She wore a veil and was soft Said the little girl Chen Yuanyuan was very polite and then she smiled at Gao Jin this little

Bao Lei in Zhang Xiaofan’s WeChat class group is now announcing the punishment rules for grabbing red envelopes Students who grab a red envelope ending in eight have physical relations with each other When I grew up, many classmates gloated and looked at it.
No, why did you let me do this? A girl looked at what she snatched and cried and looked at her boyfriend. The girl is called Zhang Yanyan. Although she is not the best-looking, she is also ranked in the top ten in the class. And her boyfriend is Guo Daqiang, some Xiaoqian who runs a company at home, his face is not very good at this time, actually let his girlfriend have a relationship with another man Cao Zhang Yanyan is his girlfriend, even though he and Zhang Yanyan are just for fun That’s all, but if you really want it, the green on your head will be oily.
Zhang Xiaofan sighed and grabbed the number ending in eight. It’s a woman and two men.
As Zhang Yanyan’s boyfriend, if Zhang Yanyan really had sex with two other boys, she would undoubtedly give her boyfriend a cuckold.
This is a big game, and if you don’t do that, you will die.
How should you choose? Even Zhang Xiaofan can’t make a choice quickly. Thinking of this, Zhang Xiaofan can’t help recalling what happened a few days ago, that night in the class.
Playing this horrible red envelope group was when a bastard played with me after school.
Zhang Xiaofan came out of the playground and cursed in a low voice. When the two of them went for a stroll together, Zhang Xiaofan, who was a big dick, was extremely excited at the time. You must know that Chen Jing is not only beautiful, but also has a good family background.
Waiting for three hours.
During the period, I asked Chen Jing several times when she came. Chen Jing always said to wait for a while. After feeding the mosquitoes for three hours, Zhang Xiaofan finally found out that he was being played after opening the class WeChat group on his mobile phone. It’s already dark, Zhang Xiaofan looked angrily at the WeChat group, the second and fourth class of high school, Song Feng haha, Zhang Xiaofan is still waiting, Huang Kaijian, Song Feng, your idea is too bad, the playground is full of mosquitoes in such a hot day Shi Hailing is probably included, Chen Jing, Chen Jing, Song Feng and I are together, Zhang Xiaofan, Chen Jing, are you so interesting? Chen Jing, who told you to stare at other people’s breasts in class, and Song Feng? Zhang Xiaofan will be smarter in the future and won’t even look at himself. Is Chen Jing worthy of you? Toad wants to eat swan meat haha ​​Brother Song Feng is right Zhang Xiaofan shuts down the phone angrily Although he is very angry, a deep sense of powerlessness arises Song Feng is the rich man in the class The second-generation family runs a large factory, and their monthly pocket money is equal to their family’s income for a year, so Song Feng is surrounded by many younger brothers in the class.
The three roommates in the dormitory looked at them with pity.
Gu Sailing, who was in the lower bunk, said that Song Feng was such a jerk.
If you don’t lie to me, you actually sent this to the class group. Jiang Jiewei said, Xiaofan, don’t be angry.
After this incident, I will get back. Zhang Xiaofan smiled wryly and said, forget it, it’s just a shame. After reading a novel called Underworld live broadcast for a while, I don’t know why I accidentally fell down last year, and when I woke up, there was a voice calling me in my head. There are many deeds of adventures, such as catching zombies and beating monsters, and finally went to a cultivation continent, which puzzled him because these memories seemed to be experienced by himself.
From time to time, he laughed and said hey, the squad leader is going to give out red envelopes, everyone is going to grab Zhang Xiaofan, and he also opened the class group.
The squad leader called Sun Yang.
At this time, he said in the group, everyone, don’t talk about Zhang Xiaofan. Tomorrow is the exam.
I will send a red envelope to congratulate everyone on tomorrow’s good grades.
Alright, the class monitor might say how much you want to send to a big class, but there are people? At least come a big one, the limit of red envelopes is 200, Sun Yangxing, but play a game, whoever gets the most will have to score zero in the exam tomorrow and face the class teacher. I tore up the test paper and I wiped it.
The game is too big. I dare not, don’t grab it. Even if the one who grabs the most, he will definitely not dare.
That is the anger of the head teacher. Who dares to bear Sun Yang sent a picture of two ghost heads? Who doesn’t finish it? Sun Yang didn’t say what the punishment was, and then two hundred red envelopes were sent out. The number of red envelopes was so fast that everyone snatched them up. What I didn’t expect was a girl named Bao Lei.
The most she snatched was 68 yuan. Although there are still more than a dozen red envelopes left, no one snatched them.
I guess those students were doing other things and didn’t notice for a while.
The sum of the robbed red envelopes has already exceeded 150 yuan.
Saying that even if other people didn’t grab Bao Lei, it’s a fact that the most red envelopes are snatched, haha, Bao Lei, you snatch the most, you must fulfill the rules of the game tomorrow, Bao Lei is the kind of girl who doesn’t talk much in class She looks pretty, a little cute, so some boys start to boo.
Bao Lei is willing to gamble and lose Ha Bao Lei, I don’t want it, I don’t want to grab as much money as I want, I don’t want it, and then we chatted for a while, and everyone didn’t take it seriously, so they all went to sleep. Zhang Xiaofan robbed eight Chun shook his head and didn’t take it seriously. The next day when Bao Lei entered the classroom, a group of classmates started booing again, but it was only some boys who made booing.
After all, Bao Lei is a girl.
Lei was joking around and no one took it seriously