She resisted letting the tears swirl in her eyes and refused to let them fall She exhausted all her strength and put on a proud

The radio outside the airport was intermittent.
I was looking for a person named He Zhenzhen on the radio.
She was leaning on the bookshelf to read a gossip magazine.
It happened to be discussing whether it is better to travel poorly or travel rich.
She looked down at her watch, put down the magazine, picked out a Japanese Youkai Encyclopedia and a picture book Shan Hai Jing, paid the money, walked out of the bookstore and entered the entrance of the international flight. She quickly found the customs security checkpoint and looked at the winding road. The line Her heart beats faster Feeling like a bird in a cage Finally one day I saw the door that was locked all day open Forgot to close She tried not to act too excited She quietly waited in line for customs security to check her At that time, the radio started to look for He Zhenzhen again and added a sentence: Your husband is critically ill, please go to the hospital immediately. The immigration officer took her passport and looked at it and told her that the lady seems to be looking for you.
It’s the same name, because my trip was to Greece to find my husband to visit relatives.
The other party believed that she stamped the date of departure on her passport.
She took the passport and didn’t look back.
She never walked through the glass door. Will come back again Chapter 1 When I saw He Zhenzhen for the first time, Liang Shanglu was taken aback.
He didn’t expect He Zhenzhen to be so beautiful and glamorous. He didn’t expect that she didn’t play cards according to the rules at all. At the beginning of the day, everything was normal and simple. After introducing each other, he tested her on several major-related questions, including architectural mechanics, architectural appreciation, etc.
He Zhenzhen answered professional knowledge clearly and concisely, and also had his own unique perspective when answering appreciation questions, which made Liang Shanglu satisfied.
Yu was a little surprised. Later, when the two talked about architectural aesthetics, the architectural style of some recent well-known new buildings such as the National Center for the Performing Arts was quite consistent with the surrounding landscape, which made Liang Shanglu feel more fond of He Zhenzhen.
The atmosphere of the time exchange was quite harmonious until Liang Shanglu seemingly casually put a design drawing in front of He Zhenzhen and kindly asked you how this picture looks. He Zhenzhen casually glanced at the design draft and praised it was very good After thinking about it, she added, “I think it’s very good.” Liang Shanglu paused for a moment, he tapped on the design drawing as if casually said, of course this is the award-winning work of this year’s design competition.
With a slight expression, He Zhenzhen suddenly realized and said with admiration, no wonder the painting is so good Liang Shanglu almost fell off the chair, he couldn’t help staring at her, trying to find clues from her face, but the admiration on her face was so sincere, it was genuine He squinted his eyes and said suddenly, “Well, we also see it this way. Although the style of writing is a bit immature, it is quite fresh, but it’s not that He Zhenzhen echoed and added, I think it’s a bit of Jiangnan ancient style. Changed the subject abruptly and asked, have you ever heard that your arms can’t hold your thighs? Is this sentence? He Zhenzhen was asked inexplicably, hesitantly looked at Liang Shanglu, not sure if he had misheard just now.
Seeing He Zhenzhen’s expression, Liang Shanglu suddenly felt much more comfortable in his heart. He leaned back in his chair and calmly repeated his words. Question I said, have you ever heard the saying that the arms can’t hold the thighs? He Zhenzhen was a little puzzled, but he still answered him.
I heard that you like to make arms or legs. What’s the strange question? She looked at Liang Shanglu’s expression inexplicably, but found that he was not joking. I had to answer, of course it is a leg, if you are an arm, an arm is an arm, as long as you don’t meet a leg, she doesn’t care and said, if you have already met it, then run away, it’s so useless Liang Shanglu couldn’t help frowning and insisted Asked what to do if we have already confronted, He Zhenzhen was stunned for a moment, he didn’t understand why he seemed to be particularly obsessed with this question, but he still asked why we should confront each other Liang Shanglu smiled and relaxed and leaned back in the chair and looked at her amusedly, just take it as I’m testing you, we’re interviewing, aren’t we? He Zhenzhen silently glanced at him for a while and thought about answering, then beg for mercy. Her direct answer made Liang Shanglu froze at the corner of his mouth with an unrepentant smile.
It’s as simple as begging for mercy. He didn’t believe it, and he was a little unhappy. Why is this child so disappointing? Well, she worked hard to grow into legs, she carefully looked at Liang Shanglu’s expression, and tried to think of a more progressive answer, which was almost the same. Liang Shanglu frowned But still chasing after and asking what and then?