She will really remember this feeling that she is obviously afraid of falling into a boundless and illusory dream but she still loves to have

Hong Kong in July and August is a heat wave sweeping the streets and alleys.
People in thin shirts are all in a hurry. Only the insects on the trees are screaming and screaming. However, the temperature has been hotter than this in recent days. An illegitimate daughter gossip that caused a sensation in the whole city. The leading actor in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry is Lu Minghan, a diamond king who has ranked among the top ten personal assets in Hong Kong.
Once it was exposed, this person with great news value immediately attracted the attention of many media. The reporter from Lu stayed outside his home and waited. Whenever there was a disturbance, he immediately added oil and vinegar to the report, but what made these paparazzi helpless was that Lu Minghan, who had been in the circle for many years, kept the secrecy very meticulous.
The two-year-old daughter met him, and no other related photos were taken by them. The paparazzi quickly turned around and went to investigate the incident.
The famous Lu Minghan prostrated himself under the pomegranate skirt and even raised a daughter with her. She was just an ordinary woman with average body and appearance, and she couldn’t be found if she fell into the crowd. Everyone’s sour grape mentality broke out at the same time. They all speculated that the second youngest of the Lu family was tired of playing After a lot of beauties, I found a pork chop girl for a change of taste. The TV station under Dingxing Entertainment couldn’t control the direction of the incident. At first, it went from completely denying it to deviously acquiescing. A week later, it had to issue an official statement confirming that the girl reported a few days ago is indeed Dingxing. Although the illegitimate daughter of executive director Lu Minghan didn’t mention anything about the heroine of the incident, this woman who quickly became popular was published on the front pages of major newspapers with an exaggerated length and grabbed the appearance of many first-line big names. Opportunities are deserted. Never thought that one day she would be the center of attention and even share a place with first-line stars.
However, when she just got out of the car, her eyes were stung by a bright flash of light, and the sound of shutters came one after another.
When she opened it, she was completely convinced of this small probability event.
She had tinnitus for a while, and then ignored those stereotyped questions. She put her hands out of her eyes and went to squeeze outside the garage. Ms.
Leng, Mr.
Lu has already admitted that the child is his. Repeatedly denying whether the incident of the illegitimate daughter was a reporter rushing forward, stepping on the back, surrounded her in waves, stomping on high-heeled shoes and raising her hands to block her face, shouting hoarsely over and over without comment, but with a puff, it was like falling into the sea A drop of rain was submerged in the waves, and her brain was exploding.
She twisted her knuckles and struggled white. She couldn’t figure out how she got to this point when she was originally low-key.
Two weeks ago, she got up in a hurry and went to bed.
It’s the first time I’m doing it, I don’t even know the posture, why are you so shy? Quickly take off your pants and lie down on the bed for me.
I said you are so awkward.
Hurry up and push your butt up. Oh, the man on the bed flushed all over his face, biting his lower lip, his eyes staring viciously at the sheets, the fire in his brown eyes Yan almost ignited this piece of whiteness, what position is he in now, his trousers are down to his ankles, his knees are kneeling on the bed, his body is propped up on all fours, his buttocks are raised high, he is obscene, obscene, humiliating and helpless, he lets out a cold snort from his nasal cavity Yelling, Lord, someday I’ll ask you to pose like this to see who eats first and who doesn’t move.
Keep this posture with one hand on his waist. There’s a burst of heat coming through the slippery glove, and he trembles all over.
Turning her head and looking to the side, this young woman is slender, with a long ponytail, light makeup on her face, lowered eyebrows and downcast eyes, she is concentrating on his lower body, and her gaze expands. There are a few simple tables in a white room.
A woman is dressed in white The female doctor in a coat is examining a certain part of the body of a half-naked man. Lu Minghan is about to collapse. No matter how scorching his eyes are, what’s the use? There was a moment of rubbing under the body, and he was obviously disgusted in his heart, but his instinct came to make trouble, he obviously felt that somewhere in himself had raised his head, can another male doctor come, the man on the bed suddenly growled and was silent for a moment, the hand holding his waist was slapped hard, stop talking nonsense There is only one left in our department today.
I am on duty.
Where can I find you a male doctor? This person really doesn’t know what to do.
If I don’t touch your testicles, epididymis, and spermatic cord, how do I know if you have epididymitis, varicocele, etc.
I’ve been impatient for a long time? This man is even more cowardly. Doesn’t he know that in the eyes of doctors, there is no difference between men and women except for the differences in individual organs? If you cooperate, today’s consultation can end early His time is important, his time is not important. If the doctor is replaced by a man, why would he have tossed it for so long? Thinking about it makes him feel even more regretful. This woman stared at him for a long time, and he simply gave it up. Hurry up, Lu Minghanshui.
His head was already looking like a heroic sacrifice.
All the self-restraint he had maintained for thirty years came to an end today.
He gritted his teeth with hatred and thought about it.
Even Qiao Leng Gupi would probably be crazy here.
I got better, but suddenly there was a tearing pain from my lower body