She smiled charmingly at him and said Im not afraid of you what do you have to do I voted for the overlord ticket or

In school, he is an excellent student who has thousands of female fans and has won countless awards, while she is a loafing student who runs around the film crew every day with extremely bad reviews. A good student is like a vicious dog trying to swallow people.
After graduation, he is like a stranger. Ruan Yunqiao only saw him on the CCTV channel. As always, he was indifferent and precious, and his words were as precious as gold. Until a post-match interview, a reporter asked gossip. Are you so good, do you have someone you like? Everyone in the team knows that Li Yan doesn’t answer such questions. I just wanted to block for him, but he took the microphone and said calmly to the camera.
Her name is Ruan Yunqiao. The manager’s surprised voice blushed and sent a message to someone lying dead on the list.
The first message after the breakup was that it was good to get together and break up. Fencing world champion and gossip. A bunch of glamorous female stars. From the past to the present. Never Dispersed Copywriting Written on Year, Month, Day Saved Content Tags Urban Love, Heaven’s Favorite Sweet Text Search Keyword Protagonist Ruan Yunqiao, Li Yan, Supporting Role, Other Words, Happy Breakup, Who Contacts First, Who Is the Dog, Focus on Fencing Higher, Faster, More Strong Chapter 3 Cold Day Ruan Yunqiao finally took some medicine and came up with strength She fell asleep on the bed and would be woken up by knocking on the door, the bedroom windows were closed, only a gleam of light squeezed in through the cracks in the curtains, and a beam of light fell on the ground Ruan Yunqiao climbed down from the upper bunk, put on a coat and opened the door. How is it? Is it okay? As soon as the door opened, the person outside asked worriedly.
It was a girl in overalls with short hair and a round face. Her face was a bit fleshy.
Ruan Yunqiao, a high school student, was weak and hummed, but your complexion still didn’t look good. You took the medicine and it didn’t work. You just took it.
It will work soon.
If not, don’t go to the cafeteria. I’ll bring you a copy.
Ruan Yunqiao zipped up your jacket I pulled it up and said I’d better be with you.
The dormitory is a little stuffy. I’m sure. In the past, Ruan Yunqiao basically packed and ate alone. She’s used to being alone, but in the past two months, she’s lost a lot of time eating alone.
The reason is that she joined the school’s fencing club this semester because she wanted to collect credits. There, she met Tu Qing from the foreign language department. Came to find her to hang around for a meal, Tu Qing was full of energy and enthusiasm, Ruan Yunqiao couldn’t bear it, and then followed her, the two of them came out of the dormitory and went to the cafeteria. In the school cafeteria, there are several third canteens closest to their dormitory. The building outsourcing is self-service catering. The fruit and vegetable salads here are especially delicious. Ruan Yunqiao often comes here just in time for meals.
There are students coming and going in the cafeteria. Watching her carefully put carbon water and fried chicken nuggets into her own bowl without any hesitation, she looked silently, then turned her head and got herself a vegetable salad, you still eat these when you are sick, don’t eat a piece of fried chicken, let’s cheer up and see Tu Qing to her plate I feel very sympathetic to Ruan Yunqiao, looking at the comparison between the two, he hesitated for a moment, but remembering that there was an audition for an advertisement on the weekend, he broke his hand reaching for the fried chicken nuggets, and said dryly, “My world doesn’t have fried chicken nuggets.
” After the two finished choosing dishes Then I looked for a seat, but there were a lot of people at this spot. I walked around the restaurant and still didn’t see any vacant tables. When the two of them were frowning and worrying, they suddenly heard someone call their names, Yun Qiao, Ruan Yun, Qiao Xiaotu, this, this, this. Hearing the sound, Tu Qing looked over and was pleasantly surprised to see a few acquaintances. Ruan Yunqiao turned around and saw people from the fencing club sitting at a table not far away. The whole one is acquainted, the other with slightly curly hair is the president of the club, Gao Chang, and the rest, Ruan Yunqiao, stared at him for a while, why did he come back, why was he in a daze? Didn’t find a place? Come here, Liang Zhuoyu is very enthusiastic. I just walked over and took away their dinner plates.
We still have a good place here.
The president Gao Chang also smiled and beckoned little Tu Yunqiao to eat together. I dragged her and walked over, fortunately I ran into you, otherwise I would have to go around the restaurant a few times Being dragged by Tu Qing to sit down, he took off his thin coat, what the hell, Yun Qiao, you only eat this, don’t you belong to a rabbit? Liang Zhuoyu was shocked when he saw the pile of grass on her dinner plate. The teacher stares at a catty and has to punish the real bright eyes and white teeth. Ruan Yunqiao’s pair of fox eyes are born with an indistinct charm.
A casual smile seems to be seductive.
The dance department is quite special.
Speaking of weight, Brother Yan is also his coach.
His weight is also strictly controlled.
He said that his arm touched the person next to him, right? After a quick glance, he collided with the person sitting diagonally across from him.
The person was wearing a white sports jacket with a stand-up collar, his profile was handsome and he was sitting quietly. Hmm, but he obviously wasn’t interested in this topic, he just touched her lightly for two seconds, then took it back, that’s for sure, the athletes of the national team are like this Ah, the boy who won the gold medal in the World Championship Individual Competition this time nodded to Tu Qing and said thank you, no thanks, no thanks, I watched the live broadcast so much, it was so amazing.