She smelled a trace of fear from Lu Tianyus calm demeanor but the princess I wonder why he is so calm Is he not even

Update time of this chapter The number of words in this chapter The first chapter has changed. This is a coastal giant urban area that has reached the scale of a super city. In a tertiary hospital, a very young male patient is lying on an intensive care unit. Because his face and body are covered with pustules. The pair of lost eyes are still rolling, indicating that he still has a breath, and only from the appearance of the skin that has begun to fester, it is impossible to distinguish the original appearance. The patient’s name was clearly written on the medical record book in his hand, Lu Tianyu’s age was 22 years old, and there was an inaudible sigh.
The doctor left the ward.
Staring at the ceiling in a daze, nothing in the world is going to have anything to do with him. At first the horrified cries and vicious comments of the new nurses could make him turn his head, but now nothing can fill him with death. Lu Tianyu has no father since he was a child, and Lu Tianyu doesn’t even know what he looks like. Since Lu Tianyu was sensible, he has never seen his beautiful mother laughing. There are only countless nights when Lu Tianyu wakes up in the middle of the night and sees his mother sitting While weeping silently, in the end Lu Tianyu’s mother also let go when he was sixteen years old, and took away the resentment towards that betrayed man and the guilt towards Lu Tianyu. The only thing left to Lu Tianyu was a place in the bustling center Lu Tianyu can rely on it to complete his studies and arrange his life for seven or eight years, but fate seems to have never planned to let this poor child go.
Lu Tianyu was on the fourth day of his mother’s death.
In 2010, he was diagnosed with HIV again, and the test result was ruthlessly marked as positive.
This sudden change undoubtedly made Lu Tianyu, who was already helpless, even more isolated and helpless. The huge medical expenses incurred in the past three years made it worse The living expenses left by his mother have already been exhausted, and it is probably just an extravagant wish to lie in such a good hospital for treatment. Lu Tianyu really felt that he was tired.
He gave up exploring the cause of his disease, gave up guessing, friends gave up his own. The reason is that he even gave up his prayer to continue his life. Lu Tianyu, who was lying on the bed, could even feel the impermanence of black and white calling him to leave this world early to reunite with his mother. His eyelids suddenly became heavy and he wanted to close it. He was really tired. A series of blows made this very strong boy unable to bear the blows anymore and he collapsed.
The one he remembers most clearly is also the heaviest one. The first week when he was notified of the diagnosis of the disease. A friend who has been in love for five years. He resolutely proposed to break up, and that phone number kept shutting down after sending the last text message. In an instant, Lu Tianyu passed out. When he woke up again, his eyesight had dropped to the point where he was almost blind. A week later, it would be time for medical expenses.
Seeing that the house left by his mother has been pawned and mortgaged together, for Lu Tianyu to continue the expensive medical expenses is simply a dream Because Lu Tianyu’s whole body doesn’t even have a hundred-yuan bill anymore.
Lu Tianyu whispered in a hoarse voice to renew the fee.
The renewal is actually his own life.
Si wryly smiled and came to such a miserable point, Lu Tianyu completely lost the courage to live, so he didn’t need to pay for the medical expenses because he already felt the approach of death, and he might not be able to survive for a week, but he didn’t want to die in the hospital It’s only been two years, and Lu Tianyu’s hatred for You has been slowly worn away. Now, if he still has some ideas, he would stand at a distance and secretly take a look at her to see if she is still as happy as before. See if she is. It’s not that she can face her new boyfriend with a smile on her face. If she smiles, Lu Tianyu feels that she should also smile.
It’s even more laughable that people who have given up on love have never had the capital to be happy.
Thinking of this, Lu Tianyu suddenly opened his heavy eyelids, tore off the needle tube that was still hanging on the drip, and then climbed down from the sickness with great difficulty. The coat ran towards the entrance of the hospital. He wanted to use his remaining strength to find a suitable way and place for his death. When Lu Tianyu ran out of the hospital, he realized that it was already dark, but for a metropolis that never sleeps, it is night It’s just a day without natural light. Lu Tianyu, who wears high-resolution glasses, can only see three meters away. The neon lights that are brighter than starlight are woven together like glue in Lu Tianyu’s field of vision. The crowd and the noise made him shudder even more. Lu Tianyu took off his glasses and grinned. Anyway, he couldn’t see clearly. The night wind blew in gusts, and his hair was a bit dry. The wind that blows out in the late autumn night is still very strong. The cold hit the person’s face, and a burst of pain cut across the festering skin like a sharp knife.
Some places were about to ooze blood.
Lu Tianyu raised his head and took a deep breath. His face was full of nostalgia for this world.
At this moment, Lu Tianyu It has been almost three months since I decided to lie on the bed for the last time. Even if I die, I have to choose a scenic spot that I like. I must not die on the sickness that is full of smells, and I will be cruelly used by doctors who can’t get money.
Doing countless personality degrading surgeries with the same eyesight would have an impact on reincarnation, maybe in the next life, you will be despised as soon as you are born with AIDS.
In the late stage, there will be many symptoms.
The most important thing is that the virus has destroyed the immune system.