She opened her eyes strangely and what she saw was a tall figure standing in front of her one hand tightly holding the palm that

I was reborn Yi Yang looked handsome in the mirror with a three-point evil smile and smiled with a ray of sunshine. The handsome young man smiled intoxicatedly.
This is me ah tsk tsk look at this handsome face charming temperament long slender legs wow long Look at the muscular eight-pack abs. It looks like you’re skinny when you take off your clothes. Oh my god, if I were a woman, I’d marry me.
It’s so cool. Yi Yang stared at his own face in the mirror with slobber The word is handsome, the word handsome, the word handsome, the word handsome, the word handsome, the word handsome, the word handsome, and the word handsome.
If you don’t pay the rent, I’ll cut off your electricity and water, and if you don’t pay your water within a week, you’ll sleep with me.
A middle-aged woman on the road.
Angrily, he kicked open Yi Yang’s room door and roared, Aunt Li, what are you talking about, I owe you three months rent, don’t worry, I will pay you our old friendship for so many years, don’t you believe it? Who doesn’t believe me? I guarantee it with my character. Aunt Li, don’t pull the switch. You don’t have to believe my character, but you can’t insult my IQ. Use my brains to earn money to pay your rent, Li Auntie has something to say, please don’t cut off the water, Aunt Luggage, you’re ruthless, I guarantee with my body that I won’t be able to pay the rent next Monday, I’ll sell myself, what do you say, sell yourself, don’t lie to Auntie, Auntie Li suddenly stopped moving and stared at her with bright eyes Look at Yi Yang, tsk tsk, although this guy is delicious, lazy and unemployed, but he has a good body and a handsome face. It’s not a loss to sleep with him for a night.
My old lady died early, ah, no one hurts me for a long time.
Thinking of this, Aunt Li calmed down her anger Smilingly, he said, Oh, Xiao Yang, what are you talking about, what kind of person is Aunt Li? Isn’t it just a few thousand dollars? No rush, no rush, Yi Yang felt chills, especially when Aunt Li stared at him with her shiny green eyes. It hurts for a while, this old fat woman has no one who hasn’t tasted a man in 800 years, and the young master has to take off several layers of skin and put two catties of blood in one night with him! Big money still needs to suffer from this bird’s anger.
Now the situation is stronger than others.
Grandpa Mao has said that retreat is the way to advance. A man can stretch and bend.
At the moment, Yi Yang barely squeezes out a smile. Aunt Li, don’t worry, I will work hard to make money these two days, it is impossible for me Selling blood to pay you back the rent, oh, how can that work? If it doesn’t work, I won’t pay it back. When it’s time to wash it up, I’ll find Auntie Quan. I’ll take some losses. Aunt Li walked away with a happy face. Especially when Aunt Li came to the gate, she looked back with all kinds of flair, smiled and said Yang Yang, I will wait for you, Yi Yang finally couldn’t hold it anymore and vomited three thousand feet, suspected to be dinosaur excrement, Yi Yang was worried when Aunt Li left Damn this kid, don’t think he’ll live until he’s good-looking and has an empty frame, he’s useless, he can’t shoulder, he can’t resist, he’s just a piece of trash, if he’s a parasite in the big socialist family, he should be dragged out and paraded through the streets However, this kid is still so stubborn that he has a rich woman, he still doesn’t like it. Thinking of Yi Yang, his face is full of sadness.
Angry that I was a third-rate actor and a third-rate singer in my previous life. I can’t say that I’m not good enough. I can only say that my talent is underappreciated.
The most important thing is that this is an era where I have no face, no figure, no background, and I have no face, no figure, no background. Is there a chance for you to sing well? I have no background. Who writes songs for you to sing? Who will make you an album? Participating in an audition is all shady.
Thinking about Yi Yang makes me feel sick, but it’s different now.
I have a face and a figure. And This kid’s background is not small. It’s really bad luck for him to get mixed up like this. Since I’m reborn as you, I’ll call you Yi Yang from today onwards, and I’ll let you have a wonderful life with bright stars. In a small Internet cafe with dim light and turbid air, and the smell of smoke, through the dim light, one can see a man with a slender figure and an absolutely astonishing face, staring at the computer screen intently, with surprise, ecstasy and shock written all over his face.
Braving the light of a 60-watt light bulb, I consciously made up the scene of buying a lottery ticket worth 100 million yuan. I posted that this world is actually another parallel space similar to the earth, and the entertainment industry is very underdeveloped. There are no four heavenly kings. The four great talents in Xiangjiang do not have Jinliang Guwen, none of the classics from the previous life of the earth haha, does it mean that I am an all-around talent now, and I have hundreds of years of entertainment and cultural knowledge on the earth? The planet called Huaxing Continent is very similar to the Earth in the previous life, and the level of technological development is similar, but China here is called Huaxia. The economic level of Huaxia ranks first in the world. The level of science and technology and military level is similar to that of the Stars and Stripes in the West. Today’s world is divided culturally. The most powerful of the four major powers are the Sun Kingdom in Southeast Asia and Kazakhstan. South Korea is the Stars and Stripes in the West.
The fourth place is China. So now the government attaches great importance to the development of the cultural industry, but the development of culture does not happen overnight, but this is for Yi Yang. It is definitely a great opportunity because Yi Yang has thousands of years of accumulation of earth culture in his mind hahahaha wait, I, Yi Yang, will soon sweep the world, what did you say? It’s not that good, I’m sure, are your editors good enough? Yi Yang stared at the customer service lady at the front desk and asked Mr. The editor in charge of the backstage said so. The language of this expensive work is refined, but the plot is unremarkable and a bit procrastinated.
It’s not suitable for publishing a book.
A standard procedural smile said you, are you Yanjing Publishing House? I came here for your reputation. You have no eyes and no face.
What are you talking about? No. 1 in the industry hum Yi Yang raised the manuscript in his hand angrily, Mr.