way and lives freely.
I think it was because of her ruthlessness that she lost her fortune and sued the perpetrator who killed her parents.