She still hates Ding Wudi she still has a straightforward personality thinks what to do I understand her but she doesn’t understand me and I

I am ugly but ugly with characteristics I am weak but weak and attractive I am a toad but I am a toad that only eats swan meat Chapter 1 Living under the fence My father looks a bit shabby but my mother is very beautiful The neighbors say I am My dad got such a good-looking daughter-in-law because of the virtues accumulated in his ancestors, but my birth turned my dad’s life upside down.
I was born prematurely and weighed less than three catties. Because of this, I was weak and sick since I was a child, and my mother was pregnant with me.
When I was born, she became more unconscious.
Slowly, she became insane. She was picked up by her natal family. In the end, she seemed to be sent to a mental hospital.
My dad worked day and night to support me, who was sick and weak.
Desperate to make money When I was four years old I got a serious illness covered in herpes and nearly died My dad spent all his savings to save me But since then my face has been scarred and my body has gotten worse I’m four years old and I haven’t learned how to speak.
That night when I was hospitalized, my dad sat alone by the hospital bed.
His voice was a little hoarse after he was drunk. Dad was drunk and confused, raped your mother, made your mother pregnant with you, and finally became mentally abnormal and made you malnourished, and came to this world to suffer, but don’t worry, Dad will work hard to make money and raise you well, but it’s his. An accident happened before my wish was fulfilled. I was only seven years old when he committed the crime.
I don’t know what crime he committed. I just remember that day when the gloomy police came to my house and tried to torture my dad. Wearing my dad’s clothes to prevent him from leaving. My dad looked at me red-eyed and didn’t say anything. He just begged the police to let him make a phone call before he left. On the phone, he only said one sentence.
Lao Lin took care of my son for me.
Please, I was taken back home by Uncle Lin on the same day Uncle introduced me to her, Dodo, this is your younger brother, you should get along well in the future, but Dodo gave me a very disgusted look and said with disdain, I don’t want this ugly bastard to be my brother, then turned around and left. Dodo hates me from now on I hated it at the beginning, but when I first arrived in this strange family, all I had in my heart was fear and missing my father.
I was depressed all the time and never laughed, so Duo Duo was even more disgusted.
I said, look at my bitter gourd.
My face was annoying.
Later, under Uncle Lin’s careful care, I slowly adapted to this new home, but I was still cautious in my life.
I was afraid that Dodo would be unhappy. There are delicious ones that I dare not eat more. There are fun ones that I dare not snatch.
Just kidding, I just hope this sister doesn’t hate me, but no matter what I do, Duo Duo doesn’t like it. On the contrary, she is getting more and more disgusted with me, and she doesn’t even want to eat at the same table with me. Every time she goes by herself with vegetables Uncle Lin blamed her for eating in the room, she was very rude Angrily yelling that he is ugly, he is dirty, he is smelly, looking at him, I can’t eat, I feel wronged and sad, but I don’t dare to cry. Many times, I hide in the toilet by myself and cry secretly, because Uncle Lin scolds me a lot. Once, Uncle Lin even hit her hard.
I watched from the side, feeling very scared and anxious. In my anxiety, I suddenly shouted out, don’t hit my sister. This is the first time I’ve spoken since I was born. Not only did Duo not appreciate my plea, but she rejected me even more. Not only did she run on me at home, but when she arrived at school, she also told people that my mother was a lunatic, that my father was a criminal and a villain, and that I was a toad stuck to her house.
From now on, I will be looked down upon everywhere in school, and I will be disgusted by others.
I have lived in low self-esteem throughout my primary school years, and my heart has been covered with a thick shadow.
If Uncle Lin hadn’t told me solemnly that my dad is a good person, I would really think of me. Dad is a big villain. I went to middle school. Dodo and I are still in the same school.
Dodo catches up with the trend of that era and dresses very fashionable every day.
In contrast, I am sick and scarred. Dodo never winks.
I’ve seen me, and she won’t walk with me. At school, she’s just a dazzling flower.
She’s flamboyant and rebellious with a group of male and female students of the same trend all day.
I can hide in a corner where no one is around and do my own thing silently. Even so, I still can’t hide from everyone’s cynicism. I can’t hide from people’s disgusting eyes. My fragile heart has become more and more sensitive. After reading in the third year of high school, I finally stopped I went to the same school as Dodo.
She graduated from high school and was admitted to an art school in this city. She only went home once a week, but every time she came back, she still targeted me everywhere.
I still silently endured it and never dared to confront her. But Duo Duo, who went to college, is more rebellious than before and spends money lavishly.
Every time she goes home, she seems to have only one thing to do is to ask Uncle Lin for money. To her, the house is just a cash machine. Said that he asked for money directly, Uncle Lin got impatient and didn’t give Duo Duo a penny, and scolded her harshly, saying that she went to a rubbish school and couldn’t learn anything, so she knew how to spend money, and if she went on like this, she would simply drop out of school. I haven’t been home for two months and came back for winter vacation. The strange thing is that Dodo is like a different person when she comes back this time. She wears very sexy and thin stockings that wrap her slender legs and the two bulging grooves on her chest.
What’s even more strange is that she never wears makeup, but this time she puts on heavy makeup, but she is really beautiful with makeup, like a model, but Uncle Lin scolds her for being like a vixen regardless of whether she is beautiful or not.