She smiled so purely and cutely that she thought of everyone calling Xu Ruqian a genius girl or the most beautiful genius girl in history Zhang

It’s good that she was reborn and came back back to the age of 20, not when she was terminally ill. Her mother died tragically. The Minsheng shopping mall was given to him by him after more than 20 years of marriage. There was no relationship between them, only mutual respect and estrangement. But why did he know that she was terminally ill, but he changed the name of the billion-dollar shopping mall to her name? In her previous life, she didn’t ask.
I don’t want to ask about the Minsheng Shopping Center, which has six floors. The basement floor is a super large supermarket. The first five floors are all kinds of food, drink, entertainment, and daily necessities. Gao Shanyue has just tried it.
It’s strange to take it out, it’s strange why she reborn with this shopping mall? She didn’t go to work in the field today because she was sick and had a terrible headache. She was so weak that she was staggering when she walked. There was a convenience drugstore in the shopping mall.
She took it As soon as the medicine was delivered to her mouth, she suddenly remembered what happened next in her previous life.
She put the medicine back in the pharmacy, and then picked up some food in the supermarket, because she was so hungry that she was so hungry. In the next room, Gao Aiguo bowed his head and was weaving baskets. Mother Liu Aihua was about to go to the pigsty to feed the pigs. Second sister Zhaodi and younger sister Sichun went to grandma’s house today.
They will return to Gao Aiguo two years ago.
He became disabled, so he could only weave strips at home and sell them in exchange for a meager income.
The blows of the past few years made Gao Aiguo hunched over prematurely, and he became thinner and thinner.
Let’s order the meal.
It’s hot in the pot. Gao Shanyue responded with a cry and went to the straw shed outside the room. There was a bowl of miscellaneous grain porridge and a few dried black radishes. Heima Village, Qidong County divided the fields among the people, but the grandma, Mrs. Gao, forbade them to separate the family.
Therefore, nearly 20 people in the third room of Gao’s family still ate in the same pot.
Every day, they took tasks at Mrs. Gao’s place to work this bowl of multigrain porridge. And dried radish is the dinner that Gongzhong gave to Gao Shanyue. You will never see a speck of oil. Suddenly, a woman’s sharp curse sounded outside the house. Liu Aihua, your daughter stole my eggs again.
Discipline and return my eggs to me.
This is the third wife in the village. She gave birth to three sons.
She has always looked down on Liu Aihua because Liu Aihua only gave birth to Gao Shanyue, four sisters and no sons.
This is the original sin in the countryside, especially patriarchy. Liu Aihua from Heima Village, who is particularly serious, hastily explained that my sister-in-law, Shanyue, is sick today and has been sleeping all day.
Sichun sisters went to grandma’s house in the early morning. You don’t want to look for chickens to lay eggs, and they don’t give birth every day. You have to rest for a few days, or it didn’t work today. The third wife is laying eggs with her hips on her hips, I’m poohing my chickens, I don’t know, but you know it well, I clearly saw Gao Zhaodi and Gao Si Chunguang passing by my house, she stole the eggs, Liu Aihua accompanied and laughed, and the third sister-in-law passed by your house every day many It’s impossible for them to steal your eggs, right? The third wife arrogantly taunted them, of course they won’t steal your poor clothes and pants, and they will definitely steal them. Liu Aihua is sad and heartbroken.
Her family is poor because of her. It’s useless to have a son, and the third sister-in-law is a neighbor, and I haven’t figured it out yet, you can save some face, don’t yell like that, okay, the third wife snorted to save face, you stole something, and you want me to save face, you do it to you Is it because she doesn’t want to hide her ugliness? It’s no wonder she can’t give birth to a son.
It’s strange that there are so many black-hearted things. The third wife will run against Liu Aihua every now and then. Knees hurt so badly that her natal mother was so sick that Zhaodi and Sichun even went to visit the old man’s third wife and poked her heart with the fact that she couldn’t give birth to a son Liu Aihua suddenly felt a pang of sadness because Without a son, she has suffered all kinds of grievances in her husband’s family for more than 20 years. If she had no son, she would have no family. In this era, the countryside is the most despised and the lowest class. Everyone in the family would step on Liu Aihua and sit on the ground without hesitation.
Sorrowful emotions are pouring out, not only to show your innocence, but also to resent God, open your eyes, whoever eats the eggs from the third wife’s family will have pus and sores, and die a terrible death! Whoever eats the eggs from the third wife’s family will bleed Pus and sores will lead to death, the third wife is so angry that the seven orifices are full of smoke, Liu Aihua, I will kill you shameless, I am talking about the one who steals eggs, not the one who eats my eggs Just scratched Liu Aihua’s face and tore Liu Aihua’s hair apart Liu Aihua didn’t know where to find a hoe Between pulling and pulling Liu Aihua didn’t know where to find a hoe For a moment, his tired and thin body sprouted a will to die and shouted Come on, just come and I will die with you Third wife She backed away in fright, but then she took a few steps forward instead, she was sure that Liu Aihua, a soft noodle, would not dare to do anything, you are still promising, and you still dare to call me, come and dig me here, Liu Aihua stood up with a hoe, the third wife Extremely insolent, point at your own chest, come here, dig, dig, Aihua Aihua Hearing Gao Aiguo eagerly calling his name, Liu Aihua couldn’t help but take a few steps back It’s hard for the daughters to imagine that she has suffered so much in the future, and she can’t let her daughter suffer more than herself. The third wife knows that this will happen. Resisting not daring to say anything, in the previous life, Liu Aihua finally backed down. Since then, the third wife has become more and more unscrupulous.