She used to Guess it was a love affair In fact in these days of enlightenment because my heart became clearer and clearer along with

The author Hong Yu, a young man who beats alcohol, was planted a seed of life by a person who used sky-reaching methods endless years ago.
What is the intention of the other party? What is waiting for him is an increasingly blurred world.
The vast expanse of the world, singing and dancing, I dance with swords, go forward, never look back, just to meet you again, the first chapter of the main text Chapter 1, the young man who collects medicine, the great Xia country, the heavenly gate, the three peaks, the clouds, the potential to break the sky, the three peaks, Zhong Ling, Qixiu, the spiritual energy of the world There are three main veins in Tianmen, occupying three peaks. The peak on the left is Jueqing, the peak on the right is Tianyun, and the main peak in the middle is Piaomiao. The peak of Jueqing is all female disciples, and the rules of the sect are quite strict.
Passionate and Desire can be regarded as a unique sect in the cultivation world, and because Piaomiao Peak is the master of the three peaks, it occupies the right time and place, so its popularity is also the most prosperous among the three peaks. Many male disciples have gone to Piaomiao Peak.
The female disciples all went to Unrequited Love Peak, so the remaining Tianyun Peak naturally became the most depressed peak. Since the founding of the sect, there are only five disciples left.
Fortunately, the head of Tianyun Peak is a An open-minded big fat man like a Maitreya Buddha, otherwise, if he looked at the other two peaks and then at his own peak, he might end up gloomy. At this time, a huge bluestone slab hidden in the bamboo forest in Tianyun Peak was lazily looking up. A young man was lying beside him, and there was a woven basket on his shoulders. The basket contained various herbs. The young man looked about thirteen or fourteen years old, with fine features and beautiful eyes. He wore a straw ring on his head and wore a suit.
The coarse cloth gown is completely open, revealing a thin and thin chest. Why is there a golden seed in my body? This is so strange. The young man holds a piece of grass in his mouth and looks at the sky leisurely, thinking about his own thoughts. He subconsciously looks inside and sees. There is a golden seed quietly planted in his dantian. The scene looks very miraculous, and the golden seed has sprouted and has grown two tender leaves. The tender leaves exude faint colors The Shenguang boy knew that this was a legendary seed of life. It could continuously output the aura of heaven and earth for his own cultivation, and as time passed, this seed of life would grow slowly. If this continues, it will surely grow into a real tree of life in the future. The more the life seed grows, the more intense the aura of heaven and earth is outputted. Jue Tian Sanfeng Although Zhong Lingqixiu is extremely rich in aura of heaven and earth, there is still a world of difference compared to the life seed in his body.
Only now there are only two tender leaves.
It is far inferior to who planted this golden seed in my body? Is it him? Hong Yu was very puzzled about the one he was talking about. He was the one who thought about it every time he thought of the golden seed in his body.
The figure that always appeared inexplicably in the movie was an extremely stalwart figure, but no matter how Hong Yu looked at it, he couldn’t see that person’s face clearly. Looking at the person’s clothing, it was obvious that this was a person from ancient times. Man and Hong Yu can feel that he is very powerful, very powerful, who is he and why did he plant the seed of life in my body? A person from ancient times planted the seed of life in my body. How did he do it? Now endless years have passed Is he still in this world? What is his intention for planting the seed of life in my body? There are many doubts in his heart. For a moment, Hong Yu was fascinated by his thoughts, and time was unconsciously lost in Hong Yu’s contemplation. I don’t know how long it took, but suddenly he came to his senses, slapped his forehead with his hand, and exclaimed, oh shit, he forgot the important thing, he hurriedly turned his face to the main peak, Piao Miao Peak, on the right, and saw that at this time, the sky above the main peak of Piao Miao was covered with dark clouds, covering the sky and blocking out the sun.
The dark clouds faintly formed the shape of a giant dragon, Hong Yu hurriedly grabbed the baskets of herbal medicines by his side, casually put them on his shoulders, and ran towards the main peak of Piao Miao like the wind, stepping on the magic step of a master, using the magic step of stepping on the magic step, and Hong Yu came out With his feet lightly off the ground, he shuttled through the bamboo forest and shot forward like an arrow. At this moment, he didn’t care whether the herbs in the basket on his back would spill out. Not long after, the dense bamboo forest around him was cut off and appeared in front of him. A piece of precipitous rock wall stands thousands of feet steep and vertical.
I can see two rusty bowl-mouthed thick iron chains protruding from the cliff. The two iron chains are separated by a distance of one meter. A tube of bamboo poles is laid in the middle to form a ten thousand-foot suspension bridge. All the way to the opposite Piaomiao main peak, under the suspension bridge, there is a sea of ​​clouds, the bottom is not bottomless, the strong wind blows, and the suspension bridge swings like a swing.
At the end, life and death are vague The hell dragon will go crazy below.
Once when the dragon goes crazy, it will spit out a dragon ball at the same time.
The three veins in the Juetianmen will break out a dragon ball battle between each other at this moment. Among them, the sect that wins will be rewarded with ten golden elixirs. Of course, it is impossible to start a real war between the three peaks of Jue Tian. There is a regulation that each sect can only send one disciple to participate in the bead capture, otherwise it will be a crowd. The disciples fought wantonly, I’m afraid that Juetianmen would perish by itself. For the sake of fairness, the participating disciples sent from each vein would usually draw lots. Hong Yu originally planned to go out to collect herbs earlier today. Going to the main peak of Piaomiao to participate in the Zhuzhu bead. Who would have thought that when he was resting on the bluestone board, he fell into wild thoughts for a while, and forgot such an important thing as going to the main peak to win the bead. Suddenly, a bell rang from the opposite side. The pearl is about to start, with a loud shout, Hong Yu turns into an afterimage on the Wanzhang Suspension Bridge, runs straight to the Piaomiao main peak on the opposite side, and rushes to the top of Piaomiao Peak