She was a little dumbfounded for a while not knowing what to do Yin Tianwen dozed off took her hand and stuffed it into her

Rebirth failed, rebirth failed, shame, rebirth, human shame, rebirth, city cultivating immortals, rebirth, perfect era, rebirth, being a kitchen god, rebirth, god-level academic master, who said good rebirth can rise, why did Yin Tian ask him here, and rebirth failed? And you also give a system Ah, give me a golden finger, and last time, I can also give you a memory of some great god.
Yin Tianwen looked at it and found that he didn’t have anything.
The clock on the wall clearly shows that the time has not changed, even if it is a few days earlier, it’s good. As a lottery fan In any case, he can make a fortune and buy an island. He floated on the ceiling and looked at himself lying on the bed.
Almost every day, he would leave his body like this and then slowly lie on his body again. After the power outage at night, he was very lonely. He found that the rebirth failed.
Yin Tianwen found that there were people all over the house.
There were people in the toilet. There were people under the bed. There were people in the living room. There were people on the TV. It was very lively, so three months later, he was frightened by various ghosts and got immunized.
Some of the money he got after immunization supported him to open a ghost consulting agency Zheng At this moment, the city’s largest chain of Chinese pharmacies is gathered in an antique room in a pharmacy in the city center, surrounded by seven people. An old man in the middle is lying there with oxygen, but at a glance, it can be seen that the intake is more than the output. Without everyone present, everyone knew that the old man was already unconscious.
As for returning to the light, it would be even more impossible.
The strange thing is that everyone is very anxious but not sad. If Yin Tian asks here, he can see the old man’s face. The soul is about to leave the body, but the body is still producing some pulling force, which is due to the effect of oxygen and the injected medicinal solution, big brother, this is too sudden, there is no sign at all, with the old man’s body and methods, it is impossible to live another ten years. The problem is, the curly-haired woman looked at the leading man and said inexplicably, why do you think the old man’s body is something I have done to the old man, so our family got that thing again? The man was as angry as the woman when he heard the words Speaking of big brother, don’t say that Fifth Sister is the closest to you and the old man on weekdays, and you sent the old man to the hospital at that time, who knows if the old man told you the prescription before he passed out? The man with glasses standing next to the woman with curly hair also said Little San, you dare to talk to me like this now? Eldest brother glanced at the people around him, then stared at the man with glasses and said that the man in glasses subconsciously took a step back when he saw him, elder brother, the priority now is not to quarrel, let’s see if the old man wakes up Is there a possibility or is it possible for the prescription to be hidden somewhere? The youngest woman in a cheongsam said softly. You can all see that the old man is powerless this time, and his pupils have dilated. Unless hell, who can do it? Knowing that the curly-haired woman answered first, she said that the most urgent thing now is to find a prescription, otherwise everyone is done playing Hell, I know a person who can see hell, if it wasn’t for him, maybe I wouldn’t be able to come back last time.
Said that after you entered the hospital last month, your back was covered in inexplicable bluish red Brother Fingerprint looked at him and said, you said that someone saved you instead of natural recovery.
I thought it was cured by the old man. Big brother said he is in our city of Zheng, I will go to him right now to see if he can succeed or not, I believe he will go out as soon as he blinks his eyes, let Qimei drive you there, big brother looked at the man with glasses, like a man with glasses Seventh Sister, who is the most difficult to deal with, is with him, so there is no need to worry about any moths. Yin Tian asked where the group of ghosts and ghosts are sitting at this time, and he is not afraid.
Anyway, everyone is ghosts. One who has stayed with him for more than seven days, but his ghost questioning firm has no business except last time a fool gave him several thousand dollars.
He is considering whether to go out to expand business and cooperate with some people to win-win.
Dong dong Master Yin is there? The abrupt voice broke the good communication in the room, but Yin Tianwen was a little happy to say Cao Cao, Cao Cao’s stupid voice, he still remembers subconsciously looking through the cat’s eyes, this time it actually brought A group of little ghosts behind him hurriedly said that Yin Tianwen, who is afraid of being washed away by the yang energy, greeted the two of them and looked at them when they came in.
The two of them were entwined with a deep sense of death.
As soon as Lin Xue came in, she felt a chill, but this so-called Master Yin looked very sunny.
Master Yin, do you know me? I am Lin Wei. Last time we met in the hospital. But if it wasn’t for you, I suffered a crime last time.
Lin Wei sat on the sofa and subconsciously gave a cold effort to raise his hand. I can see that the two of you have a lifeless spirit. I don’t know if something happened to a close relative. Yin Tianwen looked at it. The two people spoke casually, but they directly called the question of the two people. Master Yin really couldn’t hide it from you.
Our old man is very ill and now he has lost consciousness and can’t speak.
Last time I heard you say that you can talk to ghosts. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Yin Tianwen looked at the two Personally, Lin Wei talks too much, but this Lin Xue has been looking around with some inexplicable meaning in his eyes. I can help you within five days after dying. Yin Tianwen showed the business card in his hand to the two of you. Believe you, believe you can talk to the dead, Lin Xue, who has been silent all this time, suddenly made a voice, am I begging you? Yin Tianwen looked at her, said a word with disdain, then stood up and pointed at the bitch outside the door, you are hypocritical you, Lin Xue has never been said like this by anyone, she was a little out of breath, stomped on her high heels, but walked out, Master Yin, I’m sorry, I’m sorry