She said that Xiao Hei’s food storage where do you ask me to find it for you in the middle of the night Fresh rabbit

A big mistake made her self-destruct and rebirth. Once the number one illusionist in the mainland, she was reduced to a year-old waste.
The little girl’s spirit veins were damaged.
It’s okay to be ridiculed.
She still has the space to carry her.
Trampling all those who bullied her, only he reunited in this life. He is already the Supreme Beast Emperor with a pair of purple pupils. All the people surrender to him. With the flames of vengeance, he breaks through the nine layers of devil prison and searches all three thousand nine hundred and eighty realms just for her alone. Chapter 1 Thousand Stars Fall She, the world’s number one illusionist, Mu Qianxing, was born again The moment she opened her eyes, she looked at her own reflection on a small piece of broken ice at her feet and thought it was absurd that the reflection was an eleven or twelve-year-old kid The girl is sallow, skinny, unkempt, and wears tattered coarse clothes.
The shoes woven with achnatherum splendens have a hole in them, revealing a small toe that is black and blue with cold.
She is sure that this is not her original body.
She should have been a young man in her twenties The beautiful woman with delicate skin and blue silk like clouds is wearing the most exquisite clothes in the world. Even a small piece of decorative magic patterns on the corners of the clothes is enough to ruin an ordinary family.
It shouldn’t be this dirty and poor little girl. What happened? Mu Qianxing had a splitting headache and frowned tightly, trying to recall what happened before she lost consciousness. At that time, people in the entire Futu Continent said she was a demon and a layman, saying that she was cruel, violent, lewd, vulgar, shameless, and unworthy of living in this world.
Digging her internal medicine to treat her younger sister Mu Shuangshuang was coldly rejected by her, so they chased her for thousands of miles and drove her to a cliff.
They greedily looked at her who was seriously injured and had nowhere to go, and hypocritically persuaded Mu Qianxing to stop doing nothing.
Obediently hand over the elixir in your body, we can still let you live, otherwise you will only die.
On the cliff, she looked at them and looked at the familiar and even intimate faces. She saw her sister. Mu Shuangshuang was also in the crowd. As a rare therapist in the whole continent, Mu Shuangshuang was surrounded by many people, wearing a white feather coat like a dream, and her delicate appearance was like a flower that had not experienced any wind and rain. Mu Qianxing sneered and said to her, Mu Shuangshuang, the top-quality spiritual clothing Feiyu on you is a gift from me, and the unique blood crystal spirit bracelet in the whole continent is also a gift from me, the medicine you usually drink, the nourishing liquid you drink, and those top-level talismans for body protection. This is not something I got in exchange for my narrow escape.
Now others say that I am a demon and heretics want to dig out my panacea, even you and my only sister want to poach my panacea? Her voice is as cold as a sharp knife scattered in the wind.
I want to cry, my sister, I don’t want to, my sister, but who told you to go on the wrong path, everyone will punish you? I said that I will use your panacea to cure the disease, but I am actually saving you. As long as you hand over the panacea, you can keep it One life, and I have been unable to improve my healing skills for more than a year. As long as I use your panacea, I can break through the bottleneck. The next time I fight against monsters, I can save a few more people.
Sister, this is your chance to redeem your sins.
Ah, don’t resist, hurry up Dan, dig it out and give it to me.
Every word is sad, and everyone who hears it is moved, but Mu Qianxing only feels chills.
In this continent, the strong are respected, and there is only one way to become strong, and that is to awaken the spirit veins, condense the spirit pills, and embark on the road of spiritual cultivation. If a spiritual cultivator is dug out of the spirit pill, all her cultivation will be destroyed once, and she will never be able to recover for the rest of her life.
She can only become a disabled person riddled with injuries and diseases. She is more fragile than ordinary people who have not awakened the spiritual vein. This is her.
The ending arranged for her by the good sister, she said no Mu Shuangshuang still looked at her sister sadly, you have helped me so many times, why did you refuse to help me this time? Is it because Brother Tingjun is going to marry me, not you? So You Hate Me Chapter A Thousand Stars Fall Mu Shuangshuang said while holding the arm of the man beside him. It was a tall and stern man with deep brows like knives and axes, wearing a blood-stained dark battle armor with the ferocious Tenglong clan emblem on the battle armor.
Demonstrating his extraordinary identity, Long Tingjun, the current patriarch of the most powerful family in the entire Futu Continent, the Long Family in the Northern Territory, is still very young, only less than thirty years old, but he is already one of the top powerhouses on this continent. People are in awe.
At this moment, he is looking at Mu Qianxing calmly, and he can’t even hear any emotions in his tone of voice.
I will arrest you if you don’t die. To keep her alive, she made too many enemies in the past. Once she was dug out, she lost her spiritual power. Some people fell into trouble and took her life.
Only a powerful and powerful person like Long Tingjun can protect her, but this is not what she wants. He looked at the man he once loved deeply for a long time.
The wind on the edge of the cliff was very cold, and he also looked at her silently. He didn’t speak. Everyone behind him dared not speak.
Only Mu Shuangshuang, who was holding his arm, slapped her.
Leng Shu slightly raised his head and said to him delicately, brother Tingjun, I’m so cold, hurry up, please don’t wait for him to make a statement, Mu Qianxing smiled first and sarcastically couldn’t wait to dig out my elixir? Mu Shuangshuang’s intersecting arms stayed on for a moment, and she would never succeed. The elixir in her body was activated, and suddenly a huge explosion swept everything. Mu Qianxing woke up from her memories, and she could roughly piece together the cause and effect. She was unwilling to be poached by that pair of dogs.
Lingdan herself chose to self-destruct on the cliff at that time.
Lingdan’s self-destruction is the most thorough suicide method on the entire continent.
Not only the body, but also the soul will be destroyed. Why was she reborn out of nowhere? Mu Qianxing was a little confused.
What was wrong? She lowered her head and stared at the small piece of broken ice at her feet.
The reflection of the dirty little girl on the small piece of broken ice was also staring at her.
She tried to go Sensing the panacea in the body