She turned around slowly Ning Wutian didnt know where the courage came from suddenly stepped forward and hugged Jinshenglian Blocking her small mouth Jinsheng Lians

And the way he travels through time and space wormholes is that he was betrayed by his comrades and pushed out of the space-time ship. Fortunately, his mobile phone is not an ordinary mobile phone. Under the protection of the mobile phone, he safely escaped from the gap in space and entered the other end of the starry sky.
I don’t know if I am unlucky or lucky. I have traveled from a civilization with unprecedented technological advancement to an earth where technological civilization has just started. Here, those so-called technologies are just child’s play in his eyes. The functions in his mobile phone are completely exhausted. The super technology that overwhelms the whole world is said to be good luck because in his world he cannot shine, but when he comes to this earth where technological civilization has just started, he will be like a dazzling new star that will easily light up the sky as long as With time to develop, relying on a super mobile phone, Qing’er can definitely become the master of a powerful civilization even if he cannot cultivate with genetic skills Wutian was staring at his mobile phone in a daze in a rented room in an ordinary residential area. He had an absurd idea in his heart, wanting to create a space-time wormhole by himself one day and go back to that world. After all, there are his relatives over there. Tian sighed in his heart, with his current ability, he still couldn’t open the space-time wormhole, bang bang bang, suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Ning Wutian heard the voice of Cai Qin, the landlord’s daughter. Is brother Wutian there? What’s the matter with that girl? Woke up and opened the door.
At the door was a beautiful girl of fifteen or sixteen years old.
Cai Qin, is there something wrong? Ning Wutian asked Cai Qin’s pretty face blushed.
Did not directly agree to Cai Qin blushing to be my boyfriend Ning Wutian was stunned for a moment Happiness came too fast Don’t misunderstand that he is pretending to be my boyfriend is not real Cai Qin hastily explained pretty blushing Ning Wutian secretly I breathed a sigh of relief and thought that happiness came too fast to react.
I have only been here for a month. Although I am familiar with this girl, it must not have reached that level. The explanation is like this, we have a picnic tomorrow, and several classmates brought boyfriends and said that I must also bring a boyfriend. They all know that I don’t have a boyfriend on purpose, so it must be uncomfortable, so you let me pretend to be your boyfriend Ning Wutian suspects that Ning Wutian is now 23 years old and 1.
8 meters tall, and looks tall and handsome. He is indeed very attractive to a girl like Cai Qin. Ning Wutian suspects that pretending to be a boyfriend is a false hint.
Cai Qin seemed to be afraid that Ning Wutian would not agree. Cai Qin hurriedly said, don’t worry, I won’t let you work for nothing.
I’ll give you five hundred dollars for your hard work. Qin thought that Ning Wutian thought it was too little, so the one thousand can’t be more, and I don’t have a lot of money. I agreed. Although Qin is a little younger, she is really pretty. Pretending to be her boyfriend is not a disadvantage. I will give you a deposit of 500 yuan first, and then I will give you another 500 yuan. Remember to wake up early tomorrow morning and remember to dress up handsomely. Don’t make me feel ashamed Cai Qin gave Ning Wutian five hundred dollars and then left with a proud face Ning Wutian’s expression became even weirder, why did she feel that she was cheated? Could it be that this pure and beautiful girl has no superficiality? It was so pure, Cai Qin suddenly turned around and asked, a little embarrassed, do you have a car? All my classmates’ boyfriends drive sports cars, don’t you yourself? Seeing Ning Wutian tomorrow, I am even more skeptical.
Is this girl a gold digger? Forget it. I just use this opportunity to get to know the world. I am not really her boyfriend. Ning Wutian shook his head and left without going back to the room. After renting a house, he entered a woods behind the community.
After a while, Ning Wutian came to a big tree to make sure no one would find it. Then he took out his mobile phone and called up the super transformation function, only to see a ray of light shoot out from the mobile phone like a magical flashlight astigmatism.
Covering the whole big tree, a strange thing happened, the tree came alive, rose from the ground, and then transformed rapidly like a Transformer, changing in size, changing in shape, changing in color, changing in structure, all changing in one minute.
A sports car as beautiful as a sapphire appears, a short car with a fully transparent glass lift hood just enough for two people to sit on, isn’t it a sports car? It’s the land, sea, and air forces who bluntly said that no fighter jet in this world can compare with this car. Anything produced by the high-level civilization star field can make the technology on the earth look up to Ning Wutian. Suddenly, Cai Qin’s heart moved. Although he hid the disappointment in his eyes very well, how could he deceive him who is from a high-level civilized empire? Seeing that Cai Qin looked a bit like a gold-worshiping girl, Ning Wutian wanted to deliberately tease that girl, so the originally extremely beautiful royal blue color Under Ning Wutian’s thought, the sports car suddenly became rusty and stained, as if it hadn’t been driven for decades.
Cai Qin knocked on the door the next day just after dawn Wutian wondered, yes, Brother Wutian, get up, brush your teeth and wash your face, don’t be late, otherwise you will have to deduct money, Cai Qin said, Ning Wutian is speechless, would he care about the money, but since you agreed to her, let’s be wronged for a while, wash your face and brush your teeth and leave the door Cai Qin, who saw Cai Qin’s fancy dress, was already waiting at the door and saw the handsome Ning Wutian dressed up, Cai Qin smiled with satisfaction